03/12/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 16:41-18:32, Mark 16:1-20, Psalms 55:1-23, Proverbs 11:7

Today is the 12th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is great to be here with you. And we have marched our way to the 12th day of this month. And we will march right into it, picking up where we left off yesterday. The children of Israel have had to turn around and go back out into the wilderness and an entire generation is basically going to die out so that the children can rise up and see if they can take the Promised Land, which is causing an incredible amount of unrest. And, so, we’re seeing quite a bit of drama. And, so, we move back in. Numbers chapter 16 verse 41 through 18 verse 32 today.


Okay. So, today in the Gospel of Mark we experienced the resurrection and we also concluded the Gospel of Mark today. So, we’ll be starting fresh with the Gospel of Luke tomorrow. And the story of the resurrection, that is our ultimate source of hope. Like, everything we believe as Christians hinge upon this, that Jesus was victorious over sin and death. All of the forces of evil at work in the world. He was victorious. And His resurrection was a rebirth, as we’ll find in the writings of the Apostle Paul, that Jesus was the firstborn into this new family of God that began with Jesus. And, so, through Christ, we no longer have this separation between man and God. Through Jesus we are restored to God and become grafted in or a part of his family. And this is our hope. And this is what gives us hope, that while we were still enemies of God He came and sacrificed Himself on our behalf, restoring us to Him, inviting us into fellowship, inviting us to become a part of His family. We are a part of the family of God. May we revel in that today. And may hope arise in us.


Jesus, thank You is the words. Those are the words. But they fall so flat and so short. What we could never do, ever, for eternity, You have done and invited us to participate fully and completely in relationship with You. And, so, we thank you for your sacrifice. We worship You for Your victory over death and hell and the grave and everything set against us. Come, Holy Spirit. May we never be deceived away from this. May we remain true. As we remain true, we always have hope. Our hope is in You and You alone. And we thank You, Jesus, for coming for us and rescuing us. And may our lives be the example of that gratefulness. We pray in Your name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I am Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello Daily Audio Bible. My name is Ben. I’m from Southeast England in the town of Ashford. I’m ringing today for prayer for my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is in the Army and he’s part of the skydiving team and he was recently in California with the Army and we learned yesterday that he had a very serious car accident and he’s now in hospital in California on life support. My wife and my sister-in-law left very early this morning and are now on their way to California to be with him. The situation is unclear at the moment, but we’re believing, you know, that God can do anything. Until that final breath God has his life in his hands. His name’s Aaron. And, yeah, he’s in California in hospital. My church is praying. Churches from all over the US are praying. And I just ask you to join with us and pray for healing, pray for recovery, pray for mercy upon his life in the name of Jesus. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Amen.

Hello family this is pastor Gene from Bradenton Florida. And I wanted to say a quick testimony __. And as you guys know I went recently to a very trying couple of months and I ended up being hospitalize three times. The first time planned the two next times completely unplanned. And around a month and half, a month and one week ago, I was in my third hospital. And I was in such agony, pretty much throwing up air, because I had nothing left to throw up and pain, inflammation and the doctors not doing a whole lot for me. And I was in __ but I had such an unexplainable peace in my heart that I felt that if this was death I was ready to go to the Lord. And I told Him, I said Lord, I’m a little concerned about __ Victoria and JC and John but I know that You will take care of them after I’m gone from this world. And I love you with all of my heart. And I can’t think of anything else that I want to do more right now than be in your presence. And the Lord obviously said no, but I want to talk about that perfect peace that fills me and fills me with hope although __ I was completely failing and that peace that allowed me to completely surrender into the hands of the Savior, trusting Him to take my life and do with it as he pleases. And I hope that that peace can be with you as you need it will be with you. I love you family. This is pastor Gene from Bradenton Florida. Bye.

Hello family. And as __ says, Holy Spirit let’s roll. It’s the 9th. And I have to tell you, I was on my way to work listening to the Daily Audio Bible this morning but the flesh is weak. And on my way to work I had this guy that was purposely hitting his breaks and trying to control my car from the front on a narrow road going through the hills to get to my work. And it was really frustrating me. So, at just the perfect time the flesh was weak I passed him, crossed the double yellow line only to get a wave from a motorcycle officer, a nice cop who let me go because I pulled to the side of the road thinking I’m going to get a $500 ticket. But I’m calling because Brian your commentary on the 9th is dead on. The spirit is willing but unless we’re in the spirit and of the spirit the flesh takes over. So, it’s not easy. It’s really not easy. I mean, my heart was pounding. I obviously did the wrong thing. I was frustrated with this guy I should’ve been mad at. I should’ve just relaxed and made it into work on time, not as soon as I’d like to get there. But I love you guys. And that’s the message. Don’t trust your own power. You really have to trust the spirit because we can do it on our own. I need your prayers. I got a promotion. Praise report. Bye guys. Bye.

Hi neighbors. It’s Lisa the Encourager. Yes. Hi neighbors, not friends because of the encouragement and guidance that Jill gave us on the Bible verse that Jesus said, love the Lord your God with all your heart your soul and your mind and love your neighbors as yourself. So, as a reminder to me, I am going to call you guys my neighbors so I remember that I should love each and every one of you just as I love myself. And I certainly cannot say that I do that on a regular basis. So, I want to remind myself that. So, hi neighbors. And with that I want to pray for Sharee. You called in quite a while ago and somehow I missed it on my page but I just want to pray for your needs and her ex fiancé that went to quite a bit of a deep depression after her brothers accident and the death. So, I’m going to be praying for them and I know you said their initials are JC and CRK. So, Sharee I just want to know again, I appreciate your prayers and your calls and I’m going to be praying for them. Also, another little quick shout out to Walking by Faith from New York City. I just wanted to shout out to you and thank you for your call of appreciation and I’m going to be praying for you and your finances and I’m just continuing to pray for that and that the Lord will give you favor. And also, one of the prayer, Victoria from Ohio called in and asked for prayer for her husband for him to get a job and her daughter Cassie also was going to a job interview and just praying that all goes well. So, dear Lord I pray for these requests and needs and financial and…

Good morning Daily Audio Bible community this is Diane O. B. from Newburgh Indiana. It is Saturday, March 10th 2018 and it is 4:56 AM. I’m catching up on my readings and I’m in March 2nd right now and the readings are so wow, you know. And what stood out to me was the attitude of Brian Bartimaeus versus the request from James and John. And I’ve been trying to be his friend and looking at all the people in the Bible that were friends and realizing that I haven’t been that great a friend, but today’s reading was just…I don’t know what…the Lord has been dealing with me as the Old Testament they were very rebellious and God was saying you want to keep rebelling well then this is what you’re going to get and this is what you’re going to get. And then Mark, like I said, the request from James and John versus Brian Bartimaeus just to remind us to be humble and just ask for mercy. You want to be God’s friend? It’s not that easy. I’m asking for a general and quiet spirit. That’s not my nature, but I’m getting one. I have a praise report. My son David is in rehab. That’s a miracle. He’s been there for almost 3 weeks now. He’s been drug-free and it’s so nice. And, so, I just wanted to say community, thank you for…