02/10/2018 DAB Transcript

Exodus 30:11-31:18, Matthew 26:47-68, Psalms 32:1-11, Proverbs 8:27-32

Today is the 10th day of February. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It’s great to be here with you today at the close of another week. And we just keep taking these steps forward and the weeks go by and we move our way through the Bible. It’s incredible, the rhythm that is established and the change that is available inside of ourselves as the Scriptures speak to us. So, we’re at the close of another week. And we’ve been reading from the Good News Translation this week, which is what we’ll do today. We’ll go back out to Mount Sinai where the first of the law is being given and we’ve seen ordinances put in place toward the priesthood, a group of people that are being set apart out from this people to continually tell the story so that they don’t forget and to minister before God. And also of a tabernacle, a portable temple, essentially. A place that will sit in the middle of the camp with all the tribes encamped around it so that God will meet with them and move around with them, will be with them wherever they go, wherever he leads them, right in the middle of it all. So, today Exodus chapter 30 verse 11 through 31:18.


Okay. So, in the New Testament, in the book of Matthew, we are moving through the story of Jesus’ last days. And we’re seeing how alone Jesus was in this. We’re seeing that He was abandoned by His friends, those who had walked with Him, those who had heard Him minister and saw Him heal. And they left.  They ran away. And Jesus was taken from the garden of Gethsemane, so this olive grove on the side of the Mount of Olives and back across the Kidron Valley and into Jerusalem, where the high priest’s quarters were. Ruins still exist today. And it’s one of the places that we will visit when we’re in the land of the Bible. And we’ll be heading off on that trip, whether virtually or in person, we’ll all be going together and we’ll be departing a week from today. But as we read through this story in Matthew, if it doesn’t make our hearts drop, like, if we can’t see this Jesus that we have come to know and love and have sought to be like. Right? To be Christ-like. We’re seeing what He’s going through and it’s so, so heartbreaking. That God, the Creator, would come to earth to rescue people and people reject Him outright.

In a few days, this coming Wednesday, the season of Lent begins. And we’ll talk about that when we get there. You may know all about it, you may know nothing about it. That’s all fine. We’ll talk about it when we get there. But one of the purposes of the season of Lent, this forty days leading up to Easter, is contemplation. Just to understand and try to allow it to sink in, what it cost. What the price of sin is. Right? So, in the Old Testament, the book of Exodus, we’re seeing rituals being laid out that include sacrifice. This is intended to show them what the price of sin is. But in Jesus, we see the awful, awful price that it cost to give us salvation, that is a gift that we cannot earn. So profoundly humbling to contemplate. So, yeah, the season of Lent is about that and it begins on Wednesday, but we’re right here right now in this story. And so just understanding what it was Jesus had to endure is humbling and we should be humbled by it.


Jesus, we are humbled. We are. Because we have run away and abandoned You, too. We have run and run and run in so many directions and You have still kept leaving to find us. And why You would value us individually so much is beyond comprehension. But it’s plain to see. Your word reveals to us Your heart toward us. And, so, what else can we say? Thank you isn’t enough. Like, words begin to fail completely in the face of what You endured on our behalf. You didn’t have to do this. It was love, and it’s reaching across time, beyond comprehension, and spilling into our lives and it should create in us a response of humble adoration and worship. And, so, that’s where we are.  We worship You.  It’s beyond our ability to grasp, what You endured. And when we look at our lives, it’s all because of Your sacrifice. And, so, we thank You, Jesus. Today, we just take these moments to thank You. And, Holy Spirit, we invite You because we want to spend this time in contemplation, to really appreciate what we take for granted so often. Come, Holy Spirit. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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So, as I just mentioned, a week from today we’ll be leaving for the land of the Bible and be doing a tour there for the next couple of weeks. And I would ask in advance of the community that we all begin to pray over that. It’s a lot of work. It’s a grueling thing to be touring all day, maintaining Daily Audio Bible, everything from across the ocean. So, there’s a lot of component parts and just a lot involved. Absolutely breathtaking, beautiful to do and we’ll be working every day to make this as virtual as possible for those that are not actually there. So, you definitely want to follow the Daily Audio Bible Facebook page or Daily Audio Bible Instagram page. We will be posting from Israel a lot, but we’re going to need your intercession. And, yeah, it needs to start now and cover us all the way through - health, transportation, jet lag, fatigue - all of it. So, if it comes to mind, if the Holy Spirit begins to bring that up, thank you for your prayers over that as we pilgrimage to the land of the Bible with the intention of opening up the Bible and making it a real alive place that it is. So, thank you for your prayers.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi there. I am Peggy and I so appreciate DAB and appreciate the opportunity to hear Brian read the word so clearly because I have a hard time reading. It’s just difficult for me now. And I can’t carry a burden by myself. And, so, I am sharing it with you all. I’ve called several times through the years with a heart concern asking for prayer. I just want you to know that always grateful for those of you who will join the praying of the concerns of my heart. And know that I take the prayer time seriously and lift so many of you before the Lord. I thank you for joining me. And, I will say that I’m in my early 80s, and my husband was a minister, and died suddenly just a few months after he retired. We raised four children and now have 13 grandchildren. Last spring during a routine visit with my ophthalmologist for macular degeneration, I was given a shot. And I found, 12 hours later, through hard pain and in the middle of the night that my eyesight was gone in one eye and it will not be recovered. And it was such a shock and so sudden and so much pain with all that. And, anyway, good medical report one day and the next no sight in one eye and lots of adjustment. I was hospitalized in rehab and that had been home and on my own over the last eight months. And today by Dr. at the medical school said he thought the I should be removed. It’s been hurting him there’s no pressure in the eye which is not a good sign. The thought of going through that kind of surgery is horrid to me. Friends I don’t think I can do it. I am asking that God will keep my eye from deteriorating more, to keep my body from rejecting the eye. I’m frightened of surgery and I don’t want more pain. I’m sad. I just feel like I’m too old to go through that. Anyway, though I’m vital in many ways. Please join me in…

