03/17/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 26:1-51, Luke 2:36-52, Psalms 60:1-12, Proverbs 11:15

Today is the 17th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today as we close down another one of our weeks together. Man, it was like a month ago now that we were just departing for Israel. That’s crazy how fast things move. The days and the weeks they just move by day by day, step by step. So, we’ll take the next step forward in the Scriptures even as we close down another week. We’ve been reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week and we’ll continue to do that today. Numbers chapter 26 verses 1 through 51.


Okay. So, we move rather quickly from Jesus birth to the time that he was twelve years old and his staying behind in Jerusalem. But when Jesus was a baby and was going through all the rituals around that, circumcision, sacrifice, all that, prophetic words were spoken over him in the hearing of other people. And this isn’t dissimilar to John the Baptist. So, words were spoken over John and Zechariah his father’s mouth was opened and the people marveled and wondered, what’s going to become of this kid? The same thing happened with Jesus. What’s going to become of this? So, this shows us that both John and Jesus, that they weren’t created in a vacuum, there were words that were spoken over them right from the very beginning and people were wondering, people were wondering what would become of these kids? And we can see that Jesus was raised in a religious home, a devout Jewish home. They made the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem. So, although Jesus wasn’t a native of Jerusalem, he wasn’t unfamiliar. He had been born near there in Bethlehem. And, so, this one year He decides to stay back, which is a nightmare for Mary and Joseph. You can only imagine. So, their travelling a whole day’s walk out of Jerusalem, a long way, before they discover Jesus is missing. And then they have to turn around and go back up hill all the way, a whole day’s journey to get back to Jerusalem. And then they’re searching for Jesus for three days in Jerusalem. And if you’ve even been to Jerusalem, Jerusalem today is a metropolis and although it’s bigger now then it was then, it was still a large hub, a very large city for the time. And chaotic, as it still is today. So, man, you spend one day going back to Jerusalem looking for your kid, freaking out every step of the way, wondering what could have happened. And then the next three days you’re all over the place, right?  And they couldn’t go to Kinkos and print of pictures of Jesus. Have you seen this boy? They have to ask people everywhere and try to describe Him. So, you can only imagine the angst of that. Meanwhile, Jesus is in the temple spending time with the religious leaders, talking, asking questions. And they are amazed by His understanding. They’re amazed at the things that are coming out of His mouth. A lot of times when we read the story of Jesus, it’s like His ministry just begins to happen, it just kind of comes out of nowhere. He’s baptized by John in the Jordan River. No one has ever heard of Him before and then boom, He’s just on the radar. But what we can see is that that’s not the case. People were wondering about Him from the get go. And these very people that Jesus is sitting and talking to as a twelve year old boy, these are going to be some of the people that find themselves opposed to Him and even plotting against Him in the long run. So, when His ministry does begin to flourish and God does begin to move in the Galilee with Jesus and the religious leaders are travelling all the way from Jerusalem to check Him out we get clues to why. He had already been on the radar. He was that kid. He was that kid that was in the temple, talking to people, right? So, like, word of that would have spread around. So, we see in Jesus’ ministry, that at first he doesn’t have enemies. The religious leaders aren’t against him. In fact, they’re trying to co-opt Him because He speaks with authority that they don’t have. He’s able to articulate what’s really going on in people’s hearts in a way that they can’t. It’s only when Jesus won’t play ball, basically, that He begins to get enemies. When He begins to break tradition. When He begins to reveal that the traditions have lost their soul. They’re just actions and activities that are not any longer connected to the heart. That’s been lost. When He breaks those traditions and begins to say, we’ve lost the plot of our story here. All of these things that we’re supposed to be doing are connected to a spiritual reality inside of us and we’ve lost that, that’s when He begins to make enemies. So, as we close our week down, we have this intriguing glimpse into the early life of Jesus, how things were swirling around Him from the get go. And if we can remember this as we move further into the gospel of Luke and then the gospel of John, we can watch all of this take place. And we can watch Jesus as He emerges, capturing the hearts of people and how that breeds a lot of unrest on the religious authorities because Jesus can certainly unsettle some things significantly. And Jesus calls out what’s really going on. And we’ll see this develop in the coming days.


