05/17/2018 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 20:1-21:15, John 9:1-41, Psalms 113:1-114:8, Proverbs 15:15-17

Today is the 17th day of May. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and I am excited to be here with you today as we move forward through the Scriptures and take the next step, which will lead us back into the book of first Samuel where the intertwining of lives between King Saul and this obscure shepherd boy named David is taking place. And, so, we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday. This week we’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible. First Samuel chapter 20 and 21.


Okay. So, in first Samuel, David is now a full-blown fugitive. So, things have taken a turn. I mean, remember the other day when we talked about envy rotting the bones from Proverbs? We’re watching that happen in Saul’s life in increasingly erratic fashion. And, pretty much since David killed Goliath, he’s been put in harm’s way continually because King Saul wants him to get killed. And we can see that Saul has a bit of a rage problem and it’s lead to this. David is on the run for his life for having been nothing but loyal and faithful. In a lot of ways this echoes the Joseph story and we’ll continue to watch this story as it intertwines and fills with drama between David and Saul.

Then we get into the book of John. Jesus heals a blind man who was born blind and we get a glimpse into this intriguing dialogue between the Pharisees and the blind man, the blind man’s parents. And all of this is the threat of being thrown out of the synagogue. So, being thrown out of the community. And, of course, Jesus healed this blind man on the Sabbath day. So, that’s got everyone in leadership up in arms. And, so, eventually they told the blind man, we know that we know that Jesus is a sinner. And he’s like, I don’t know what he is, I really don’t. All I know is I was blind and I do see. And, so, for this they throw him out of the synagogue. Of course, Jesus finds him later and they have a little bit of a conversation. Jesus reveals himself. The man believes. And then Jesus explains the whole thing that had just happened. I came into this world for judgment in order that those who do not see will see and those who do see will become blind. And this is essentially something Jesus has been saying all along, I’m looking for people with eyes to see and ears to hear. This has been going on throughout Jesus ministry and effectively Jesus is saying those who think they can see those, who think they have this figured out, those who think they understand God, they don’t, they can’t see. Those who know that they don’t have this all figured out, those are the ones who are beginning to open their eyes. And we see those two postures encapsulated in this story. The blind man was blind but he was also a person who knew he couldn’t see, like, spiritually. He didn’t have this all figured out. And even though he was thrown out of the synagogue Jesus found him and he believed. His eyes were opened physically, but his eyes were opened spiritually. On the other hand, the Pharisees in this story, they were looking down on Jesus, first of all, because he healed on the Sabbath day. They would like trapped in this, but in the conversations that ensued with the blind man, with the blind man’s parents, we see the arrogance. We see that they are not used to being opposed. They think they have this figured out and they look down upon and even threaten those who don’t see things the way that they do. And, so, this is what Jesus is describing, those who think they can see, they’re actually blind. Those who know they can’t see are beginning to. And we can find both of these postures in our own lives and actions and words.


Father, we invite You into that. We invite Your Holy Spirit into that because sometimes we’re filled with spiritual pride, like the Pharisees. Sometimes we act the same way and we’re only showing our blindness and our hard heartedness. So, we take the posture of the blind man in this story. We don’t know what we think we know, but we know that we were blind and now we can see. We know that we were dead in our sin, but now we are alive to God and this humbles us. And we ask, Holy Spirit, that You help us to keep this attitude of humility in all that we do and say because we don’t deserve to see. We don’t deserve to be awake. We don’t deserve to have ears to hear. You have allowed it and we are grateful and we repent for the times that we have been arrogant and pushed people away. Come, Holy Spirit. We pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi. This is Melody from Canada. I’m…my voice is croaky. I’m really grateful for your prayers for those who are praying for me and my pregnancy. I’m feeling better about taking medication and progesterone for the love of my baby. And I still…I struggle with fear about miscarriage. I’m not at a great risk of it but just cause there’s been so much trauma in my life I tend to fear the worst-case scenario. And the worst-case scenario in this case is that my baby will die. So, I really, I’m holding onto God’s peace and His promises and hope for my baby and thank you for joining with me in prayer. God, bless. 

