The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Friday October 27, 2017 (NIV)

Jeremiah 51:1-53

51 This is what Yahweh says:

I will stir up a destructive wind against Babylon
and against the people who live in Leb Kamai.
I will send people to winnow[a] Babylon,
to winnow it and strip its land bare.
They will attack it from every direction on the day of trouble.
Have the archers bend their bows.
Have them put on their armor.
Don’t spare Babylon’s young men.
Completely destroy its whole army.
Babylon’s soldiers will fall down badly wounded in their streets.
They will lie dead in their own land.

Israel and Judah haven’t been abandoned by their Elohim, Yahweh Tsebaoth, although their land is guilty of abandoning Qedosh Yisrael.

Run away from Babylon!
Run for your lives!
You shouldn’t die because of Babylon’s crimes.
This is the time for the vengeance of Yahweh.
He will pay the people of Babylon back for what they have done.
Babylon was a golden cup in Yahweh’s hand.
It made the whole world drunk.
The nations drank its wine.
That is why the nations have gone insane.
Babylon will suddenly fall and be shattered.
Cry for it.
Bring medicine for its pain.
Maybe it can be healed.
We wanted to heal Babylon, but it couldn’t be healed.
Let’s abandon it and go to our own land.
Yahweh has judged Babylon.
Its judgment is complete.

10 Yahweh has brought about our victory.
Let’s announce in Zion what Yahweh our Elohim has done.

11 Sharpen the arrows; fill the quivers.
Yahweh will stir up the spirit of the kings of the Medes
because his plan is to destroy Babylon.
Yahweh will avenge his temple.
12 Raise your battle flag in front of the walls of Babylon.
Strengthen the guards.
Station watchmen.
Prepare ambushes.
Yahweh will carry out his plans
against the people who live in Babylon.
13 Babylon, you live beside many rivers and are rich with treasures,
but your end has come.
The thread of your life has been cut off.
14 Yahweh Tsebaoth has taken an oath on himself:
“I will certainly fill you with many enemy armies.
They will swarm like locusts.
People will shout their victory over you.”

15 Yahweh made the earth by his power.
He set up the world by his wisdom.
He stretched out heaven by his understanding.
16 When he thunders, the water in the sky roars.
He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth.
He sends lightning with the rain.
He brings wind out of his storehouses.

17 Everyone is stupid and ignorant.
Metalsmiths are put to shame by their idols.
Their statues are false gods.
18 They can’t breathe.
They are worthless jokes.
When they are punished, they will disappear.
19 Jacob’s God isn’t like them.
He made everything,
and Israel is the tribe that belongs to him.
His name is Yahweh Tsebaoth.

20 “You are my war club and my weapon for battle.
I will use you to crush nations.
I will use you to destroy kingdoms.
21 I will use you to crush horses and their riders.
I will use you to crush chariots and their drivers.
22 I will use you to crush men and women.
I will use you to crush the old and the young.
I will use you to crush young men and women.
23 I will use you to crush shepherds and their flocks.
I will use you to crush farmers and their oxen.
I will use you to crush governors and officials.

24 “In your presence I will pay back Babylon
and all the people who live in Babylon
for all the evil things that they did in Zion,”
declares Yahweh.

25 “I am against you, Babylon, you destructive mountain.
You have destroyed the whole earth,” declares Yahweh.
“I will use my power against you,
roll you off the cliffs,
and make you a scorched mountain.
26 People won’t find any stones in you to use as a cornerstone.
They won’t find any stones in you to use for a foundation.
You will become permanent ruins,” declares Yahweh.

27 Raise your battle flag throughout the world.
Blow the ram’s horn among the nations.
Prepare nations to attack Babylon.
Tell the kingdoms of Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz to attack it.
Appoint a commander to lead the attack.
Bring up horses like a swarm of locusts.
28 Prepare nations to attack Babylon.
Prepare the king of the Medes, their governors, all their deputies,
and all the countries that they rule.
29 The earth trembles and writhes in pain.
Yahweh carries out his plans against Babylon
to make Babylon a wasteland so that no one will live there.
30 The warriors of Babylon have stopped fighting.
They stay in their fortified cities.
Their strength has failed. They have become women.
Their buildings are set on fire.
The bars across their gates are broken.
31 Runners run to meet runners.
Messengers follow messengers.
They inform the king of Babylon that his entire city is captured.
32 The river crossings have been taken.
The enemy has burned its marshes,
and its soldiers are terrified.

33 This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says:

The people of Babylon are like a threshing floor[b]
at the time it is trampled.
Their harvest time will come soon.

34 King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon has devoured us.
He has thrown us into confusion.
He has turned us into empty jars.
He has swallowed us like a monster.
He has filled his belly with our delicacies.
Then he spit us out.
35 The people who live in Zion say,
“May the violence done to us be done to Babylon.”
Jerusalem says,
“May the people of Babylon be held responsible for our deaths.”

36 This is what Yahweh says:

I am going to take up your cause and get revenge for you.
I will dry up Babylon’s sea and make its springs dry.
37 Babylon will become piles of rubble.
It will become a dwelling place for jackals,
something horrible, and an object of contempt,
where no one lives.
38 Its people are like roaring lions and growling lion cubs.
39 When they are excited,
I will prepare a feast for them
and make them drunk so that they will shout and laugh.
They will fall into a deep sleep and never wake up again,
declares Yahweh.
40 I will take them to be slaughtered like lambs, rams, and male goats.

41 “Sheshach has been captured.
Babylon, the city that the whole world praised, has been taken captive.
42 What a horrifying sight Babylon will be to the nations!
The sea will rise over Babylon,
and its roaring waves will cover it.
43 Its cities will be ruined.
It will become a desert, a land where no one lives
and where no human travels.
44 I will punish Bel in Babylon.
I will make Bel spit out everything that it has swallowed.
Nations will no longer stream to Babylon,
and its walls will fall.

45 “Leave it, my people!
Run for your lives!
Run from the burning anger of Yahweh.
46 Don’t lose courage or be afraid when rumors are heard in the land.
One rumor comes one year; another rumor comes the next year.
Rumors of violence are in the land.
Rumors that one ruler will fight against another are in the land.
47 That is why the days are coming when I will punish Babylon’s idols.
The whole country will be put to shame,
and all its soldiers will lie dead.
48 Then heaven and earth and everything in them will rejoice over Babylon,
because destroyers from the north will attack it,”
declares Yahweh.

49 Because the people of Babylon have killed many Israelites
and because they have killed many people throughout the earth,
Babylon must fall.
50 You people who escaped from the sword, leave!
Don’t just stand there.
Remember Yahweh in a distant land, and think about Jerusalem.
51 We have been put to shame, and we have been disgraced.
Shame covers our faces, because foreigners have gone
into the holy places of Yahweh’s temple.

52 “That is why the days are coming,” declares Yahweh,
“when I will punish their idols,
and those who are wounded will moan everywhere in the land.
53 The people of Babylon might go up to heaven.
They might fortify their strongholds.
But destroyers will still come from me against them,”
declares Yahweh.


  1. Jeremiah 51:2 Winnowing is the process of separating husks from grain.
  2. Jeremiah 51:33 A threshing floor is an outdoor area where grain is separated from its husks.
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Titus 2

Guidelines for Christian Living

Tell believers to live the kind of life that goes along with accurate teachings. Tell older men to be sober. Tell them to be men of good character, to use good judgment, and to be well-grounded in faith, love, and endurance.