So, Father, we thank You for another week, another week in Your Word. And You have ministered so much wisdom and healing in our lives through Your word that we are unspeakably grateful. And we ask that You plant all that You have spoken to us this week in our lives, that it may yield the fruit of the Spirit in our hearts. And that we can continue to collaborate with You on ridding ourselves of the weeds that are choking the fruit of the Spirit out of our lives. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey Daily Audio Bible. My name is John. I’m calling from Florida. And I can’t tell you how much this wonderful little community and show has ministered to me and my family since December. It’s just been unspeakable and we’re so thankful. I got introduced because…well…just out of the blue. I’ve had a terrible terrifying loss leveled against me very unfairly back at the end of December and it’s just upset our lives so much…we just…the silver lining to it all…it’s just driven us closer to the Lord. Brian, every time you read the Psalms and hear David surrounded by his enemies attacking, how it just drives him to the Lord more and more, that’s what it’s done. So, this is an ongoing thing and we’re trying as hard as we can to have integrity of heart and search our hearts and try to figure out if there is the tiniest bit of wrong in us at all. We want to make things right. We’re trying so hard and it’s very scary. I’m scared. I don’t want to be scared and I know it’s wrong to be. Jesus is with us. But if I could…I covet anyone’s prayers out there. Just, please Lord let this work out the way that You wanted it to, the way that we and even our adversaries can know you more and honor you through whatever with the outcome is. Thank you. Thank you, Brian. Thank you everybody. We love you. We just started supporting you too. We can support you enough. Thanks guys.

Hey their family. It’s Bay from Canada. I want to give a shout out to all my DAB family who are still Sneezing Jesus. And I want to give thanks for this podcast that is Sneezing Jesus all over the globe and enriching lives one day at a time. A special welcome to my best friend Dar who finally downloaded the app and is listening daily. She is in awe that such a community exists. Already she the experience the best of both worlds I would say, hearing both Brian and Jill reading. So, I’m hoping that she will call in soon to share her experience of what DAB is doing in her life. Also want to give a special welcome to all the new listeners and longtime listeners who recently called in for the first time. Know that prayers are being offered up for you in this community by some gifted prayer warriors in the background. Most don’t call in but we know they were there because we feel their prayers in the way that God is growing us and this community as a whole. Amazing. Amazing. Okay. That’s all for now. Oh, before I go please pray for me with regard to the More Conference. I’ve already received notice from the airline about changes to my flight. Nothing major. But it could’ve been worse if not for Jill and her team and others, of course, who have created a canopy of prayer over the conference. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store. Blessings all. Bay from Canada. Talk to you soon.

Good morning family this is Salvation is Mine in San Angelo California. Let’s pray. Dear heavenly Father we come before You right now just saying thank You for who You are for giving us another breath in our bodies that belongs to You to wake up today, to be able to see a new day, and to be in Your presence and all that that entails Lord God. Help us to have a clean, wonderful, blessed spirit today that will shine through and that will someone else will be able to see dear Lord. Help us to remember that there are those out there that are not as fortunate as we that have shelter, clothing, food, possessions. There’s someone walking the street today Lord God that is going to be eating out of a garbage can Lord God and we want to ask if You would just bless them with a meal Lord God, that someone will walk by them or walk beside them Lord and offer them some money to buy a meal or offer them some money so they can get a hotel room and take a shower Lord God and lay in a bed for the first time in so long Lord God that they will find some pleasure in their day. And that in that giving, the person that is doing the giving Lord God will be able to emit Your presence and Your love to that of the person. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. Have a great day family. This is Salvation is Mine in San Angelo California. Bye-bye.

Hello this is Teresa from Florida again. Again, I’m just giving a praise report for my a marriage. My husband and I are getting along really well. I praise God for it every day. Like I said, we’re still struggling. We still have a lot of work to do. A lot of heartbreak and heart to make up for and to get over but we’re doing really good. He’s having some problems keeping a job right now. I don’t know why but he’s never had this problem before. He’s getting back into having to do some physical labor and he’s getting older and it’s hard a form I guess. But he just started a new job. I just ask for everyone to pray for us, to pray for him, to pray for his heart, that he will come to Jesus to give him the strength to continue with his job or for God to lead him to the one that’s right for him. He wants to move if he can’t keep this job and I don’t know how that’s going to work. My families here, my parents are here. They’re getting older and they need me to help take care of them and to help them with their daily activities. I just pray that God will lead us where He wants us to be and to help me with my patients with my parents and my children and the struggles that we’re facing. And again, I thank you Brian. Thank you for this broadcast. You have made a world the difference in my life and I praise God for you every day. Thanks. Until next time.

Good morning family this is Redeemed in Him from Virginia. It’s March 15th and I heard the father of Cole, Cole who’s addicted to heroin and my heart just goes out to you. I know that everyone at the Daily Audio Bible will be praying for you around the world, for you and your son. So, I wanted to pray. Family please join me in praying for Cole and all of our children that are addicted to drugs, alcohol, whatever their addiction is. God, we come before Your throne as mercy and grace to ask for Your intervention into Cole’s life. We pray for a miracle over coal, pleading that he would be saved from a terrible life of drug addiction. We ask God that You would save all of our children. With tears, we humble ourselves before You and ask that You will completely turn their lives around. May You bless Cole’s father and all parents of our children with addictions. That You will keep them strong and able to do Your will in spite of what it looks like. In Jesus name. Amen. I love you all family. Cole’s father, we stand with you brother. Amen.