03/06/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 6:1-7:89, Mark 12:38-13:13, Psalms 49:1-20, Proverbs 10:27-28

Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Jill. I’m Brian’s wife. And Brian is taking the day off again today for a day of rest, post his Israel trip and I’m sure you guys know, but I’m his wife and I can attest that the man works hard. So, a couple of days of rest is just what is in need. So, I’m here with you today. Brian will be back tomorrow. And, as we do every day, we’re here to center ourselves around the living, breathing word of God. Today we’re continuing in the New International Version. And starting in the Old Testament we’re reading Numbers chapter 6, reading through chapter 7.


Jesus, we thank You that Your word is life. Sometimes we hear words and fear is the emotion that sweeps in. Fearful of the warning signs. But we’re reminded today in Your Word that You said to not be alarmed. To fear not. That these are the signs, the beginning of birth pains. And we know that in birthing, the labor pains usually means that there is a great reward coming at the end of laboring and feeling the pain and enduring. And You said that You have overcome the world. So, we thank You God that You are the final outcome in all of this. And, so, help us Lord to not fear to not be alarmed. To stay focused. To fix our gaze and set our affections on You. Lead us. Guide us. Counsel us, Holy Spirit, as only You can do. And let us be a beacon of hope in a world that needs so much hope. A world that is devoid of hope makes the heart sick, but a hope fulfilled is a tree of life and You are life. Life more abundantly, life everlasting. So, our hope today is fixed on the risen Christ. And we love You and we thank You that You are the life, You are the truth, You are the way. Fill us with Your hope today, God, a renewed hope, a renewed sense of hope as we stand on the promise that if You are for us, who can be against us? In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


You guys, listen. So, because we love you so much and because I want every woman that possibly wants to be able to come to More Gathering 2018, we’re going to offer for today only, today only on this 6th day of March, we are going to offer one last discount. If you haven’t registered and you are hoping to but just need a little bit of help, today is your social day. We’re offering one last discount code and it’s $50 off of registration. So, if you go to moregathering.com and register, at the end it will say promotional code and you just type in IWANTMORE. All in caps, no spaces. IWANTMORE and you’ll get $50 off of registration for today only. This is the last time before the conference that we are going to be offering any sort of discount. So just praying about it and sensing that there are some people that would really like to go but just can’t afford it and even though we do everything we can to keep costs down, it’s a long weekend there’s still expenses.

And let me just say this last thing to the ladies that are coming, that are registered to come and for those that might be coming, thinking about for your first time. You are going to have to fight to get there. And some of you might not quite understand the fullness of that yet. And some of you may have already experienced that.

Last year, one of the team members, Bonnie, who is on our board, who is one of my team members of More, had a very strong sense from the Lord that it was going to be hard to get there. And we’ve experienced hard things getting in, but after seven years, kind of felt like we had it down. And, so, we knew hard and we didn’t know…we heard the word hard and we didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I felt so privileged afterwards that the Lord warned us that it was going to be hard to get there. So, we get there a night early so that our team can get settled and set up and be prepared. And it wasn’t until we got to the camp that we realized there were really bad storms. In fact, people were texting us asking us if we were okay and we didn’t even know what was going on. Later to find out there were just major tornado warnings, which shut down an entire hub of the Atlanta International Airport. Like, shut it down. There were planes not coming in and not going. And there were thirty women that missed the conference because they could not get out. And some of them, like they’re calling Greyhound, they’re thinking about renting a car but there were no cars to rent. It was kind of mayhem. And it was hard. It was hard shuffling through that and those women realized in that moment, I’m going to have to fight to get there. And just like warring for our hearts, sometimes there’s casualties of war. Some of them didn’t make it. And some of them fought through. We had women still arriving on Saturday. The conference ended on Sunday. But they knew the desperation of them getting there. Just like the woman in Luke. She knew her need and she needed to get to the hem of Jesus. And, so, it might not be that hard this year for you to get there, but I’m telling you, when you register, you’re going to have to fight through to get there. You’re going to have to fight sickness, you’re going to have to fight attacks on your family, your kids, your husband, your spouse, your dog. It happens every year. So, if you have determined in your mind and in your bank account and in registration to sign up and have signed up, you’re going to have to fight opposition to get there. And you do not fight alone. Our team is praying for you, we are covering you, we have a specific team of intercessors just praying for you to get there, a team of intercessors praying for you while you’re on campus, and a team of intercessors that are praying for you when you go home. We take it that seriously and we ask that you do too. But do not fear, for He has overcome the world. But you’re going to have to fight. I think with the gathering being less than a month away, that is the most important thing that I can say to you is, fight to get there. And get there. Just get there and watch Jesus show up for you. But get there. So, last thing I’m going to say, enjoy the $50 code off of registration today. IWANTMORE. all in caps, no spaces at checkout. And I look forward to those hugs in April, meeting you face to face, laughing with you, crying with you, and being with you.