Tell older women to live their lives in a way that shows they are dedicated to God. Tell them not to be gossips or addicted to alcohol, but to be examples of virtue. In this way they will teach young women to show love to their husbands and children, to use good judgment, and to be morally pure. Also, tell them to teach young women to be homemakers, to be kind, and to place themselves under their husbands’ authority. Then no one can speak evil of God’s word.

Encourage young men to use good judgment. Always set an example by doing good things. When you teach, be an example of moral purity and dignity. Speak an accurate message that cannot be condemned. Then those who oppose us will be ashamed because they cannot say anything bad about us.

Tell slaves who are believers to place themselves under their masters’ authority in everything they do. Tell them to please their masters, not to argue with them 10 or steal from them. Instead, tell slaves to show their masters how good and completely loyal they can be. Then they will show the beauty of the teachings about God our Savior in everything they do.

11 After all, God’s saving kindness[a] has appeared for the benefit of all people. 12 It trains us to avoid ungodly lives filled with worldly desires so that we can live self-controlled, moral, and godly lives in this present world. 13 At the same time we can expect what we hope for—the appearance of the glory of our great God and Savior, Yeshua Christ. 14 He gave himself for us to set us free from every sin and to cleanse us so that we can be his special people who are enthusiastic about doing good things.

15 Tell these things to the believers. Encourage and correct them, using your full authority. Don’t let anyone ignore you.


  1. Titus 2:11 Or “grace.”
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Psalm 99

Psalm 99

Yahweh rules as king.
Let the people tremble.
He is enthroned over the angels.[a]
Let the earth quake.
Yahweh is mighty in Zion.
He is high above all people.
Let them give thanks to your great and fearful name.
He is holy!

The king’s strength is that he loves justice.
You have established fairness.
You have done what is fair and right for Jacob.

Highly honor Yahweh our Elohim.
Bow down at his footstool.

He is holy!

Moses and Aaron were among his priests.
Samuel was among those who prayed to him.
They called to Yahweh, and he answered them.
He spoke to them from a column of smoke.
They obeyed his written instructions and the laws that he gave them.
O Yahweh, our Elohim, you answered them.
You showed them that you are a forgiving El
and that you are an El who punishes their sinful deeds.

Highly honor Yahweh our Elohim.
Bow at his holy mountain.

Yahweh our Elohim is holy!


  1. Psalm 99:1 Or “cherubim.”
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Proverbs 26:17

17 Like grabbing a dog by the ears,
so is a bystander who gets involved in someone else’s quarrel.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

10/26/2017 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 49:23-50:46; Titus 1:1-16; Psalms 97:1-98:9; Proverbs 26:13-16

Today is the 26th day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and, as is the case every day, it’s great to be here with you as we take the next step forward on the adventure through the Bible this year. And that adventure will take us back into the book of Jeremiah today and then we will be beginning Paul’s letter to Titus when we get to the New Testament. So, from the Names of God Bible this week, Jeremiah chapter 49 verse 23 through 50 verse 46 today.

Okay. Yesterday, we finished Paul’s second letter to Timothy, which is thought to be the final writings, the final writing, the final communication from Paul before he was martyred, before he was executed. And, so, that brings us to Paul’s epistle, or his letter to Titus. And this is the third of three of what we know of as the pastoral letters, which are first and second Timothy and Titus. And they are called this because Paul is writing to his sons in the faith, directly, like as a personal letter, rather than to a church, and is addressing their personal needs and instructing them directly as leaders, as pastors. So, he’s writing as a pastoral figure to his sons in the faith, who are now also pastors. And Titus was an early convert and followed Jesus at the witness of the apostle Paul and was able to accompany Barnabas and Paul to Jerusalem. So, like to the Jerusalem Council, where circumcision, right, this issue that has cropped up and all of Paul’s writings. This Gentile…ya know…how Gentiles grafted in to this story…all of that in those decisions. Titus got to see a lot of that stuff, a lot of the things that happened to form the early church. And Titus was definitely on Paul’s third missionary journey. And Paul often sent Titus as a messenger to different churches to offer pastoral care and to send and bring messages and to let Paul know how things were going as we see in his letters. This letter, this personal letter to Titus, was written probably around A.D. 63. So, the year 63, right around the same time Paul wrote the first letter to Timothy. So, Paul writes to his son in the faith Timothy and then he writes to a son in the faith Titus around the same time and then the letter was sent to Crete, where Titus was the pastor of the churches there, whereas the letters to Timothy were, obviously, sent to Ephesus, where Timothy was the pastor. And, so, one of the motivations for Paul to write a personal letter to Titus was to encourage him, to encourage Titus to finish the work that had begun there, and also to bestow apostolic authority to Titus from Paul so that Titus would have this letter if anyone came and questioned whether or not he had any right to be there leading anything. Right? If they questioned his spiritual authority in the church he would have this personal letter from Paul. And it also set down in writing the things that Paul had instructed Titus to do as the churches were being built up. So, it serves as reinforcement to things that Paul had spoken to Titus. So, Titus is a personal letter, like we talked about. And, so, having it gives us an intimate look at the instructions that were given from Paul, the spiritual father to Titus, the spiritual son who had been raised up in the faith into leadership. And these letters, the letters to Timothy and Titus, are very helpful for anyone in authority or leadership today. They deal with the kinds of things leaders still face and they still bring a great amount of instruction and encouragement, even today. And, so, we begin. Paul’s letter to Titus, chapter 1.


Okay. So, as we begin this letter to Titus from Paul that will only take us a few days to move our way through, we immediately recognize some of the features in Titus as similar to what Paul wrote in his first letter to Timothy, and these include characteristics that need to be present in a person’s life if they seek to lead God’s people. So, we can see that Paul had taught this to Titus and to Timothy but then reiterated it in writing to them, not only to remind them, but also to give them the backup. So, when someone’s going through this ordination process and maybe some people dispute some of these things, then these guys, Timothy and Titus, have these personal letters from the apostle Paul to show, this is what the apostle Paul has taught us to do, this is what is right to do, these are the criteria necessary to move forward in spiritual leadership. And then Paul writes to Titus, specifically to the place that he’s in, like in the circumstances that he’s in, which are different than Timothy’s. So, Titus is on an island that is south of Greece out in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean, which is quite different than Ephesus, which is on the mainland, now a part of modern-day Turkey, which is where Timothy was. So, these are far enough apart that they have different cultures and a different way of life and a lot of Jewish people lived on Crete. And, so, we see Cretans first mentioned in the book of Acts as some of the people who first heard the apostles on the day of Pentecost, like, when the Holy Spirit fell upon them and then they began to minister, and Peter gives this message that is compelling, and thousands of people begin to follow Jesus. So, Cretans are among those people, which is probably how the gospel of Jesus first found its way onto the island, through the stories of what they had witnessed in Jerusalem. So, there’s a thriving Jewish community on Crete, and even though there was this Jerusalem Council that would welcome Gentiles into the family of God through Jesus, we’ve seen the tension, we’ve seen it all along, between people who grew up Jewish who wanted to follow this Rabbi, Jesus, but couldn’t get their heads around the fact that God might be welcoming the whole world to come back to him through Jesus. And, so, there’s all this tension over all the traditions. Right? Circumcision is the one that boils to the top the most but religious tradition is definitely a point of contention in this new movement. And, so, Paul says directly to Titus, there are many believers, especially converts from Judaism who are rebellious and they speak nonsense and deceive people and they need to be quieted because they’re ruining whole families by teaching things that that they shouldn’t be teaching. So, Paul tells Titus, listen, you’ve got to instruct the people that they shouldn’t pay attention to Jewish myths or commands given by people who are always rejecting the truth. Because we have to remember, a lot of things were forming around what Jesus represented. A lot of conversation as this faith grew up was had. And the Jewish people, they have an ancient history, and it had and has many sects to it, entire mystical ways of looking at the world. So, it’s not surprising that Jesus would can fall into some of these categories as people consider what it really all means. And, so, Paul, in his pastoral letters to Timothy and Titus, address these kinds of things by just saying, look, the truth has been revealed, we’ve been teaching it from day one, we’ve been moving around and sharing this good news all along, and now people are trying to do all these add-ons. Stay true to the simple gospel message that you were taught and make sure that you teach it truly and hold true and keep the faith, which is what Paul is telling Titus to do today.


