02/04/2018 DAB Transcript

Exodus 17:8-19:15, Matthew 22:33-23:12, Psalms 27:8-14, Proverbs 6:27-35

Today is the 3rd day of February. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It’s great to be here with you today at the end of a week. Even though we’re just getting this month going, here we are at the end of another week, and a good week it has been. Plenty for us to think about. So, let’s dive in, go back out into the wilderness with the children of Israel. We’re reading from the English Standard Version. Exodus 17:8 through 19:15.


Father, we thank You for another week, another week in Your word as we complete the fifth week together this year, as we take this adventure through the Scriptures. And Father, You have spoken volumes in five weeks. You have touched so many places inside of us in five weeks. We have journeyed through generations, we have journeyed thousands of miles in the stories in the Scriptures and we have journeyed deep within our own hearts as Your word unlocks things, touches things, invites things. So, we take a moment here to thank You for the work that You have begun. We look forward to what the next five weeks will bring because You are comprehensively touching everything about our identity through Your word. And as the children of Israel in the wilderness, You are shaping and reshaping and reforming that identity.  So, Father we invite You. Our hearts remain open. Come, Holy Spirit, and plant the words of the Scriptures in our lives and hearts each and every day, including today. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray. In Jesus name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi Daily Audio Bible community. This is Rachel from Georgia. And I just wanted to reach out for prayer. First off, I do want to say I just recently started listening to the Daily Audio Bible, I guess, maybe about three months ago and I am just loving it. So, hello to everybody. I wanted to reach out for prayer and just see if you could lift me up. For the past about 10 to 12 years struggled pretty severely with depression and it basically kind of comes about 1/3 of the month, pretty much on a regular basis. I am just not…it’s just really hard for me to stay focused on the Lord and His love for me. And there’s a whole multitude of reasons for that, but I am just believing and trusting that He can heal me. I don’t want that just to be the way that I live for the rest of my life. I want to trust and believe that He can do this, He can do this work in me. And, so, I’m reaching out to others from prayer to believe with me and pray for me, that I do not have to live like this, and that you would just pray that I would be completely delivered and that I would see a huge change in my life. I am a young mom, I’m a teacher, I have got two young kids, and I just want to be the greatest mom that I can be, and I don’t want to struggle like this. So, thank you so much. God bless you all. And I’m praying for you.

Hi this is Mimi in Atlanta and I was just listening to today, January 26th on the prayer line. And I think the mom’s name is Shannon, the son is Jadrian with a J. So, I just want to pray for him and for her and for her mom. I’ve seen major miracles with drug addicted young people here in Atlanta area and even one was with my roommate. She had a son that was almost 30, a heroin addict, and he’s been delivered. So, let’s just pray for this young man. Father, I just thank You so much for deliverance from every sort. Lord, we know that there’s demonic activity and things happening with these young people and the drugs are just so accessible, and they start, and they don’t even realize what it’s going to cost or where it is going to take them. So, Lord I just pray, just like Jesus coming across to that demon possessed man in the graveyard. Nobody wanted to be around him because he was violent and he was just a horrible human with all the demons that were messing with him, but Father you drove them straight out into the pigs and ran them right over the cliff. So, Lord I just pray now, in Jesus name, the name that is above all names, to deliver this young man, wherever he’s at, and whatever he’s doing. Invade his space Lord, just like you have…and I’ve been seeing it with folks at church…and even my roommate…and even with my son’s, Lord, with the addictions they had. And I just pray a hedge of protection around the sweet mom and for her to understand, just like the man that was in the graveyard, that was not him, it was the result of all of the evil demonic presence that were trying to take his life.

