03/11/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 15:17-16:40, Mark 15:1-47, Psalms 54:1-7, Proverbs 11:5-6

Today is the 11th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and here we are crossing the threshold, opening the door on a brand-new shiny, sparkly week. And this week will move us directly into the middle of the month of March. So, we’re moving forward in our year, in our lives, and in the Scriptures. We’ll read from the Christian Standard Bible this week, picking up where we left off yesterday. Numbers chapter 15 verse 17 through 16 verse 40 today.


Jesus as we begin this new week we again experience Your sacrifice, Your death on our behalf in unspeakable fashion in a fashion we can truly comprehend. And yet this is the season that we contemplate. This is the season that we stare full face at what sin can do and we see that were borne out on the cross. And we look into our own hearts and we look at the world and we see what sin can do. And this brings us to a place of lament because You have freed us from the power of sin and yet we continue to choose otherwise. Rather than freedom, we choose to remain in slavery to sin. In so many areas of our lives and we invite Your Holy Spirit because we find ourselves being like the children of Israel in the wilderness wanting to go back. Show us clearly Lord that going back is not only returning to slavery, it is moving away from life and toward death. Your sacrifice changed all of that for the entire world. And this is the good news, that this has all been changed, that humanity and divinity are no longer separated from one another but can be restored in fellowship through Your sacrifice. And, so yes, we invite Your Holy Spirit and we lament and we grieve over what we’ve made of things, but Your cross gives us hope, hope forever, restoration forever, that day by day we can choose to live holy and every day that we choose to live holy as a day of sanctification, that we are being restored day by day, moment by moment. And this gives us hope and brings us to place of gratefulness. And, so, we contemplate these things and we invite Your Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Father God, we lift up Joey from Missouri’s family to You , especially his mother Joan E. Father God thank You for the shining light that she’s been in that family, that she has been the spiritual leader, leading Joey’s crisis at such a young age. Father God, she is struggling right now. I pray Lord that You’d be shining Your light and Your love into her life, that You would be bringing her out of that darkness and depression. Father God please just be calming her mind and giving her peace. May she know who she is in You and may she hear the truth of You in Your voice rather than the lies of the enemy. Father God I pray that You would be guiding her to people who can help, be that counselors or friends or people who can just help bring her through this time. Father God thank You for her loving family and I pray the Lord that You’d be giving them wisdom on how best to support her through this. Thank You so much for her and her walk in her life and her faith in You. And I pray Lord that you’d just be restoring her. In Jesus’ holy and precious name. Amen. Hi this is Michaela from Gloucester in the UK. Your call really struck me Joey. My parents married in 1982. I am the oldest of three, born in 1987. And they got divorced a couple years ago, probably more than a couple years ago now. And both my parents are really on my heart because my dad doesn’t know the Lord and I really want him to know the Lord but it’s really hard, you know, witnessing to those closest, isn’t it? So yeah, I hope you all have a blessed and lovely day wherever you are. Speak you soon. Bye.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family. This is Diana calling from Minnesota. I just returned from the Israel 2018 trip and would just like to encourage anyone thinking about it to absolutely go. As Brian says, it’s a life-changing event and it really truly is. It was the most impactful two weeks of my life. And I met the most incredible people on that two weeks. And, so I would just highly encourage you to go no matter what that takes. For some of us it was a great sacrifice to be able to save some money and be able to do that, but for me it was just everything and the meant to us a whole lot. I thank you so much for your prayers for all of us. We felt it. We actually did. We had some illnesses go through the bus, one of the buses. And they were very quick illnesses. And, so, people cared for each other and we are very grateful for that. I also wanted to call with a prayer request. During the trip I found out that a dear friend of mine has breast cancer. Her name is Lori and I just ask that you pray for her please. She actually has a really amazing attitude about it and her husband is a quadriplegic and he does have some use of his hands and has a rehab doctor an amazing person. And she is really very much the…it’s hard to say…she really does everything for her family. She’s a really strong woman and I’d just like everyone if you could please pray for her health. She’s going to go through a double mastectomy…

Hi everyone this is Melody from Canada. And I am very convicted when Brian was talking about a reading from God being mad at the Israelites for complaining about meat. I am there right now because in addition to pregnancy __ I have a virus it in my mouth that these really, really hard soars all over. So pretty much all I can eat every day is pea soup. So that’s my Manna. And before I was pregnant I could eat this and that and everything. But also, back then, I was longing for a baby and I wasn’t happy with my life. But it so easy to want to go back and it’s so easy to have a hard time in the wilderness and have a hard time and transition. So, I appreciate your prayers over me and my pea soup and my mouth and my baby. We’re getting the ultrasound in two days on Saturday. So, I’m looking towards that. And, so yeah, I know God is holding us and preparing us. Love you. Bye-bye.

My name is Christina. I’m calling because I just heard Joey from Missouri. And for some reason listening to your prayer request for your mom, I almost started crying and I get had to…I kept praying, you know, with the next caller and then I had to go back and listen to it and I think is what it was…and I think your mom and my sister Stacy have the same problem. It just…I really felt…I really felt that’s why it touched me so deeply. And I want to pray for your mom Sharon and for my sister Stacy as well, that they are set free. Lord, please set free these ladies who know you and who shouldn’t be held captive from the demons of depression and paranoia and anger and hurting the people around them. And I pray as well for Joey and his three siblings and for Stacy’s two little sons because it’s very hard in the people around them. Thank you.

Hi this is Victoria soldier. I’m calling to pray for some of the DABbers. I wanted to…welcome back to Brian and I want to say thank you to Jill for reading those two days that were so beautiful. I enjoyed it. Thank you so much. I also want to pray for Greg in Missouri he was talking about his mom that she’s going through depression and things that are challenging. I wanted to also pray for Nora from Canada and that she’s going through some challenges. I want to pray for Pastor Genne and also for Blind Tony and Viola and my friend Sharon. I’m just concerned about the challenges that she’s going through with her mom. I want to pray for those who will going through depression and those who are going through in their marriages because the enemy is trying to attack the marriages. And also those kids who are having strongholds. I want to pray for them. Lord, in the name of Jesus, I just ask You to have Your way. Lord, Your people lead You Lord. They’re going through challenges, they’re going through depression, they’re going through strongholds. The marriages are having challenges. Lord only You are our God who can do anything like You told Moses, that You are God and You could do anything but fail. Lord we want to pray for Nora Lord. Whatever Nora’s going through, whatever’s going through in her family, that mother that’s going through depression, the mother that went through the challenges with her son, Lord You have Your Way, Lord. Oh Lord, You’re a miracle working God and You can do anything but fail. I just want to tell somebody tonight that feels like giving up, hold on because God is carrying You and God loves You and He wants to let You know that all…that He is got to You in His hand and His hand is on You and to continue to trust Him. Oh Lord continue to bless those who…even if they feel like…