Father there is no shortage of mystical thought about You in the world today. There has never really been a time that we haven’t been trying to figure You out. And, we confess, that we can’t even figure our own selves out. So, how would we figure You out, other than the simple faith of understanding that You indwell us and that we are being changed into your likeness through the process of sanctification. Each and every day, we are being set apart and made holy and invited to live from that place, that true essential place, each and every day. And, so, we continue to invite Your Holy Spirit to instruct us in the way that we should go, the path that we should walk, the things that we should pick up, the things that we should consider, the things that we should reject. All leading us on the narrow path that leads to life, because You have promised to lead us into all truth. And, so, we defer, we surrender and invite You to lead and guide us. Come, Holy Spirit. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Announcements: is the website. It’s home base. It’s where you find out what’s going on around here.

And a couple of days ago we released this little fireside chat, discussing the Global Campfire Initiative – an initiative to continue to build all of the infrastructure that it is going to take to move us forward and face outward. And one of the key components of that is the brand-new daily app that we will be releasing, in a big risk, as a free app so that there are zero barriers to a person being able to come in and hear the spoken word of God every day. But it’s a step that we need to take together. And, so, we have inaugurated something that’s been internal, the Global Campfire Initiative, just bringing it to the community, inviting you to participate. And we printed 500 patch show prints here in the rolling hills of Tennessee using letterpress, ancient - old, not ancient - technology to create these beautiful posters that are just printed very, very old-school. Each one’s a little bit different and they’re completely frameable. They say Global Campfire on them and the Daily Audio Bible and the rolling hills of Tennessee. You can see all that at, you can see what they look like. We’re inviting you to participate in the Global Campfire Initiative. And so, for those who are able to contribute $200 or more toward this, and again I unpacked it all, that’s why I made this specific fireside chat program, because I wanted to be able to tell the whole story. And, so, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to that, go back and listen to that and it will all make complete sense. But we printed 500 of these posters for 500 people who can contribute in this way so that we can just knock this out and move this development forward. And I expect that we will run out of those posters within the next few days. So, check out that program. If you had a chance to listen to it yet, that will give you all of the details. And then, you can find the Global Campfire Initiative and contribute to it at Just scroll down to the initiatives section and you’ll find it, or there’s a banner for it at the Daily Audio Bible shop as well. Easy to find. So, check that out and help us to do exactly what I said, face outward, and to continue to build that the platform that will allow us to dream and move forward together. If you have contributed to the Global Campfire Initiative and when we’re sending you one of these posters, we will also be inviting you to experience the new Daily Audio Bible app early and we’ll be sending out those invitations around November 1st. So, you can experience it, and a lot of the new features that are included, and it’s a complete…I mean from the ground up…it’s a completely rethought app, and the first of its kind for our community. And, so, you’ll be able to experience that early, give us some feedback, and help us to squash any bugs that might still exist before it’s released into the wild. And this is just the beginning, just the beginning of the…finally…having the technology to really connect things, the way that we have dreamed about for several years. So, thank you. Thank you for your partnership on the Global Campfire Initiative.

If you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number that you can call because that’s one of the things that are distinctly beautiful about this community, is our love for one another and willingness to be the body of Christ in this world. And part of that is to hold each other up in prayer and rejoice with each other when we are rejoicing and weep with each other when we are weeping. We’ve done that well. And as we begin this initiative, this Global Campfire Initiative, over time, we’re going to have many, many more ways to do it well. So, your prayers over all of that are coveted and necessary and I thank you deeply.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Hello everyone. This is Jay calling from New Jersey.  I just wanted to take a moment to just thank every single person. You know, two minutes just isn’t enough time to express and convey how I feel and say every name and thank every person…and just…ah…I’m just overwhelmed by the amount of love this community showing me. And…I just…you know…God works in mysterious ways and we, in our lives, are faced with decisions that we ourselves have to make…and there’s consequences to every decision that we make. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. But God is always there. And as far as I’m concerned, DAB family, you’ve always been there for me. Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I thank you now. I praise You and I glorify You for the wonderful, amazing, loving, spiritual, prayerful family that I have in the Daily Audio Bible. In the name of Jesus, Christ I pray. Amen.

Thank you so much. My name is Thomas K. I’m from West Point, Mississippi. I’m requesting prayer, especially for tomorrow, Monday, which will be the 23rd of October. I have an operation on my throat. I’m asking all saints of God to please pray for me as I pray for you and your family. Thank God and bless all of you. In Jesus’ name, we do say, Amen.

Good morning DAB community. This is Richard Today is Monday the 23rd of October. I haven’t been listening to the DAB readings for quite a while…and now I’m back. It’s good to allow the word of God to wash over you and submit to his word in your life. I know, at times, I’ve been disobedient and rebellious and have tried to go my own way but when I come back to the word it’s always reassuring, that God is washing me with His word, as I listen. And as I listen, the enemy wants to fight against me paying attention. He’ll put in little thoughts, thoughts of sin. The enemy puts in thoughts of just anything to distract you from letting the word of God wash over those things. And I want to encourage you today, community, to just let the word of God do its work in the washing of the water of the word. Let it build your faith and keep you is submission to the Holy Spirit. That’s what I have to say today family.

Hi DAB family. It’s ____ from Carlisle. I just had to call in and make sure that all of my brothers and sister in the DAB family are sharing the app for this because many, many people are going to have hard times being in and out of churches, but this is a way to stay planted in the word of God, no matter what. And I had to walk away. And I haven’t been able to find a church for a long time and I don’t know what I would’ve done if I wouldn’t have been able to still stay rooted in some type of real God growing. And, so, I’m not one of those real big tech people, people that like to go out and ah…you know…be in all that kind of stuff…I’m just one of those bookworm people. But, truthfully, this app has changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. So, I say that to all of you guys. Make sure you’re sharing it with your friends and your family because you have no idea how much they need it. I love all of you guys and may God bless you all, especially Brian and the soldiers that come on here and pray. You know who you are, we all know who you are, and we thank God every time we hear your voice. So, may God just bless you all. Amen.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Thursday October 26, 2017 (NIV)

Jeremiah 49:23-50:46

A Prophecy against Damascus

23 This is a message about Damascus.

“Hamath and Arpad are worried because they heard the bad news.
They melt in fear.
They are troubled like a sea that can’t be calmed.
24 The people of Damascus are weak.
They turn to flee, but panic grips them.
Anguish and pain grip them like a woman in labor.
25 Why isn’t that famous, happy city abandoned?
26 That is why its young men will die in the streets,
and its soldiers will be silenced that day,”
declares Yahweh Tsebaoth.
27 “I will set fire to the walls of Damascus
and burn down Benhadad’s palaces.”