Hello DAB family it’s Akhim from Alberta Canada. I’m calling from my brother Blind Tony. I just heard you calling and asking for prayers with regard to your cancer on the podcast on January 30th. Tony, your poetry has been a real, real an inspiration to me for the past few years. And I just pray for you my brother, that God’s will be done in your life. I know He’s the God our healer and He can do amazing things in our life. My brother, you’ve been so great to so many people through poetry. So, we just take heart and know that God is with you. Let’s pray. Father God, in Jesus name I thank you for my brother Blind Tony. You know his heart, You know his mind, and You know his spirit Lord. So, let Your will be done in His life. May You be with him and his family. Give him a living touch Lord. You know You are better than any doctor we can have Lord. And You can do exceedingly and amazingly more than we can think or even imagine. You can do quickly ___. So, I just pray for Tony, that You touch him and You heal them Lord with Your great hand. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. Hey brother. God with you. Thanks.

Hear me dear Lord as I go through this day
To glorify You in every single way
And not bring reproach by the things that I say
To believe in your word and just trust and obey
There’s darkness around me please give me more light
Let me know Father that everything is all right
Dispel all the shadows make everything clear
And when I get lonely God please linger near
Strengthen my faith God and let me shine bright
Knowing in all things that I’m truly alright
And when there is sadness Lord help me to smile
To believe and hope with the faith of a child
Dependent in all ways just like life is to the sun
Not my will Father but thy will be done

blindtony1016@gmail.com I’d like to thank everybody for their many, many prayers. And also, does anyone know anything about Bill B? I haven’t heard about brother Bill in a long time. And thank you once again, Brian, for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow. Keep it flown’ y’all. All right. Bye-bye.

Billy in Montgomery, Show Me God’s Love, Melissa in Alabama, Walta, Shantee in Detroit, Terri, Drew in the bay area. Salvation is Mine, Blind Tony, Pastor Gene. I am calling these names out because you guys have been on my heart, deeply, for all that you are going through. And when I am praying for you I am praying for myself, that God is going to claim the victory, that whatever it is we are all battling in this moment, God is in it, God will bring us through it. He is going to heal us from the top of our head to the soles of our feet. I want all of these prayer warriors that are a part of this DAB family to all come together and lift up all of those that have called in, all of those who have not called in. All of the names that have gone unspoken, know that your names are not unspoken. To all the new callers, you think you know what this is about. You have no idea. I have been listening to the DAB for 13 years, 13 years. And when I tell you I thought I was just joining something to listen to a podcast about God, I had no idea the connections that I would make. Living so far away in Munich Germany, I have found a family. I have found a deeper relationship with the Lord. Brian Hardin, you and your family, China with the chronological Bible, is just blowing it out the park. You guys have just no idea how wonderful this is. And to all the people behind the scenes, Sarah Jane in her entire staff, everyone that makes this happen. I pray prayers a blessing over you, prayers of your household. Victoria soldier I love you, Melissa and I Alabama, I…

Hi family. It’s Shannon from Texas. And I have a message for Jordan from Michigan. Is it Michigan? Jordan the teacher, I want to say LA. I don’t know which one. But Jordan, I love you so much. I’ve always listen to you and when you called in and prayed for my son to Jadrian, we just him Jay, I know Jadrian’s hard to say, it was so on point and so led by the spirit, everything that you said. And I was thinking about how you’re a teacher and how God has to be using you so mightily. I know He is. I’ve known from every time that you’ve called. And how it would’ve been so nice when my son was in school if he would have had someone like you. He really didn’t, not here we live now. The Lord told me just to take him out of high school and it’s kind of a long story but it was awful. We didn’t have anyone. And I know that the Lord can use you mightily. He is using you mightily. If you look at it every day like you were going in, and I know that you do this, you’re going into a ministry, and it is a ministry, and know that the enemy has come against you, come against your mind, tried to come against you in every way. But know that God has put you and ordained you and purposed you for this life, that you are being used mightily, and you can overcome this this feeling of it always being a battle. I know it feels like this right now, but if you just stay in him and keep pressing in, you will get past this and this will be a glorious life for you at the service for the Lord. This is your purpose, this is your passion, and this is God’s plan for you. So, just press in, don’t give up, we love you and we are praying for you.

Hi this is Lara calling from Lionel Lake Minnesota. I just wanted to say thank you everybody for this program. I am so, so, very, very happy I found this program. I do listen carefully to everything that everyone says and it just means so much to me. So, please keep sharing everything because you have no idea how much you impact others. So, bless you all and just know that God not only is listening, but other people are too. I wanted to say the purpose of my call is to encourage you all and also to let you know that I am struggling with my spiritual walk with God. And, so, that’s why I found this program, to help me finally just grow spiritually. And I have a son that I raised in the word of God when he was little and now he’s a 17-year-old child who’s really struggling to find his way in the world. And he’s kind of strayed from God’s word. He started doing that since he was 12 and he’s been living in a situation with custody shared. He lives with his dad and his dad is…let’s just say it’s not a very good environment for him. So, I pray…