02/20/2018 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 9:7-10:20, Mark 4:26-5:20, Psalms 37:29-40, Proverbs 10:6-7

Today is the 20th day of February. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. Greetings from the land of Israel. And don’t let my chipper attitude deceive you. I’m very, very jet lagged. It’s like walking around for a few days in kind of a fog, where you feel like you are only semi-present, no matter how hard you try. It’s the strangest of phenomenon’s, but what’s the point of moping around, and what’s the point of sleeping all day just to stay up all night. Right? So, why not be chipper? We have the Scriptures out in front of us, another day around the global campfire, another day to allow God to speak to us through His word. So, it’s great to be here with you safely in the land of Israel. And we’ll talk about that a little bit more, but let’s dive in for today. We’re reading from the God’s Word translation. Picking up where we left off yesterday, the law is being given. And just by way of reminder, I mean, we get to these tedious parts of the Bible, or at least they’re perceived to be tedious because, the law is being given. Right? So, you don’t normally go to the library, unless you’re like in law school, and start reading law books because that’s not exactly page turner stuff. However, the laws of our land are what govern the society. That’s what’s being issued here, that’s what’s being laid out. And one thing that you can begin to notice as the law is being given is that, although it governs behavior, it’s all attached to a spiritual reality. So, the law may shape how the culture works and kind of govern the behavior of the society, but it’s all intended to be attached to an inner reality, to the heart. So, we pick up where we left off, Leviticus chapter 9 verse 7 through 10 verse 20. And if I’m reading along and then all the sudden things go silent for a minute, just stick with me, I just…I nodded off…but I’ll be right back with you as soon as I wake up. Hopefully that won’t really happen. And even if it does really happen, I’ll edit it out. It’s just…I’m just teasing…it’s the jet lag talking. Leviticus chapter 9 verse 7 through 10 verse 20.


Father, we thank You for Your word as we do every day, because we are grateful. We are thankful that You’ve given this tangible gift to us that speaks and touches everything about us, everything about our experience here on earth. We’re thankful. And we’re thankful for another day. And we look forward to all the days that are in front of us this year that You will speak. And Father, we thank You for safe travels, for bringing us here to the land where all of this happened, and for the opportunity to experience it again, and to bring it near so that we can feel connected to the places where these things happened. And we pray Father for all those who were on planes now and all those who are coming in. We pray along with this entire community, over all of the facets, over the next most couple of weeks that we will be spending. Thank You for giving us strength and stamina. Thank You for watching over the technology. Thank You for safety in all of our travels. Thank You for letting us come. And God, we embrace this time, whether it be virtual or whether it be here in person, it all matters because it makes the Bible come alive to us. And Your word is alive. We are told that in the book of Hebrews. And it’s sharp, sharper than any two-edged sword. It can pierce us right to the level of our identity and we’re grateful for that because You transform us at the level of our identity and we open ourselves to You as we move through the land of the Bible. Come, Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website, it’s home base, it’s where you find out what’s going on around here.

And, of course, what’s going on around here is that we’re coming to you from Israel. And tonight is when we kind of officially begin. So, some have landed, some are landing, but tonight we’ll begin with dinner together and just kind of go over some particulars. And that will be a little bit south of where I’m at right now. And we’ll be out on the coast in the city of Ashdod, which is a biblical city. It was a former Philistine stronghold. So, the Philistines, during the era of the monarchy…right…so we haven’t gotten to that yet…but during the era of like King Saul, King David, Philistines were like sort of the archrivals. They were border countries but they were a border nation with Israel, but they were enemies. And they were set up where they had like five primary cities to protect their territory and each of these cities had their own leadership and King. And Ashdod was one of those Philistine strong cities. And that’s kind of where we will be getting things going this evening. There are a few ruins of ancient Ashdod but not a lot. And we’re not in Ashdod to visit Philistine ruins. It’s just a great launching spot to get…to cover the kind of miles that we need to cover tomorrow. So, I’ll try to find a picture or two that I can post on social media. If you want to follow along with the trip, either follow Daily Audio Bible on Instagram or on the Daily Audio Bible Facebook page, which is facebook.com/dailyaudiobible. And yeah, and then other than that, just going to be powering through. If you’ve ever experience jet lag you know what I’m talking about. It’s just a weird sort of half-awake and half-present thing. So, anyway, as I’ve been saying for the last week or maybe even a little bit more, a canopy of prayer over all of this, every time that you think of us in this land, if you would say a prayer. This whole thing gets sustained by the prayers of God’s people. And I do not underestimate the power of God’s people praying. And would never want to step into anything like this without God’s people praying. So, we’re going to have a great time but we need your prayers.