A Prophecy against Kedar and Hazor

28 This is about the tribe of Kedar and the kingdoms of Hazor that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon defeated. This is what Yahweh says:

Get ready, attack Kedar,
and loot the people from the east.
29 Their tents and their flocks will be taken.
Their tent curtains, utensils, and camels will be carried away.
People will shout to them, “Terror is all around!”
30 Run far away! Find a place to hide,
inhabitants of Hazor, declares Yahweh.
King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon has made plans against you
and intends to attack you.
31 Get ready! Attack the nation living peacefully and securely,
declares Yahweh.
It is a nation with no gates or bars.
Its people live alone.
32 Their camels will be taken as prizes.
Their large herds will be taken as loot.
I will scatter to the winds
those who shave the hair on their foreheads.
I will bring disaster on them from every side,
declares Yahweh.
33 Hazor will be a place where only jackals live.
It will become a permanent wasteland.
No one will live there.
No human will stay there.

A Prophecy against Elam

34 Early in the rule of King Zedekiah of Judah, Yahweh spoke his word to the prophet Jeremiah about Elam.

35 This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth says:

I’m going to break the bows of Elam’s archers,
the most important weapon of their strength.
36 I’ll bring the four winds
from the four corners of heaven against Elam
and scatter its people in every direction.
There won’t be a nation
where Elam’s refugees won’t go.
37 I’ll defeat the people of Elam in the presence of their enemies,
in the presence of those who want to kill them.
I’ll bring disaster with my burning anger, declares Yahweh.
I’ll send armies after them until I put an end to them.
38 I’ll set my throne in Elam and destroy its king and officials,
declares Yahweh.
39 But afterward, I’ll return the captives of Elam, declares Yahweh.

A Prophecy against Babylon

50 This is the message that Yahweh spoke about Babylon and the land of the Babylonians through the prophet Jeremiah.

“Announce this among the nations, and spread the news.
Raise a flag, and announce it.
Don’t hide anything.
Say, ‘Babylon will be captured.
Bel will be put to shame.
Marduk will be filled with terror.
Babylon’s statues will be put to shame.
Its idols will be filled with terror.’
A nation from the north will attack Babylon
and destroy its land so that no one will live in it.
People and animals will run away.

“In those days and at that time,” declares Yahweh,
“the people of Israel and Judah will cry as they go together
to seek Yahweh their Elohim.
They will ask which road goes to Zion and turn in that direction.
They will go there to make a permanent agreement with Yahweh.
It will not be forgotten.
My people have been lost sheep.
Their shepherds have led them astray.
They wander around on the mountains.
They go from mountains to hills.
They have forgotten their resting place.
Everyone who finds them eats them.
Their enemies say, ‘We’re not guilty.
They have sinned against Yahweh, their true pasture.
They have sinned against Yahweh, the hope of their ancestors.’

“Run away from Babylon.
Leave the land of the Babylonians.
Be like the male goats that lead the flock.
I am going to stir up an alliance of strong nations from the north
and bring it against Babylon.
Those nations will take up positions against Babylon.
Babylon will be captured from the north.
Its enemy’s arrows will be like skilled soldiers
who don’t come back empty-handed.
10 The Babylonians will become the prize.
All who loot them will get everything they want,”
declares Yahweh.

11 “You are happy and excited.
You have looted the people who belong to me.
You dance around like calves on the grass
and neigh like stallions.
12 But your mother will be greatly ashamed.
The woman who gave birth to you will be disgraced.
Babylon, you will be the least important nation.
You will become a parched desert.
13 No one will live in Babylon because of Yahweh’s anger.
It will be completely abandoned.
Everyone who passes by Babylon will be horrified
and hiss at all its wounds.

14 “Take up your positions around Babylon, all you archers with bows.
Shoot at it; don’t save any arrows,
because the people of Babylon have sinned against Yahweh.
15 Shout a war cry against them on every side.
They’ll surrender.
Their towers will fall and their walls will be torn down.
Since this is Yahweh’s vengeance, take revenge against them.
Do to them what they did to others.
16 Don’t allow anyone in Babylon to plant or harvest.
Everyone will turn to his own people and flee to his own homeland
because of the enemies’ swords.

17 “The people of Israel are like scattered sheep that lions have chased.
The first to devour them was the king of Assyria.
The last to gnaw at their bones was King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

18 “This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says:

I am going to punish the king of Babylon and his land
as I punished the king of Assyria.
19 I will bring the people of Israel back to their pastures.
They will eat on Mount Carmel and Mount Bashan.
They will eat until they are full
on the mountains of Ephraim and Gilead.
20 In those days and at that time,” declares Yahweh,
“people will look for Israel’s crimes, but they will find none.
They will look for Judah’s sins, but none will be found.
I will forgive the faithful few whom I have spared.
21 Attack the land of Merathaim
and the people who live in Pekod.
Claim them for me by killing them with a sword,”
declares Yahweh.
“Do everything I commanded you.
22 The noise of battle and great destruction fills the land.
23 The hammer of the whole earth is broken and shattered.
See how desolate Babylon is of all the nations!
24 I will set traps for you, Babylon.
You will be caught, but you won’t know it.
You will be found and captured
because you have opposed Yahweh.
25 Yahweh will open his armory
and bring out the weapons of his fury,
because Adonay Yahweh Tsebaoth
has a job to do in the land of the Babylonians.
26 Attack them from a distance,
open their storehouses,
pile up their corpses like piles of grain,
claim them for me by destroying them,
and don’t leave anyone behind.
27 Kill all their young bulls.
Let them go to be slaughtered.
How horrible it will be for them when their time has come,
the time for them to be punished.
28 Listen! Fugitives and refugees from Babylon
are coming to Zion to tell about
the vengeance of Yahweh our Elohim, the vengeance for his temple.

29 “Call together the archers, the soldiers with bows, against Babylon.
Set up blockades around it. Don’t let anyone escape.
Pay the people of Babylon back for what they have done.
Do to them what they did to others.
They have disobeyed Yahweh, Qedosh Yisrael.
30 That is why their young men will die in the streets,
and all their soldiers will be silenced that day,”
declares Yahweh.

31 “I’m against you, you arrogant city,”
declares Adonay Yahweh Tsebaoth.
“Your day has come, the time when I will punish you.
32 Those arrogant people will stumble and fall,
and there will be no one to help them get up.
I will light a fire in their cities
that will burn up everything around them.”

33 This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth says:

All the people of Israel and Judah are oppressed.
All their enemies have captured them.
They refuse to let them go.
34 Their Go’el is strong.
His name is Yahweh Tsebaoth.
He will certainly take up their cause
in order to bring rest to the land of Israel
and unrest to the people who live in Babylon.

