04/17/2018 DAB Transcript

Joshua 15:1-63, Luke 18:18-43, Psalms 86:1-17, Proverbs 13:9-10

Today is the 17th day of April. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you as is the case everyday. And I’m glad that we can take the next step forward together as we continue our journey through the Scriptures this year. And we have been reading from the Contemporary English Version this week. And we’ll head back into the book of Joshua and read chapter 15 today.


Thank you Father for your word. And as we say so often, thank you for another day that we can be in it together. We thank you for all that you you are doing as we move into new seasons. New seasons in life, new seasons on the earth. And we are grateful for your word that counsels us and guides us and gives us clarity on so many levels and in so many ways. And so we are grateful. And like Bartimaeus of old, we wanna see. And so Holy Spirit come. Increase our faith so that we can see more and more and more in your word and in the road ahead. Come, Holy Spirit, we ask. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi family this is His Little Sharee in Canada and I’m calling because I heard Seeking from Dallas leave her prayer request. And Seeking, I just wanted to tell you that I had an interesting conversation today with a fella I know who travelled to see the eclipse this past summer. And he was telling me that, of course, he knew that the sun was a star and the moon was orbiting the earth and that he himself was a spec living on planet that was hurtling through space. He knew all that but when he saw the eclipse, when he saw the sun and the moon converge in such an unusual way, suddenly all the things that he’d known intellectually became viscerally real. And that’s what I’m going to be praying for you and for myself and for everyone who may feel lonely, who may want to really encounter the Lord’s love. Because we believe that He’s real and that He loves us, but so much of the time it’s intellectual and we need an eclipse. So, that’s what I’m praying for us. Father, I pray that You would give us an eclipse, that our faith that You love us would intersect with the experience of Your love and it would no longer be just something that we’ve been told all of our lives but something tangible, something that burns on the inside of us God. I pray that You would do this for Seeking, for all of us Lord that want to know You and want to experience Your love in a way that changes us, changes who we are and what we want. God, I just pray that You minister, as only you can by Your Holy Spirit to our deep need to be loved by You. And I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you, family. Bye, for now.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible. This is Monica in Kentucky and I just heard Karen in Pennsylvania…just heartbroken cry about her son Jacob possibly having MS and the numbness in his legs and the pain. And I’m going to be praying for this situation because I had a roommate in college with MS and I’ve got a staff person with MS. So, I understand how scary this can be, but they are making breakthroughs and you’re going to learn quickly from being connected with the MS community how to address his needs. But I really want to focus on your very karma like notion that you, falling in love with the nonbeliever and wanting to move is somehow tied to your son’s diagnosis. And I just want to nip that in the bud. God does not work that way. If you’re a believer you have grace. And what you described is a very quid pro quo and it also puts a whole lot of power on you. I don’t know if you realize this or not, but you falling in love with the nonbeliever does not reap the consequences of a debilitating disease in your son. It just does not work that way. Consequences of sin is more like what Jay in New Jersey/Maryland has confessed. He had all the sexual sins and then he became estranged from the woman he loved and estranged from his child and estranged from his church. It was actually a consequence directly related to the sin that he committed. So, I think that you need to rethink that, give yourself a break. Love your son. Concentrate on his health. If the relationship with a nonbeliever is something that you know is wrong, then deal with that, but don’t connect the two. Give yourself a break. Love your son and reevaluate your long-distance relationship. God will give you the answers. Focus on what’s right. Pour into Scripture and…

Hi this is Raquel from the Los Angeles area. I’ve been listening for about four years and this is my first time calling. I wanted to call in to reach out to Seeking and Dallas. Sister, I am there with you. I will be 49 next month and I am single, never married, and I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you, for your healing. Just remember to reach out to God in that time and to just get in the word so that you can just study God’s love for you. Thank you. And I know the rest of the DABbers will be praying for you as well. Bye-bye.

Hi DABbers, it’s been a while since I’ve called. This is Dependent on Him. And I’ve called for prayer before for my marriage and for marriage counseling that I was going to for my divorce not to go through. And he went through with the divorce. I’m still standing for this marriage. I am still fighting for my husband and my family DABbers. And I ask you to please come together and pray. Pray please. I’m just so tired. There’s so many divorces going on around me. It’s just…it’s like an epidemic. I’m standing for my marriage and I’m standing for marriage in general and the covenant and what God created marriage to be. Please pray for my husband that he hears the stirring of the Holy Spirit, and that he answers that call, and that he turns back to Christ, and that he turns back and just feels the conviction. Pray for his heart, pray for our marriage, pray for our souls, and pray for the restoration. I will stand fighting for him and for a family and for God until this marriage is restored. I trust Him, I believe in Him. Our God is good. I just ask for your prayers, please.

Hi. Good evening. This is XYZ calling in. I was calling because I heard a call from a woman a couple days ago. Today is Friday the 13th and it’s about 6:40 or so, 6:40pm. There was a woman that called in and she was really sad about not having a family. And that call really just touched me because I understand. I’m in the same position and I really just wanted to let you know that I heard your call, I relate to your call, I understand your call, I understand the sorrow, I understand just crying out to God and asking, you know, where is that partner, where is that family? I just wanted to call. I just wanted to let you know that I did hear your call. I want to let you know that you’re in my thoughts and my prayers. And I just pray strength for you. I pray God gives you…I just pray that God just comes down and just touches your heart and just speaks to your heart. And, so, I hope that you keep calling in. I hope that you keep letting us know how you’re doing. And I am praying for you. Have a good night and I’m sure I’ll be talking to you again soon. Bye.