Okay, a couple more things. First of all, this Saturday, which is the 24th day of February, we’ll be doing a live broadcast of from the Sea of Galilee. And we’ll be well into our trip. We will have experienced a lot of places. And we get together as a group, those of us who are here, and just debrief a little bit. But part of that will be Facebook Living…I’m not sure that’s a term…we’ll be using Facebook Live to do this. And just sharing some of the stories of our pilgrimage thus far. And that will take place at 8 PM Israel time. So, that will take place at 1 PM on the East Coast of the United States, Eastern time, noon, Central time, where I live in Nashville, 11 AM if you are in the mountain zone of the United States, 10 AM if you are on the West Coast of the United States. If you are in London or in the UK that’ll be 6 PM. And if I’ve got my math correct that’ll be 5 AM on Sunday if you are in Australia. So, I don’t want to confuse anybody, but you can just Google the difference between Tel Aviv and where you are and do the math yourself. So, this will take place, Facebook Live. So, like I’ve been saying all along, follow this trip because we’ll be posting a lot on Instagram and Facebook. So, you can follow along at Facebook, which is facebook.com/dailyaudiobible. And every time we do something like this it’s a great time of fellowship, because there’s this live thing going on, but there’s this opportunity to post and chat with each other. And you’ll be able to post questions to us as it’s happening live from the Sea of Galilee. So. we’ll look for that this coming Saturday the 24th.

Also, if you’re kind of following along with us and you’re like, I want to go, we’ll be going back next year. You can get all set up for that now. Just go to dailyaudiobible.com. Look in the Initiatives section for Israel 2019 and you can make plans to come and be here with us. These trips always sell out way in advance. So, check it out. If it’s something that’s churning in your heart to come, we’ll be planning to come back next year around this same time.

The other thing that I have been mentioning is what’s coming up in April back on the other side of the ocean, in my homeland, back in the United States, the women’s gathering that we do each year called the More Gathering for women will be coming up in early April, which is a lot closer than it seems. And we’re looking forward to that. Just want to make you aware of it, invite you if you’re a woman looking for more to this. It is a fellowship, a sisterhood, and I have watched friendships that have flourished and are lifelong. I have met so many people who have met really, really intimate friends that stay in contact with each other almost on a daily basis even though we live in different parts of the country or even world. So, it’s a beautiful thing. I want to invite you to that. It takes place in the springtime just as new life is beginning in the South. It’s a perfect metaphor for what the whole things about. And you can find out all of the details, every bit of the things that you would need or want to know at moregathering.com. So, check that out. And look forward to seeing you back on the other side of the ocean in April.

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And that’s it for today. Pray that I can stay awake a little longer. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good evening Daily Audio Bible sisters and brothers. This is Linda from Phoenix. Today is February 13th. I called about two and half, three weeks ago asking for prayer for my daughter who has an alcohol problem and she had gotten fired from her job. Anyway, I just wanted to give praise report. She went to a rehab, a detox center, and we were trying to find a location for inpatient and my insurance, the last I had spoken with one of the…one of the staff at the detox…my insurance wasn’t going to cover and it was going to cost about $15,000, which I just could not afford. Long story short, DABbers, there’s a place in Tennessee that is going to take our insurance and her recovery is going to be 100% covered. My insurance is going to cover it 100%. I just want you guys to know. I want to thank you for the prayers that I received because I know this prayer wasn’t answered on my own. I know __ [crying] __ to the DABbers…God bless __ I just wanted to say thank you. Keep praying for her recovery and I pray for each and every one of you and I just want to say thank you. I love you.

Hi fellow DABbers. This is Joe the Protector from Georgia. It’s February 14th at about 8 o’clock in the morning. Just got finished listening to the 14th podcast and want to just update on my daughter, Madison. We’re still having a mountain of struggles there. Nothing’s been actually done still. We’re out of the hospital now. But, you know, it’s still just a battle. They haven’t truly treated her as they should, no one has. And she’s been rejected by big facilities and hospitals as well. So, anyhow, just continue to lift her up. And I heard Sharon the Victorious, I believe she called herself, that she said is dealing with depression and some other issues in her life. As you all know depression is on my heart right now due to my daughter. And, you know, I got to thinking yesterday, I felt a little defeated yesterday, but, you know, Satan tries to bring us just the feeling of defeat, but the thing is is he cannot defeat us. It’s our choice to be defeated or not to be defeated because he’s been defeated. He can’t bring something on us that has been taken away from him, that has been done to him. And he doesn’t own defeat. He just tries to bring the feeling of it. So, I just encourage everyone that feels that way to just laugh and say, devil, you don’t own nothing. You don’t own me. You cannot…