35 “A sword will kill the Babylonians and everyone who lives in Babylon,”
declares Yahweh.
“A sword will kill their officials and their wise men.
36 A sword will kill the false prophets.
They will become fools.
A sword will kill their soldiers and defeat them.
37 A sword will kill their horses, their chariots,
and all the foreigners within their ranks.
They will become women.
A sword will destroy their treasures, and they will be looted.
38 A drought will diminish their water supply, and it will dry up.
Babylon is a land of idols, statues that will go crazy with fear.
39 That is why desert animals will live with hyenas.
Desert owls will also live there.
It will no longer be inhabited or lived in for generations.
40 Babylon will be like Sodom, Gomorrah, and their neighboring cities
when I, Elohim, destroyed them.
No one will live there.
No human will stay there,” declares Yahweh.

41 “People are going to come from the north.
A great nation and many kings will rise from the ends of the earth.
42 They will take hold of bows and spears.
They will be cruel and have no compassion.
They will sound like the sea when it roars.
They will ride horses.
They are ready for war, ready to attack you, people of Babylon.
43 The king of Babylon has heard reports about them, and he loses courage.
Anguish will grip him as pain grips a woman in labor.
44 I will suddenly chase them from their places
like a lion coming out of the jungle
along the Jordan River into pastureland.
I will appoint over Babylon whomever I choose.
Who is like me? Who can challenge me?
Is there any leader who can stand up to me?
45 Listen to the plans that Yahweh is making against Babylon
and the things he intends to do to the land of the Babylonians.
He will surely drag away the little ones of the flock.
He will surely destroy the pasture because of the Babylonians.
46 The earth will quake at the news that Babylon has been captured.
Its cry will be heard among the nations.”

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Titus 1


From Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Yeshua Christ. I was sent to lead God’s chosen people to faith and to the knowledge of the truth that leads to a godly life. My message is based on the confidence of eternal life. God, who never lies, promised this eternal life before the world began. God has revealed this in every era by spreading his word. I was entrusted with this word by the command of God our Savior.

To Titus, a genuine child in the faith we share.

Good will[a] and peace from God the Father and from Christ Yeshua our Savior are yours!

Guidelines for Leaders in the Church

I left you in Crete to do what still needed to be done—appointing spiritual leaders[b] in every city as I directed you. A spiritual leader must have a good reputation. He must have only one wife and have children who are believers. His children shouldn’t be known for having wild lifestyles or being rebellious. Because a bishop[c] is a supervisor appointed by God, he must have a good reputation. He must not be a stubborn or irritable person. He must not drink too much or be a violent person. He must not use shameful ways to make money. Instead, he must be hospitable, love what is good, use good judgment, be fair and moral, and have self-control. He must be devoted to the trustworthy message we teach. Then he can use these accurate teachings to encourage people and correct those who oppose the word.

Correct Whoever Teaches What Is Wrong

10 There are many believers, especially converts from Judaism, who are rebellious. They speak nonsense and deceive people. 11 They must be silenced because they are ruining whole families by teaching what they shouldn’t teach. This is the shameful way they make money.

12 Even one of their own prophets said, “Cretans are always liars, savage animals, and lazy gluttons.” 13 That statement is true. For this reason, sharply correct believers so that they continue to have faith that is alive and well. 14 They shouldn’t pay attention to Jewish myths or commands given by people who are always rejecting the truth. 15 Everything is clean[d] to those who are clean. But nothing is clean to corrupt unbelievers. Indeed, their minds and their consciences are corrupted. 16 They claim to know God, but they deny him by what they do. They are detestable, disobedient, and unfit to do anything good.


  1. Titus 1:4 Or “Grace.”
  2. Titus 1:5 Or “pastors,” or “elders.”
  3. Titus 1:7 English equivalent difficult.
  4. Titus 1:15 “Clean” refers to anything that Moses’ Teachings say is presentable to God.
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Psalm 97-98

Psalm 97

Yahweh rules as king.
Let the earth rejoice.
Let all the islands be joyful.
Clouds and darkness surround him.
Righteousness and justice are the foundations of his throne.
Fire spreads ahead of him.
It burns his enemies who surround him.
His flashes of lightning light up the world.
The earth sees them and trembles.
The mountains melt like wax in the presence of Yahweh,
in the presence of the Adonay of the whole earth.
The heavens tell about his righteousness,
and all the people of the world see his glory.

Everyone who worships idols
and brags about false gods will be put to shame.
All the gods will bow to him.

Zion hears about this and rejoices.
The people of Judah are delighted with your judgments, O Yahweh.
You, O Yahweh Elyon, are above the whole earth.
You are highest. You are above all the gods.
10 Let those who love Yahweh hate evil.
The one who guards the lives of his godly ones
will rescue them from the power of wicked people.
11 Light dawns for righteous people[a]
and joy for those whose motives are decent.
12 Find joy in Yahweh, you righteous people.
Give thanks to him as you remember how holy he is.

Psalm 98

A psalm.

Sing a new song to Yahweh
because he has done miraculous things.
His right hand and his holy arm have gained victory for him.
Yahweh has made his salvation known.
He has uncovered his righteousness for the nations to see.
He has not forgotten to be merciful and faithful
to Israel’s descendants.
All the ends of the earth have seen how our Elohim saves them.

Shout happily to Yahweh, all the earth.
Break out into joyful singing, and make music.
Make music to Yahweh with a lyre,
with a lyre and the melody of a psalm,
with trumpets and the playing of a ram’s horn.
Shout happily in the presence of the Melek, Yahweh.

Let the sea, everything in it,
the world, and those who live in it roar like thunder.
Let the rivers clap their hands
and the mountains sing joyfully
in Yahweh’s presence
because he is coming to judge the earth.
He will judge the world with justice
and its people with fairness.


  1. Psalm 97:11 One Hebrew manuscript, Greek, Syriac, Latin; other Hebrew manuscripts “Light is planted for righteous people.”
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Proverbs 26:13-16

13 A lazy person says,
“There’s a ferocious lion out on the road!
There’s a lion loose in the streets!”
14 As a door turns on its hinges,
so the lazy person turns on his bed.
15 A lazy person puts his fork in his food.
He wears himself out as he brings it back to his mouth.
16 A lazy person thinks he is wiser than seven people who give a sensible answer.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

10/25/2017 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 48:1-49:22; 2 Timothy 4:1-22; Psalms 95:1-96:13; Proverbs 26:9-12

Today is the 25th day of October. Welcome to the daily audio Bible. I am Brian and is great to be here with you today for the next step forward in the scriptures this year. And it’s a special day because we will conclude Paul’s second letter to Timothy in today’s reading and, as we mentioned when we began this letter, this is the final writings of the apostle Paul’s life. So, we will come to the final word written by the apostle Paul in today’s reading. But first, reading from the names of God Bible, Jeremiah chapter 48 verse 1 through 49 verse 22.