Okay the website, dailyaudiobible.com. That’s home base.  Everything you want to know, it’s there. And also, we are very active on social media - Facebook, Instagram, all of that good stuff. For those women who don’t know about the community on Facebook, there is a community for women - Daily Audio Bible Women. And then there is a separate Facebook page for More Gathering and if you are registered to go I would highly recommend you go over to that page and like it and just keep checking back. Some of you need rides, shared rides, hotels coming in the night before. There are always women looking to reach out with other women, sharing fears about coming. That is your place to connect with other women and look for other announcements. We like to get you familiar with the worship sets that we sing and offer at More Gathering, so we will put links to worship songs there and other great things. So check that out.

That’s it for me today. I love you. Brian will be back tomorrow. Brian loves you. And until then, love one another.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey Brian. My name is Jeff. I’m calling from Syracuse New York and it’s just absolutely wonderful to be part of your program and be involved in this community with my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Brian, I’ve been listening for about three years now. I adore your program. I love the fact that you say ‘I’m Brian and I love you’ after every podcast. That’s just something that draws me. I just sense the Spirit of Christ in your ministry. I support it financially and I would encourage everyone to do the same thing. It’s truly more a blessing to give than to receive. But Brian I’m calling today, I have a very, very serious concern. My dear life of almost 30 years has got ovarian cancer. It’s horribly destructive. It’s a very rare kind of ovarian cancer. She’s been battling it for a year and things just aren’t going well. We had a recent scan. She’s had a couple different surgeries and lots of chemo and had a recent scan at it was just horrifying. I’ve been doing a lot of projecting, a lot of fears. I don’t want to be single again. I love my wife. She directs an agency, a pregnancy center, an adoption agency nearby, and she just adores the Lord. She just loves our Lord, our heavenly Father. So, I just ask all the beautiful people that listen to this program if they would lift my wife Monica up, take her right before the throne. I love you Brian. I love you this program. God bless you guys. Bye-bye.

Hi brothers and sisters with the Daily Audio Bible. I am calling today regarding Greg S. He called whenever he had a crisis come up in 2014 and he said now he has another one and it has stimulated what he stated to be, maybe, an issue with anxiety and depression because he lost his job. Well brother, we are all praying for you. Keep your head up. Keep moving forward. We understand that you may be the only breadwinner. And, so, you are out there every day trying to get another job, trying to do what you can to take care of your family. We can understand that you’re doing the best that you can. And just keep everyone in the loop and let your family know that you love them. And that’s the best that you can do right now. Just keep going. Do every odd job you can, which I’m sure you are. I don’t know where it is that you work. Some places have more job opportunities than others. So, we are all praying that you are able to replace your job with something even better than what you had before so that it gives you a smile in the workplace. And in Jesus’ name we give you this. Amen.

Hello my name is Betty. I’m from Alabama. I’m a first-time caller. I just felt led by the Lord to call and say a couple of things that  maybe will help somebody out there. I just wanted to say that I was reading Corrie Ten Boom and she’s a wonderful offer if you ever get a chance to read her. But she was talking about to her father about why the Lord had not answered a prayer that she had asked of Him. And her father said to her, Corrie when you are going on the train do I give you your train ticket a month in advance or do I give you the train ticket on the day that you need it? And Corey said, of course, the day that I need it. Just like that our Father in heaven answers our prayers. And He answers our prayers on the day that we need it. We have to remember too when praying that there are always three answers to prayer that the Lord gives us. A definite no because an answer to that prayer could destroy us in some way. He says maybe. He never says maybe. He says a definite no or yes, he answers that. Or he might say wait. Wait until all the circumstances of your life or the circumstances that He has to work out are provided. So, don’t be discouraged when you pray. God does answer. He loves you. And He will answer in His time. And it will be a beautiful thing. Thank you.

