03/16/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 22:21-23:30, Luke 1:57-80, Psalms 58:1-11, Proverbs 11:12-13

Today is the 16th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s lovely to be here with you today from the rolling hills of Tennessee as we all gather around this global campfire that is our community and come together and center ourselves in God’s word as it washes over us. I’m jus…there’s not a day that I get up and turn is mic on that I’m not amazed that we get to do this together. And I’m never not amazed at no matter when…you know…you’re listening right now…and you’re not listening alone. You’re never listening alone. There’s always someone else somewhere. We are really in this together as we move through the Scriptures this year. So, let’s dive in. We’ll pick up where we left off yesterday and there’s this interesting story happening between Balak and Balaam. Numbers chapter 24 and 25 and we’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week.


Father, as we prepare to end our work week. We think back on all that You have spoken to us from Your word this week and we think back on all that You have spoken to us in this year so far and You are changing us. We can feel changes happening inside of us. The way that we’re looking at things is beginning to shift because we are aligning ourselves with what You are speaking to us through Your word. And, so, we are so grateful for this gift of community and this gift of Your word. And even as we read of Your birth today, Jesus, we are so humbled that You would care for us enough to come for us to rescue us to restore us. And we confess that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of the wholeness and redemption that You offer. And, so, as we continue to journey through the Scriptures this year we ask that You continue to transform us, that we might be made whole and holy. Come, Holy Spirit. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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The other thing is that the More Gathering for women is coming up on April 12th, so we’re just under a month away and you can still register. This year for the first time of the More Gathering we will have a person who will be signing…a couple people…will be signing what’s spoken. So, if you have hearing challenges or would like to bring someone that has some hearing challenges, we have those who will be interpreting into sign language and we’re excited about that. You can get the details for the More Gathering at moregathering.com. Everything that you would want to know, need to know can be found there. So, check that out.

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And that’s it for today. I am Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi family. This is his little Sharee in Canada. And I haven’t called for a couple of weeks. I haven’t been well. I have some ongoing health things that flare up once in a while. And, so, for a couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with my sleep and some other issues, neurological issues. And I just wanted to ask for prayer. Would you have time to say a quick prayer for me? I also heard Joyful Noise talk about the fact that her health has not been good lately. Joyful Noise I think you said that it was high blood pressure and you’ve never had that before so I’m going to be praying for you. Many of us seem to be getting hit in our house and so let’s just link arms and pray for another’s health. And thank you so much family. I appreciate your love and prayers And I’ll talk you again soon. Bye for now.

Hello Daily Audio Bible community this is Diane Olive B. Brown from Newburgh Indiana saying shalom, shalo – peace, peace. There is nothing missing. There is nothing, no thing missing and no thing broken. I thank You Father for that. And I pray and believe second Corinthians 4 and 7. However, I possess this precious treasure, this divine light of the gospel in my frail human vessel of earth that the grander and exceeding greatness of the power that be shown to be from God and not from me. And I thank You Father God for Psalm 23. You prepare a table for me in the very presence of my enemy. And it reminds me of some wisdom that a friend of mine gave me to stop looking at the devil’s and enemies under the table, to stop putting my emphasis on them and emphasize the food that he’s prepared before me. Oh, meatloaf of peace, mashed potatoes of joy, and apple crisp of love. And all the things and joys and enjoy them enjoy them. I also want to pray for the lady whose husband died on…

Good morning DAB family this is Michael from Mesa. I’ll clarify that by saying from East East Mesa out in Arizona because hopefully soon I’m from West Mesa so that I can be a lot closer to work. I’ve got about an hour drive. So, asking for prayers for wisdom in the move and the house, the budgeting and all of those things. Also, just an update. I know a while, while back I mentioned that my son was in jail. And he had his hearing yesterday, his parole hearing. And it was very hard and very sad to understand at that point that really in a lot of ways I’m going to have to live as a split family. He cannot come home. He cannot have contact with the family. And that will be for life or for many, many, many years. And, so, it’s heartbreaking to know that I have family but am a bit family-less on that side. If you could pray for my son. His name is Ryan. He needs lots and lots of prayer. He I think is growing closer to Christ or I think ion that direction. It’s really hard to tell what is real status is. So, if you could just pray for Ryan. And Pelham I just wanted to reach out Pelham with a word of encouragement buddy. Love your wife every day. Give everything you can from your heart to just love her and to help her understand that what you’re doing is loving her. And for all marriages, guys, just reach out like crazy to let help your wife. Let them know that you love them. Love you all so much. You are my friends. Talk to you soon. Michael from Mesa.

Family it’s been a really long time. It’s Jane from New York. Just calling to kind of give an update. I’m out of work. My job finished a couple weeks ago. I’m waiting for __ to kick in. Just trying to go where I should go, walk or a walk, talk to why should and go where the Lord is leading me. Very difficult living in my house with my friend who is now an atheist and just literally all day that he’s with me every minute and evening is just blaspheming the name of Jesus. I try not to really, you know, get into discussion with him but, you know, he just does it all the time. So, yeah, I just need to prayers and I just thank everyone that calls in. You know, I don’t know you by name but I’m up to date on what’s going in people’s lives. The praise reports are awesome and just the needs of the family. You know, I do pray in agreement. I have a couple of __ involved in in New York. Tonight I’m going to go to a young life prayer group, which is awesome. I’m really excited about starting with them. I have a friend sisterhood who’s listening to the DAB. Yay! My mom listens. I just love this podcast. Pray for me guys. Love you. Bye.

Hi this is Debbie from Texas I’m calling for prayer for my daughter Susanna. She’s 18. Due to custody battles she’s been on her own since she’s been 14. She’s been raped, abused, threatened, and dumped. She knows Jesus but right now she doesn’t trust Him. She feels He’s completely let her down. She needs deliverance from drugs, abusive relationships, homosexuality, and fear. She’s being threatened by a violent X and she needs safety. Please pray for her complete deliverance and her healing. Lord Jesus, I just thank You for this community and for the body of believers, that we can get together Lord God and pray, and that we can lift each other up. I ask You to protect this ministry and just bless everybody involved in it. In the name of Jesus. Amen.