Okay. So, we concluded Paul’s second letter to Timothy, which is also the final writings of the apostle Paul’s life. And, you know, these are the final things that he has to say to Timothy. Obviously, it’s full of melancholy because Paul knows he’s going to die and he’s hoping to see Timothy again and Paul is sending Tychicus to represent him at the church in Ephesus, to give Timothy the opportunity to come, if possible. And he’s even asking Timothy to bring the warm coat that he left with Carpus in the city of Troas. Right? So, winter’s coming and he’s in a dungeon and his execution is eminent. And ya, so, there’s just a lot of melancholy in all that. And it’s within that that we have the famous quotation, ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race’. And, so, Paul’s, kind of, final instructions to Timothy are, listen, things aren’t always going to be good. People will abandon you. People are going to say all kinds of things and teach all kinds of things and you need to be patient and just continue to teach the truth even when people, you know, even when people shop around looking for someone to tell them what they want to hear. You need to just patiently continue to teach the truth and you’re going to have to endure some suffering. It may get rocky out here. Consider yourself a missionary and devote yourself to this work and keep your head clear. And then Paul says, my life is coming to an end and it’s now time for me to be poured out as a sacrifice to God. I have fought the good fight, I have completed the race, I have kept the faith. That verse has always flattened me ever since I really began to understand the context of this letter. When I began to understand that it had come down to abandonment, that this great apostle, Paul, who we revere and who is responsible for so much of the New Testament that we read, that it all came down to a dungeon with winter coming on and pretty much everyone gone. And Paul warns Timothy and he talks about these kinds of things in his other letters, that this is not an unopposed life, that even though the good news of the gospel is the hope of the human species and the integration of God and people can once again happen and this world could begin to flourish, most people are going to ignore this and some are going to be hostile. And Jesus warned the same thing. And, so, Paul’s words are humbling and give us a lot to contemplate. Because this is a guy that is going to be executed, who was able to say, I did what I came to do, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. And the way that I did that wasn’t through grand spectacles, it was that I kept the faith until the very end. I want that to be true of my life. Don’t you? Like, at the essence, at the core, no matter what happens, I want that to be true. And it’s pretty clear that Paul wanted that to be true in his life and he wanted to transfer that conviction to Timothy so that it might be true of him. And that as this letter spread around that it might be true of all. And, so, here are the final words of the apostle Paul and may they be spoken over us each. The Lord be with you. His is goodwill be with all of you.


Father, we come into that. It is a baseline heart cry - that we can fight the good fight, that we can finish the race, that we can keep the faith. And we have to also acknowledge that so many times we’ve measured that by how much we feel You are blessing us, like, that has become our measure, when we see that that is isn’t the measure at all, when we look at the apostle Paul and we look at your life Jesus. That isn’t the measure at all. This isn’t a fight for how much exterior blessing we can have. It is a fight for our heart and soul. And, so, as battered as we might be, with the circumstances that swirl around us, we regroup and center ourselves in you once again. We stand up once again and start fighting the good fight and we will finish this race and we will keep this faith by the power of your Holy Spirit, and by no other power is it possible. So, come, Holy Spirit, and help us to move forward as we honor those who have gone before us and finished the race, those who have finished the race by giving their lives so that we might have this treasure. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Hello my Daily Audio Bible family. My name is Rayna here in California, Los Angeles area. I’ve called before. I listen daily. I don’t call in often but I do pray and listen and pray along with all of you. Today, I have to reach out. Again, I’ve called before. I’ve gotten really sick with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and other ailments in my body due to severe stress that I’ve ensured over the years and especially this one long year. It’s now taken its toll on me. The fibromyalgia pains are just extreme to the point where I can’t even think and work right. I draw blood for a lab. So, I have to be steady. I have to be focused. And I’ve found it very difficult to go to work lately. And it’s just been really hard to focus and feel like I’m worth anything. I don’t like to hear questions like, what’s wrong with you? Because it makes me feel like I’m not good enough anymore. So, I’m just asking God to just take this away from me completely. I’ve been liberated from it before but it’s just come back with full force and…I just…sometimes I wonder why I am still here. I struggle with also being alone in the house. I just want to go to work. I really love my job and ask you to please pray for me. I’m beginning to feel worthless. That God would just give me a new body and reinvigorate me and give me health again. Thank you, my Daily Audio Bible family, for just being there.

Oh God, I thank You for our churches and our church community. Thank You Lord so much for what they are doing and Father God thank You so much for the work you’ve laid upon their hearts to do. Father God I pray especially now for the children’s relief work of our church communities of our Christian communities Lord. Whether it be part of the DAB or DAB Kids or DAB teens or whatever or whether or it be the midweek Friday clubs or Tuesday clubs evening clubs or the Sunday morning clubs that people can learn, get to learn about You Lord. Thank You so much for what you are doing. Thank you for people who you’ve laid on their hearts to be a children’s worker or relief worker in their spare time to volunteer Lord. Father God, I pray that you’d be leading those people that you be leading those churches, giving them wisdom on how best to help children find you, how best help them grow, how best to disciple them. Please be blessed in these works Lord. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Hey family. This is Melissa again. I have a prayer request. My oldest daughter, her name is Darion, we call her Pudding. She would kill me if she knew I told ya’ll this. She will be going to China for a year to work. So, I need you all to pray for her. Me and her dad are, kind of, ya know, iffy about this, but this is something she wants to do. She’s 28 years old. She’s a good girl and I need to ya’ll to please keep her lifted up in prayer. Joselyn, you called in and were talking to a lady about her kid being sexually abused, and you said you didn’t let your kids spend the night, go to sleep over. I’m so glad you called in and said that because I don’t let Gabby spend the night with people and it’s just cause of things that happened to me. Allot of times when ya’ll call in to talk to other people and encourage them you don’t realize you’re encouraging other people too. So, thanks for so much for that. I love ya’ll. Ya’ll have a great day. Bye-bye.  

Hello Daily Audio Bible you make this family such a big, big lovely family. Brian, I just want to say thank you. For the last 5 years five years that I’ve listened to the Daily Audio Bible I love the fact that you get to this point in Jeremiah 29:11 and to take a pause and expand and expound and just tell us how great it is to have context. Yes, that’s one of my favorite versus as for many I know it is. It is great to understand context. In the bible, it will give us a big picture of what God is trying to tell and teaching us. So, I just wanted to say thank you Brian. And it’s great to know God has plans for us but whatever situation He has placed us, whether we like it or not, He is going to use that. So, we should try our very best to praise God, to flourish in all those moments. I am very happy that I am a member of this very wonderful family. Each one of you are loved by God. I really mean that. God loves us. And if God never did anything else for any one off us more than he has already done, the death of His son, Jesus Christ on the cross is good enough. It is the best gift anyone of us could ever receive - the gift of salvation, the gift of His undying love. Her pursued

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Wednesday October 25, 2017 (NIV)

Jeremiah 48:1-49:22

A Prophecy against Moab

48 This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says about Moab:

How horrible it will be for Nebo; it will be destroyed.
Kiriathaim will be put to shame; it will be captured.
Its stronghold will be put to shame and torn down.
People will no longer praise Moab.
The people in Heshbon will plan Moab’s destruction.
“Let’s destroy that nation!”
You will be silenced, city of Madmen.
Death will come after you.
People will cry out from Horonaim, “Looting and great destruction!”
Moab will be broken.
Its little ones will cry out.
People go up the pass of Luhith, crying bitterly as they go.
On the road down to Horonaim they have heard
the distressful cry of destruction.
“Run away! Run for your lives!
Run like a wild donkey in the desert.”
Since you trust the things you do and your treasures,
you will be captured.
Chemosh will go into captivity with all its priests and officials.
The destroyer will come to every city, and no city will escape.
The valley will be destroyed, and the plain will be laid waste
as Yahweh has threatened.
Put salt on Moab.
It will be destroyed.
Its cities will become deserted ruins.
10 Cursed are those who neglect doing Yahweh’s work.
Cursed are those who keep their swords from killing.

