12/25/2017 DAB Transcript

Zechariah 8:1-23, Revelations 16:1-21, Psalms 144:1-15, Proverbs 30:29-31

Today is December 25th. Merry Christmas! Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is great to be here with you today and every day, but today we rejoice because the Savior has arrived, the Savior has come for us. So, Merry Christmas everybody. It’s good to have a few minutes with you together as we take the next step forward in the Scriptures, which includes Christmas day. It’s exciting in the midst of all of the celebration and festivities that should be happening, we should be rejoicing, that we take these few moments just to step away, take a deep breath, re-center ourselves, and allow God’s word to have a place in our Christmas celebration. So, we started reading from the Gods Word translation yesterday as we began our week and that’s what we’ll continue to do all week. And we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday, Zechariah chapter 8 verses 1 through 23 today.


Father, it is Christmas day, a day of festive activity the world over, and it’s all in celebration of Your arrival. And, so, we rejoice. We rejoice that You cared enough that You loved us enough to come for us. We worship You Lord. And as we give and receive gifts, we consider the amazing gifts that You have bestowed upon us, and that You bestow upon us every single day - the gift of breath in our lungs, the gift of life itself, the gift of one another, the gift of family, the gift of community, the gift of Your word, the gift of Your Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth, the gift of your Sacrifice, restoring us to God bridging the chasm that could not be spanned. The gifts that You have poured out on us are overwhelming and good and on this Christmas Day we certainly can say, joy to the world, the Lord has come. So, come, Holy Spirit into all the activities of this day. May Your presence be felt in all of our travels, in all of our gatherings, in all of our celebration. Come, Jesus. We pray in Your holy name. Amen.


Joy to the World