There’s a powerful witness right here in this place
It’s the light of God’s love all over my face
All those who see me they ask me what’s up
It’s the presence of God that’s filling my cup
Love overflowing in rivers and streams
Causing reflections visions and dreams
Dreams of the future reflections of the past
Visions in fulfillment of all that I ask
It could be a gesture a word or touch
Something so small can accomplish so much
because it comes from You Father up in heaven above
filling me with mercy wisdom and love
helping me to be a blessing today
to all those my Father whom you send my way
someone who’s hurting someone in need
yet all are desiring to somehow be freed
so help us be patient and to do things Your way
help me dear Lord to have the right words to say
someone’s confused about what they heard
longing for the truth that comes only from Your word
there’s a powerful witness right here in this place
it’s the light of Your love all over my face

blindtony1016@gmail.com. I’d like to give a shout out to Annette A. and Asia, baby G, and also to Sherlock W. and his wife. Know that you are all in my prayers every day. And thank you once again Brian and the Hardin family for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow. Keep it flowin’ y’all. All right. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Victoria S. Just calling to pray for some of the DABbers. I’ve been listening to Brian as he’s in Israel and he’s been having a wonderful time. And I just thank God for and praying for him and that they’re all safe. I wanted to pray for the gentleman who said that he was a Christian and he and his wife both are Christians but they are living like roommates. And I really want to pray for that marriage because the enemy is trying to take away the jewel that they have in their marriage. But God says…what God has put together no man take asunder. So, I’m praying with you my brother and I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you and I’m going to pray for you in a minute. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name…but it was kind of faded when I was there. I want to pray….oh…your name is Phil. I like that name. Very strong name. I’ll want to also pray for the teacher in LA…and he was saying. I want to pray for Valerie as she was talking about the other person who is from Indiana. I’m also praying for you my brother. You stay strong that God is faithful. Hold on. Don’t let go. Remember God told Paul when they were on the boat, He said if everybody stayed on the boat He promised them a safe landing. Stay on the boat. Don’t get off. I want to also pray for Greg. Greg called in as him and his family is going through…and he lose his job, that God is ready to do something great for Greg. And He’s getting ready to do something great for all the other DABbers. And we just holding on to see the salvation of the Lord. Gracious Father we come before You today. Lord lifting You up in thanking You for being such a wonderful and awesome and mighty God. Lord we don’t understand that sometimes we are in a storm and we are in the storm and we are all in Your will God. But you want to show us something. You want to strengthen us. You want to show us how great You are and the great thing that You can do. And Lord you want us to…

Good morning DAB family. Thank you so much for every one of you. I just wanted to call and give glory to that because I think this is going to be my fourth year and I can tell you what a life-changing experience that’s had. It’s just…I’ve always been a church, always reads my Bible, but just the way that Brian reads it and the way he explains it, it just brings it to life. I just…I don’t know how else to say it. So, I just wanted to say that I pray…I always love to stay at the end of the prayers and just pray. Oh, I forgot to say my name is Rosie. I’m calling from Queens New York. And I just wanted to thank you. Bless each and everyone of you. Christine, back it was on January 8th, she called in for her stomach. And needless to say I was going to the same thing. You know I’m taking antibiotics right now __. And, you know, __ things in my stomach…and…you know…have a brother who has liver problems. And, you know, we have been focusing on him because it was really a touch and go situation. And with family it’s so distant __ . So, not of God. But you what? Doing better than the rest of us __ staying in the hospital. My niece __ Paula was delivered and that’s a blessing, you know, from every care. Her __. And she’s been go good. She’s looking for God and so hungry for him. And now I don’t…you know…from our family…we don’t walk alone. It’s the three of us. So, I don’t care what we anyone of us is going though. Know that God is in control. I don’t care what the doctors tell me. I know God is in control. My brother would be healed because is a man of God. He has a heart of David.