11 “Moab has lived securely ever since it was young.
Its people are like wine left to settle in a jar.
They aren’t poured from one jar to another.
They haven’t gone into captivity.
That is why its flavor has remained the same,
and its aroma hasn’t changed.
12 That is why the days are coming,” declares Yahweh,
“when I will send people to pour Moab out of its jars
and to smash its pitchers.
13 Then Moab will be ashamed of Chemosh
as the nation of Israel was ashamed when it trusted Bethel.

14 “How can you say, ‘We are soldiers and warriors’?
15 The enemy will attack Moab and destroy its cities.
Its finest young men will be slaughtered,”
declares the Melek, whose name is Yahweh Tsebaoth.
16 “Moab’s destruction is coming near; disaster is coming quickly.
17 Mourn over it, all of its neighbors and everyone who knows its fame.
Say, ‘Look at the strong staff, the beautiful rod, that is broken!’

18 “People of Dibon, come down from your place of honor
and sit on the dry ground.
The destroyers of Moab will attack you.
They will destroy your fortresses.
19 Stand by the road in Aroer, and watch.
Ask those who are fleeing
and those who are escaping what is happening.
20 They will answer, ‘Moab is disgraced; it is defeated.
Shout loudly, and cry.
Tell the news in Arnon that Moab is destroyed.’

21 “Judgment has come to all the cities on the plain: to Holon, Jahzah, Mephaath, 22 Dibon, Nebo, Beth Diblathaim, 23 Kiriathaim, Beth Gamul, Beth Meon, 24 Kerioth, Bozrah, and on all the cities of Moab, far and near.

25 “Moab’s horn is cut off, and its arm is broken,”
declares Yahweh.
26 “Get the people of Moab drunk; they have spoken against Yahweh.
They will wallow in their own vomit, and people will laugh at them.
27 People of Moab, didn’t you laugh at the people of Israel?
Were they caught among thieves?
Whenever you talk about them you shake your heads in contempt.
28 People of Moab, abandon your cities.
Live among the cliffs.
Be like doves that make their nests at the entrance of a cave.

29 “We have heard about the arrogance of Moab’s people.
They are very arrogant.
They are very arrogant, conceited, and boastful.
30 I know how arrogant they are,” declares Yahweh,
“but it isn’t right.
They brag and don’t do what they say.
31 That is why I will weep for Moab and cry for all of Moab.
I will moan for the people of Kir Hareseth.
32 I will cry for you as Jazer cries.
I will cry for you, grapevines of Sibmah.
Your branches once spread as far as the sea,
and they reached as far as the sea of Jazer.
The destroyer will destroy your ripened fruits and your grapes.
33 Joy and gladness have disappeared from the orchards and fields of Moab.
I will stop the wine flowing from the winepresses.
No one will stomp on grapes with shouts of joy.
There will be shouts, but not shouts of joy.

34 “The cry will be heard from Heshbon to Elealeh and Jahaz. It will be heard from Zoar to Horonaim and Eglath Shelishiyah. Even the streams of Nimrim will dry up. 35 I will stop those in Moab who come to worship sites, those who bring offerings to their gods,” declares Yahweh. 36 “That is why I moan for Moab like a flute. I sound like a flute for the people of Kir Hareseth. The wealth they gained has disappeared.

37 “Every head is shaved, and every beard is cut off. There are gashes on every hand and sackcloth on every waist. 38 People in Moab will mourn on every rooftop and in every street. There will be mourning everywhere, because I will break Moab like a jar that no one wants,” declares Yahweh. 39 “They will cry, ‘Look how Moab is defeated! Moab turns away in shame!’ Moab has become something ridiculed and something held in contempt by everyone around it.

40 “This is what Yahweh says:

The enemy will swoop down like eagles and spread their wings over Moab.
41 The cities will be taken, and the fortified places will be captured.
On that day Moab’s soldiers will be like women in childbirth.
42 Moab will be destroyed as a nation,
because it spoke against Yahweh.
43 Disasters, pits, and traps are in store for those who live in Moab,”
declares Yahweh.
44 “Whoever flees from a disaster will fall into a pit.
Whoever climbs out of the pit will be caught in a trap.
I will bring a year of punishment to Moab,” declares Yahweh.
45 “Those who flee will stand exhausted in the shadow of Heshbon.
A fire will come out of Heshbon and a flame from Sihon.
It will burn the foreheads of the people of Moab
and the skulls of those noisy people.
46 How horrible it will be for you, Moab.
You people of Chemosh will die.
Your sons will be taken away into exile,
and your daughters will be taken away into captivity.
47 But I will restore Moab in the last days,” declares Yahweh.

The judgment against Moab ends here.

A Prophecy against Ammon

49 This is what Yahweh says about the people of Ammon:

Doesn’t Israel have any children? Doesn’t it have any heirs?
Why, then, has the god Milcom[a] taken over the inheritance
of Gad’s descendants?
Why do Milcom’s people live in Gad’s cities?
That is why the days are coming, declares Yahweh,
when I will sound the battle cry against Rabbah,
where the people of Ammon live.
It will become a pile of rubble.
Its villages will be burned down.
Then Israel will take possession of its inheritance, says Yahweh.
Cry loudly, Heshbon, because Ai is destroyed.
Cry, people of Rabbah, put on your sackcloth, and mourn.
Run back and forth between the walls.
Milcom will be taken away into captivity
with its priests and officials.
Why do you brag about your valleys,
your fertile valleys, you unfaithful people?
You trust your treasures.
You think, “Who would attack me?”
I am going to bring terror on you from all around,
declares Adonay Yahweh Tsebaoth.
Everyone will be scattered.
No one will gather the refugees.
But afterward, I will return the captives of Ammon, declares Yahweh.

A Prophecy against Edom(A)

This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth says about Edom:

Is there no longer any wisdom in Teman?
Has wisdom disappeared from your people?
Has their wisdom vanished?
Turn and run.
Hide in deep caves, inhabitants of Dedan.
When I punish them,
I will bring disaster on the descendants of Esau.
If people come to pick your grapes,
won’t they leave a few grapes behind?
If thieves come during the night,
won’t they steal only until they’ve had enough?
10 Yet, I will strip the descendants of Esau.
I will find their hiding places.
They won’t be able to hide.
Their children and relatives will be destroyed.
None of their neighbors will say,
11 “Abandon your orphans, and I will keep them alive.
Your widows can trust me.”

12 This is what Yahweh says: If those who don’t deserve to drink from the cup still drink from it, why should you go unpunished? You won’t go unpunished. You must drink from it. 13 I take an oath on myself, declares Yahweh, that Bozrah will become a pile of rubble. It will become something horrifying, ridiculed, ruined, and cursed. All its cities will lie in ruins permanently.

14 I heard a message from Yahweh.
A messenger was sent among the nations to say,
“Assemble, and attack Edom.
Get ready for battle.”

