04/02/2018 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 21:1-22:30 , Luke 9:51-10:12, Psalms 74:1-23 , Proverbs 12:10

(Voice of China Hardin)

Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. Today is the 2nd day of April. Welcome. Today we are going to be reading Deuteronomy 21 through 22, Luke 9:51 through 10 verse 12, Psalm 74 and Proverbs 12:11. It’s an honor to be here with you guys today.


So, as you can probably tell, I’m not Brian. I’m also not Jill. I’m half of them combined to be a whole of myself. If you don’t know, my name is China. And you’ve just been hoodwinked. Just kidding. Nothing has been stolen from you. Hopefully, you did not crash out of this one and think, okay well this is not Brian and I’m not listening to this. We couldn’t do an April Fool’s joke on April 1st because that was Easter and we wanted to keep that the sovereign day that it is and we did not want to crack any jokes. But this has been an ongoing thing for about a year. I thought of this probably around last year and it was too late…before I had the idea it was too late. So, we waited a whole entire year and found out April Fool’s day was on Easter and it’s still April, so, April Fools. We fooled you. So good. But I’m China. I am Brian’s only daughter and I am the voice of Daily Audio Bible Chronological. And we have a lot of fun over there and we have a lot of fun in the Hardin household. And, so, anytime me and my dad have our meetings about what’s kind of going on, this is talked about. So, I’m honored to kind of voice in, to fill in, kind of as a joke but also just honored that I get trusted with his baby…that’s not a baby anymore. It’s like a tween I guess. Probably getting into its rebellious ages. Just kidding. But this is not going to be a forever thing, just for today. But I have enjoyed getting out of my order of chronological. I think I’ve already read this. I definitely have already read today’s Old Testament scripture and have not yet read the chapter in Luke, have definitely not read those Proverbs or Psalms, so that was a treat. That was a little sneak peek into the future. But, yeah, thanks for welcoming me into your space of your DAB. Your Daily Audio Bible every single day. That’s why it’s called daily. But I’m gonna pass this back over to my dad now. I’m gonna go back.. I feel like he's… My dad’s funny but he’s very serious. I feel like my voice should be like this. I think I should have a lot more theological statements but I don’t because I am not Brian. I have the feminine version of his name as my middle name but I’m not him. So, I’m gonna pass this back over to him and I’m finished disrupting your daily routine. But I still love this community. I still love you, but I’m not Brian, I’m China. And he, he will, he’s already waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi Daily Audio Bible. This is Rebecca from Michigan and it’s March 27th, Wednesday…or actually…yeah…it’s Tuesday. Anyways, yesterday I was going to work and I leave like quarter to 5 and it’s pitch dark. And I saw in the highlights this raccoon with something in its mouth. I think he stole a chicken. But anyways, I tried to swerve to keep them hitting him, to go towards my left because there was no cars and I ended up running him over, hitting him with my car. It cracked the bumper on my car. And if I went the other way I would have went in a big ditch. And, so, what I was calling you for is because a couple of days before that I saw two deer walk out in front of me. And then today I had a whole herd of deer walk up in front of me I had to come to a stop, a total stop. And, so, what I want prayer for is driving prayers, because protection, because it’s not a way I want to end up in the hospital since I don’t really have health insurance anyways except for my auto insurance. And, yeah, it’s starting to get to me. So, if you would pray for me because yesterday all I was thinking about was that racoon and his face and I think he had a chicken in his mouth. But I guess that was his last meal. So, yeah, and if he stole it from some farmer he probably would’ve got shot anyways. Yeah, I really need some prayer, protection, driving protection. Thank you. I love you. Bye.

He Daily Audio Bible fam. I never know if my calls are going to be clear enough or loud enough for you guys to hear but I hope they are. I’m calling tonight, it’s March 27th and on a walk kind of listening to, I think back of the 26th today and I heard some calls and I just want to specifically reach out to Nicole in Florida who said she’s not a new believer but she has never really consistently walked with God. And I am in a similar place in my life…like…you know…I never counted myself as a nonbeliever fully but I’ve never really walked with the Lord. And this year is a year for me to do that. Today I just want to confess that I fell a little moment in time. I was having a conversation with somebody and I had an opportunity to speak really about going to church and something my pastor had said and I spoke about it but I failed to mention that it was from church and the pastor. And I don’t know why that happened it just felt like a failure to me in that regard but I am forgiven and I will continue to move forward and look for new opportunities to speak life into people. I want to say thank all to everybody that calls in on a consistent basis. I don’t know everybody’s name but Blind Tony, I’ll say your name specifically I always look forward to what you have to say and Candice from Oregon, Morgan I’m always looking forward to hearing from you and my prayers are with you guys and everybody else in the DAB family. Thank you all for being there. I look forward to hearing more of your prayers and just continuing this journey with you guys. Thank you.

Good morning on this rather rainy Wednesday, the 28th of March. I’m calling for prayer today. So, I’ve been basically independent from a very young age, which has definitely been…I’ve definitely grown up with and I’m still very independent now, so much so that you know when my arms are full and I’m carrying lots of stuff I would juggle stuff around, open the door for myself rather than let someone who’s with me open the door for me. You know, I really struggle to let other people help me and that relates to God as well. You know, I’m very good at doing things in my own strength. And because I do things in my own strength I burn out. But I want to rely on God. I want to rely on His strength. How did you do that? So, I would appreciate any helpful hints or tips that you might want to share on my Facebook. I’m at Michaela Baker at DAB friends and you can also send me an email to mkb204@hotmail.co.uk. Let’s pray. Father God, we love You. I love You and I want You to be my strength. You are my strength. I want You to be my shepherd. Teach me to follow the Lord. Teach me to rely on You and Your strength and to be open to your leadings. Open up my eyes, my ears, and heart to see where You are leading me. Help me listen Lord and focus only on You and have You. Let you take the lead of my life. Help me be…

Hello, my name is Lisa from Kansas and I’m struggling with major depression and I really could use the prayers. I’m really having a rough time. Again, this is Lisa from Kansas. I really am needing your prayers to fight this. Bye.

Hi this is Sharon the victorious from Northern California. I really can’t call myself victorious anymore. I do pray for all of you but I really need your prayers. My husband, his back is so bad he can barely walk. My daughter was just taken into the hospital for an overdose yesterday. She’s homeless because she got violent here. She pepper sprayed me and she attacked her father and she kicked stuff, so we had to let her out. Not that we wanted to but we’ve taken her in so many times but she’s a drug addict and bipolar and she needs your help. She needs your help so bad. I don’t know what she’s doing on the street. She’s small. And then on Sunday I found out that I have a nodule on my lung. They don’t know what it is, if it’s cancer what. I don’t really care about myself, but I do care about my husband and my daughter and especially my daughter right now because we can’t take Karen. We’ve done it too many times and I need your prayers. I need you so bad. Please, please pray for me and my family. I give up for my life for my daughter or my husband or my sons. I just need you guys. Please pray for me. I do pray for you. And thank you Brian. Bless you all.