Hi. This is Victoria S. Just calling to pray for some of the DABbers. I wanted to pray for Sharee. It’s good to hear your voice Sharee. And you were calling us for the strength and the courage and the health of Canada. I might’ve wrote it wrong there. I want to pray also for John’s mother, those who are grieving, Burning Bush and the unsaved mothers. And I thank God for and am praying for my mother. Teresa from Florida, it’s great to hear that your husband is back. I pray with you girl. God can work anything. God can do anything but fail. I praise and I rejoice with you my sister and I pray with you. I want to pray for Paris in San Antonio and Barry. I want to pray for Terry the truck driver and Dependent on You, I want to pray for your marriage my sister. It’s good to know you and Dependent on Him, you couldn’t have found such a wonderful name. I praise You Lord. I praise You for the DABbers. I praise You for the names that I’ve just called knowing that You God are a God that can do anything, that You are the great I Am. As You told Moses, You said there’s nothing too hard for Me. Oh Lord, I’m asking You to show Yourself, show Yourself mighty in their hands Lord and let them know that You did it, that they can rejoice and tell others about the goodness of Jesus. Lord, we ask You to touch the parents today. Lord, help us to remember to pray for our kids in the morning before they go to school. Help us to pray for them and to let them know the great things God did for us so that they can see God do great things for them. Oh Lord in the name of Jesus. Lord I pray for Viola and then Blind Tony and also Pastor Gene and her family. Oh Lord I pray for Brian and Jill and his beautiful daughter who’s doing the…

Hi. Very quickly. From the most recent community prayer line you called in about, you’re just about to get married and you and your partner have different opinions on premarital sex, sexual sin and that’s sort of driving a wedge in there spiritually. I just wanted to really reach out to you because that was me, everything down to a T. Even his previous relationship with my partner, now husband, a few years ago. We’re going on five years. But I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard five years. God used it to refine me in my faith but I do have two things to say. Number one, if you’re not yet married, pray. Ask, Lord, will this relationship be honoring to him? Will this man help you grow and mature in your faith? Will he provide spiritual leadership for you and your future children in a way that can bring glory to God? Or, and this is serious, could this relationship be a stumbling block? Could this man be the way to __ of your faith? Listen to God on this. Don’t listen to the devil’s lies of feeling trapped in because it’s so close or expectations or money or even worse don’t let him make you think that you aren’t completely forgiven for your sexual sin or you might end up lonely if you don’t get married. Trust me when I say that marriage can be infinitely more lonely than singleness. I mean, it really takes everything that I have in God to be reminded of that, that I’m not alone. But number two, if you are married or you to get married, pray. Arm yourself against the devil who will not with these problems just go away when you say I do. Pray for your faith that it will remain strong and grow more and more. Pray for her husband that his faith would be true and changed by God. Pray for your marriage that you can demonstrate the likeness of Christ in the church in a way that ultimately brings glory to God and points to God. Marriage is such a blessing but…in a marriage is the devil’s playground. So, please, please, please just pray and listen to God on this one. Know that these things…

Hey Daily Audio Bible family. This is Shown His __ from Western North Carolina. And I just wanted to ask for prayers. My mother passed away on Friday morning. I was with her all night. She was in a nursing home and suffering from Alzheimer’s and it’s been a long struggle these past three months. And I just like to ask for prayers for me and my family. I’m an only child and it I was close to my mom and I don’t have my father anymore either. He passed away in 1999 of lung cancer. So, if you could please pray for me and my family I would appreciate that. I’ve also been sober for four years and through all this I’ve been going to a lot of meetings and just trying to stay strong in my sobriety. So, if you could at least pray for me about that too. I love you all and I want to give a shout out to my More sisters. That was where I became sober in 2014. I’ve come back every year since then and I just love that conference and I love Jill and Brian for putting on that conference that helps so many people. And I just want to encourage people to attend the More Gathering in the future if you are able. So, thank you family. Thank you for your prayers. And, shout out to Annette and Seeking in Him and my good friend Andrea down to Florida. Love you all and thank you all for your prayers.