Hey DAB family. This is Michael from Mesa. It’s a beautiful morning. Love you all. Thinking about you all. God impressed upon my heart to call out a few folks today and a little prayer. Shannon, from Michigan, with your son. My family very much understands what you’re going through and I pray God’s peace and wisdom upon your life. We got to the point where we just could not handle what was going on with our son and the Lord just made it very clear that it was no longer us or our church family that you work with them anymore. And at some point we actually had to bring the law into what was going on. And as hard as that is for a parent, when it makes itself really clear that that’s the next step in life, then we have to listen to His call, even that way and trust the Lord for what’s going on. And good things have happened as a result, great things have happened as a result, in our family. I don’t know what your situation is exactly, but if it gets to that point, talk to your church family, your local family, pray with them, understand what’s going on, understand what your options are, keep yourself safe. And to make it make it difference in his life, maybe a different way. But God has created him, he’s created the church, he’s created the judicial system. And, so, we put all of that trust in Him for the right outcome. So, be encouraged that you have options to consider and trust in the Lord and where goes. Jordan from Michigan, buddy, day-to-day school, and the challenges are going through, we’ve all been to school. We understand those things that are out there. And, so, we pray for your protection buddy. And we are there with you every day in the classroom and in the halls, we are there with you. And maybe it helps for you to put some things on your desk remember Jesus. A piece of bread in a baggie that just sits there reminding you that He is the bread…

Hi this is Drew from Kansas. I called in a week or two ago asking for prayers. I’ve been struggling with depression since I had to leave my husband due to his abuse and then he divorced me and I’ve had to move a couple times, but I did end up with a paid for house. I ask for help to deliver hurt and resentment that I struggle with and anger turned inward causing depression. The loneliness and hopelessness is a struggle to overcome. The low self-esteem and self-pity that plagues me, God has been working in my life and my situation has improved. Thank you for all of your prayers and thank you Brian for your sensitive expressive reading of God’s word and your comments that I really like. Thank you for the community we hear each day as we take turns calling in. I think of the lady who asked for prayer who is struggling with an angry or __ son. I pray that she will find good ways to protect herself and still communicate love and forgiveness toward her son. That is so hard to do. It takes God’s hand. So, I pray for God’s hand in the matter and protection and peace and blessing for the mom. I pray that the son will come to the Father soon in a realization of where his anger and rebellion is leading him will smack him in the face and wake him up to reality. I pray that he will get the help he needs in overcome his addiction to drugs, that God will get a hold of him and he will become a servant of God, totally devoted to God and thankful for God. I pray that he will turn away from being an attacker of his mom to a protector and thankful for his mom. Until that happens, I pray for you, the mom, that God will get a hold of you so you can have peace, wisdom to take care of yourself, and realization that you are daughter of God, very precious in his sight and worthy of protection and blessing. Back to my situation. I asked the community of DAB to pray for me as I work on a project I believe God has given to minister to myself and every depressed people…

Hi this is Linda and New Hampshire and today’s January 26th and I just listen to the message from the mom __ . And I just want to know it just touched my heart and I’m praying, praying, praying. I’m actually going write it down and pray every day for your boy, your son. And I know that he might be a bit older but he still our boy, isn’t he? And I’m the mother of a son and two grandsons. And my heart is committed to praying for Jadrian and for peace for you mom. In Jesus’ name Amen.

Hello daily audio Bible family. This is Linda from Charlotte North Carolina. I’m, a new listener and a first-time caller. I am loving this community. I am calling in today to pray specifically for Shannon from Texas and her son Jadrian who is struggling with drug addiction. Shannon, your prayer request touched my heart and resonates with my soul. I am a mother who is experienced the pain of a child with severe drug addiction. My son is in a wonderful recovery program and has been clean and sober since September 2017. As I continue to pray against the spirit of relapse for my son, Jackson, I’m here to encourage you and to tell you that there is hope. Shannon, God hears her crying sees every tear. Stand strong and do not let your faith be shaken by his addiction. You are not dealing with who your son was created to be. You’re dealing with the demon of drug addiction and I rebuke that spirit in the precious name of Jesus. Father, I command your Angels of protection around Jadrian. Protect his mind, body, and spiri,t and bring him to the life-saving realization that he needs to flee from this destructive lifestyle and cling to you. I plead the blood of Jesus over to Jadrian from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Give his mother Shannon Your perfect peace beyond understanding today. We thank You in advance for deliverance For Jadrian as he walks towards his God-given destiny. We proclaim that Jadrian is working on his testimony and it is going to be a powerful one when he is delivered. And we will be oh so careful to give You all the glory. In Jesus name. Amen. I love you DABbers have a glorious day.