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family or afternoon or evening, depending on where you are. I’m calling for specifically, Sharon. Sharon, I hope you hear this. I hope this makes it to the air. This is Sheila from Massachusetts. I heard your call for prayer today and I heard the pain and the fear and the desperation in your voice. Your husband with a bad back who still has to work. Your daughter who’s bipolar who may be using prescription drugs again, and Sharon, you, who just was diagnosed with glaucoma and are having a procedure. Sharon, I feel like that you are my sister that is supposed to be in my life, on my heart, to pray for every moment of every day as you go through this in your life. My husband has a bad back. He’s a carpenter. My daughters 22 years old, an __ , bipolar one. And sister, you can’t carry that weight on your own. You lay it at Gods feet to let yourself unto peace in knowing He’s got this, He’s got a plan. We suffer a lot as His children but He never lets us be defeated by it. Sharon, grab Jesus hand. Walk side-by-side with Him as your friend and know that you can find the peace that you need to get through this. You just need the Lord right now. He is there. Hard to see maybe, but He is there in all of this sister. But you have to relinquish some of this worry to Him and know that He’s going to take care of it in His time in His way. He does work all things for good sister and I am praying for you. You have my heart and my love as your sister in Christ. Bye family.

This is for Sharon the Victorious. And that is how you named yourself. And you called in on 14th February requesting prayer for your husband, your daughter, and yourself. And you know that you are covered in prayer. And you’re right to call yourself victorious because you are fighting from victory and not for victory. God has already given you the victory. So you stand in that victory, standing firm as he’s called you to stand. And from Psalm 37, verse 39, ‘that the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord. He is their strength in times of struggle. The Lord helps them and delivers them. He delivers them from the wicked and saves them because they take refuge in him.’ So, as you take refuge in him, Sharon the Victorious, stand in that victory. And for your cataract surgery, you are covered in prayer. Prayer has been __ he is covering your daughter and her bipolar personality, all of it. Remember Romans 15:13, ‘now, right now, now, may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace and believing so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’ Lord Jesus, we are covering Sharon the Victorious. We thank You Lord that You give her all joy and peace. We thank You that she will abound in hope by the power of your indwelling Holy Spirit. Lift her up Lord, cover that family. We ask it in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

I’m calling for Sharon the Victorious. Sharon, you are victorious because of Jesus. I’m praying for your family but most of all I’m calling right now to encourage you. I was 79 when I had laser surgery. I had glaucoma. And it was nothing. It didn’t completely work, I had to have extra medicine, but there was no pain there was nothing to fear. I had cataract surgery. I was in my late 70s. And each one, when I had them done, was five minutes it was over. So, do not fear my sister and we are praying for your husband. I’ve had a back problem most of my life but God’s been so faithful. So, we are just trusting that you will keep your eyes on Him and that you are victorious and praying for your daughter also. God bless you Sharon and be not afraid. God is with you. And I’m going on 83 and I’m still doing great with my eyes. God is faithful. He is a faithful God. So, God bless you and God bless your family. We are praying for you. We love you. And God bless you Brian and Jill for this podcast. It has made such a difference in my life. And thank you. In Jesus name we just praise You alleluia. Amen.

Good afternoon Daily Audio Bible family. This is Lee from New Jersey. I wanted to say hello and God bless you all. Today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. And also the beginning of Lent. We’ll pray for you all during this time. Listening to today’s podcast, today is the 14th, and hearing Sharon the Victorious from Northern California. Sharon, we may be connected. What you said immediately touched me. So we’re connected in regards to those emotions that you’re feeling. That pain that you’re feeling, that’s a connection. Those of the feelings that I have as well in different times. Different situations but those feelings I am very familiar with them. So, you know what, your wish is our command. We are going to pray for you. Father, in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. We pray for our sister Sharon. She’s crying out to You Lord and she’s asking us as well to cry with her. She’s asking for the intervention of the saints Lord, that we all come together and pray for her, for her, for husband, her daughter Lord. They’re in a tough and dark situation Lord. We ask for intervention Lord your mighty intervention Lord. You are a miracle maker Lord. No one else can do the things that you do Lord. That is why we come to you, because you loved us first before we even knew that you loved us Lord. Sharon is in a dark place Lord. She has scheduled operation for the 16th for glaucoma. Lord, help her to see Lord. Remove the cloudiness from her eyes Lord. Remove the cloudiness as well from her Spirit Lord, from her mind Lord, that she will be clear to see that You are there amongst all the darkness Lord, that there is a light that shines. She must go to through this darkness to see this light, that she understands that. And that she also appreciates it Lord, that in the end her name, victorious, will be that proper name for her, that she will be victorious…