03/18/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 26:1-51, Luke 2:36-52, Psalms 60:1-12, Proverbs 11:15

Today is the 18th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and, of course, it is wonderful to be here with you today at the threshold of a brand-new, shiny, sparkly week. We have sailed past the center of this month and are moving into the back half and I pray that this brand-new week is greeting you well. We’ll pick up where we left off last week, which was yesterday, only we’ll change translations and read from the New Living Translation this week. Numbers chapter 26 verse 52 through 28 verse 15.


We thank You Father again for Your word. And even though just a day has past and we’re into this new week, Your mercies are new every morning. Every day is a restart. Every week is a restart. And as we crossed the threshold of this week, we have the opportunity to make choices in advance about how we’re going to live into this new week, whether were going to walk intimately in fellowship with You or whether we’re going to wing it and do our own thing and remember You when we remember You. We want to walk with You God every day of our lives, every moment of every day. We want to be in fellowship with You. We want to be in constant conversation with You, friendship with You, not just about things we need to make choices about or things we need to do or how we need Your help, but friendship. So, come Holy Spirit into this week. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I am Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi family it’s Shannon from Texas and I’m heading into work this morning. And as much as I don’t like to even say these things out loud, I’m really struggling, I really need your prayer. As much as I know that I have a direct link to the Lord, I know that it helps to have other prayer warriors praying for me. I’m really have been attached since I’ve taken this job and I know that the Lord gave me this job. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this attacked in my life. I’ve got this…I don’t know what to call it. I’m not claiming that I have it…but I’m so agitated because I have some symptoms of something called __ and it’s plaguing me and I can’t continue to go on functioning with this and I really need your prayer for that. Also, just…things are not going that great at work. I found out that I’m not going to get an advanced travel card am going to be traveling extensively for the first six months. The reason I’m not getting it is because I owe $990 and just don’t have it right now. I didn’t get paid for the first month. And it’s just stuff like that that’s like wow. And there’s a lot of history to that because of a former employee that kind of really betrayed me. And it’s money that they’re saying out to them. So, it’s just like…just a lot to it and I’m just struggling and I never struggled like this before we’re I feel like it’s taking me out. So, please pray for me. I love you guys. I haven’t been praying for others and that’s something that I’ve never done. So, just…I love you guys. I appreciate you.

Hello this is Not Shaken. I’m calling regarding my son Brian. He’s been in jail seven weeks now for fighting with his girlfriend, the mother of his two daughters. And he is getting out on bail. We did not bail him out because we wanted him to stay in there. They both have drug addictions. She was breast feeding the baby while on meth and there was meth throughout the baby’s hair in the test sample. But he’s going to be moving in with me and my family and I’m just praying that God’s Brian will show himself. And I know he wants to do the right thing. But he has addictions and one of his addictions is his the mother of his children and I believe they’re both have sexual addictions as well as drugs. And I’m just praying that he has to stay away from her because of accusations that she’s made. And I’m praying that he will do that because he’s fine without her but when they get together they’re poison to each other. And I’m just praying that he’ll be the best father to these little girls, that he will get his act together and do everything that he needs to do to care for them and put everything else in his life aside and just focus on God. And I’m just asking for prayers for everyone on this. And I do pray for all of the other…

Good morning everybody this is Debbie from Sarasota. I just wanted to say I’m praying for all of you. And just this morning I just heard Annette from Oklahoma and Linda from New Hampshire and I just wanted to let you know that both of you have similar things that you prayed about to me. And I you know a lot of you know about my son Michael being in prison as well. And Linda, the fact that you said that your ex-husbands father was very abusive and it affected your son, well that’s exactly what happened in my life. So, I just want to pray DABbers for all of our families, especially for the people in prison and for all of our families children that they would be able to just get the grace from God to be able to overcome all the negativity and the emotional disruptions that happened in our lives. Lord, I pray that you protect them and lead them out of this negativity and protect them from being abused any longer. Lord, give them the comfort they need and the ability to just keep going on and feeling safe with You Lord and with moms and grandmas and, you know, everyone Lord. I just pray that You give these children confidence and help them to get over these weary problems that they are having. I know. My son tried to commit suicide as well in high school. So, I get all of that and just know that I’m praying for all of you. And everyone online I’m praying for you. And everyone on China’s prayer line, I’m praying for you. All right, love you all. Bye.

Hi daily audio Bible family. This is Mel, MEL, Mel from central Florida and I am calling for prayer request for myself, which is very hard for me to do. I normally pray for others and tend to just give praise and thanks rather than ask for things, but I really have been struggling lately with sleep, lack of sleep. And it’s…I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried a lot of different options, anywhere from like over-the-counter medication to more natural things. I’ve tried praying and I’ve tried air diffusers, I mean, oils, anything that you can think of, yoga, breathing, and none of it is working. Right now, it’s currently 3 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t fallen asleep yet. I have to wake up tomorrow. I’ve got a busy day. This is like the fourth day this week that I’m going to get less than four hours of sleep. And I just really ask, please, please pray for me. Like I said, I pray for you guys all the time. And it’s so hard to ask for prayer when I know there are so many things going on out there, but I appreciate any prayers that you have. Also, anyone else that’s dealing with sleep or insomnia. I want to pray for you. I’ve only been going through this for a short…well…a couple months now, but I know some people struggle with this for their whole life. So, I pray for everybody who has any sort of sleep disorder or insomnia or just issues with sleep. Thank you again. I hope you all have a blessed day. Bye-bye.