15 “Edom, I will make you the smallest of nations
and despised among humanity.
16 You have frightened other people.
Your arrogance has deceived you.
You live on rocky cliffs
and occupy the highest places in the hills.
Even though you build your nest as high as an eagle,
I will bring you down from there,” declares Yahweh.
17 “Then Edom will become something horrible.
Everyone who passes by it will be horrified
and hiss at all its wounds.
18 Edom will be like Sodom, Gomorrah, and their neighboring cities
when they were destroyed.
No one will live there.
No human will stay there,” says Yahweh.
19 “I will suddenly chase them from their places
like a lion coming out of the jungle
along the Jordan River into pastureland.
I will appoint over Edom whomever I choose.
Who is like me? Who can challenge me?
Is there any leader who can stand up to me?”

20 Listen to the plans that Yahweh is making against Edom
and the things he intends to do to those who live in Teman.
He will surely drag away the little ones of the flock.
He will surely destroy the pasture
because of the people who live in Teman.
21 The earth will quake at the sound of their downfall.
The sound of their crying will be heard at the Red Sea.
22 The enemy will swoop down like eagles
and spread their wings over Bozrah.
On that day Edom’s soldiers will be like women in childbirth.


  1. Jeremiah 49:1 Or “Molech.”

Cross references:

  1. Jeremiah 49:7 : Obadiah 1–5
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

2 Timothy 4

Continue to Do Your Work

I solemnly call on you in the presence of God and Christ Yeshua, who is going to judge those who are living and those who are dead. I do this because Christ Yeshua will come to rule the world. Be ready to spread the word whether or not the time is right. Point out errors, warn people, and encourage them. Be very patient when you teach.

A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. People will refuse to listen to the truth and turn to myths.

But you must keep a clear head in everything. Endure suffering. Do the work of a missionary. Devote yourself completely to your work.

My life is coming to an end, and it is now time for me to be poured out as a sacrifice to God. I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith. The prize that shows I have God’s approval is now waiting for me. The Lord, who is a fair judge, will give me that prize on that day. He will give it not only to me but also to everyone who is eagerly waiting for him to come again.

Paul’s Final Instructions to Timothy

Hurry to visit me soon. 10 Demas has abandoned me. He fell in love with this present world and went to the city of Thessalonica. Crescens went to the province of Galatia, and Titus went to the province of Dalmatia. 11 Only Luke is with me. Get Mark and bring him with you. He is useful to me in my work. 12 I’m sending Tychicus to the city of Ephesus as my representative.

13 When you come, bring the warm coat I left with Carpus in the city of Troas. Also bring the scrolls and especially the parchments.[a]

14 Alexander the metalworker did me a great deal of harm. The Lord will pay him back for what he did. 15 Watch out for him. He violently opposed what we said. 16 At my first hearing no one stood up in my defense. Everyone abandoned me. I pray that it won’t be held against them. 17 However, the Lord stood by me and gave me strength so that I could finish spreading the Good News for all the nations to hear. I was snatched out of a lion’s mouth. 18 The Lord will rescue me from all harm and will take me safely to his heavenly kingdom. Glory belongs to him forever! Amen.

Final Greetings

19 Give my greetings to Prisca and Aquila and the family of Onesiphorus. 20 Erastus stayed in the city of Corinth and I left Trophimus in the city of Miletus because he was sick. 21 Hurry to visit me before winter comes. Eubulus, Pudens, Linus, Claudia and all the brothers and sisters send you greetings.

22 The Lord be with you. His good will[b] be with all of you.


  1. 2 Timothy 4:13 Parchments are writing materials made from animal skins.
  2. 2 Timothy 4:22 Or “grace.”
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Psalm 95-96

Psalm 95

Come, let’s sing joyfully to Yahweh.
Let’s shout happily to the rock of our salvation.
Let’s come into his presence with a song of thanksgiving.
Let’s shout happily to him with psalms.
Yahweh is a great El and a great Melek above all gods.
In his hand are the deep places of the earth,
and the mountain peaks are his.
The sea is his.
He made it, and his hands formed the dry land.

Come, let’s worship and bow down.
Let’s kneel in front of Yahweh, our maker,
because he is our Elohim
and we are the people in his care,
the flock that he leads.

If only you would listen to him today!
“Do not be stubborn like my people were at Meribah,
like the time at Massah in the desert.
Your ancestors challenged me and tested me there,
although they had seen what I had done.
10 For 40 years I was disgusted with those people.
So I said, ‘They are a people whose hearts continue to stray.
They have not learned my ways.’
11 That is why I angrily took this solemn oath:
‘They will never enter my place of rest!’”

Psalm 96

Sing to Yahweh a new song!
Sing to Yahweh, all the earth!
Sing to Yahweh! Praise his name!
Day after day announce that Yahweh saves his people.
Tell people about his glory.
Tell all the nations about his miracles.

Yahweh is great!
He should be highly praised.
He should be feared more than all other gods
because all the gods of the nations are idols.
Yahweh made the heavens.
Splendor and majesty are in his presence.
Strength and beauty are in his holy place.

Give to Yahweh, you families of the nations.
Give to Yahweh glory and power.
Give to Yahweh the glory he deserves.
Bring an offering, and come into his courtyards.
Worship Yahweh in his holy splendor.
Tremble in his presence, all the earth!

10 Say to the nations, “Yahweh rules as king!”
The earth stands firm; it cannot be moved.
He will judge people fairly.
11 Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad.
Let the sea and everything in it roar like thunder.
12 Let the fields and everything in them rejoice.
Then all the trees in the forest will sing joyfully
13 in Yahweh’s presence because he is coming.
He is coming to judge the earth.
He will judge the world with righteousness
and its people with his truth.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Proverbs 26:9-12

Like a thorn stuck in a drunk’s hand,
so is a proverb in the mouths of fools.
10 Like many people who destroy everything,
so is one who hires fools or drifters.
11 As a dog goes back to its vomit,
so a fool repeats his stupidity.
12 Have you met a person who thinks he is wise?
There is more hope for a fool than for him.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

10/24/2017 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 44:24-47:7; 2 Timothy 3:1-17; Psalms 94:1-23; Proverbs 26:6-8

Today is the 24th day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It’s great to be here with you today and fantastic that we can take the next step forward into and through the adventure that are the scriptures in a year, in community. And, so, let’s get to that to a reading from the Names of God Bible this week. And we will continue forward in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 44 verse 24 through 47 verse 7 before taking the next step forward in Paul’s second letter to Timothy. But first Jeremiah chapter 44.


Okay. So, this week we’re reading from the Names of God translation, which, like I said yesterday, preserves any reference to God in its original language. And, so, most of the words used for God, we kind of recognize, we’ve heard them around. But the names of God Bible puts them in some context, like using them in sentences, like, so we can see, like, how they’re actually used. And, so, yesterday we looked at, what is it mean when the Bible says I am Yahweh, Tsebaoth, Elohim of Israel, which means I am Yahweh, the Lord of armies or the leader of the heavenly hosts, the God of Israel, and we talked about, in the New Testament, when we see Yeshua we’re just pronouncing Jesus name in its original tongue. So, we come to a couple of other words today. Let’s just point them out so that will always know going forward when we hear these names pronounced or in song or, you know, spoken somewhere, we know what they mean. So, we come across as Adonay Yahweh lives. So, Adonay, you probably have mostly heard it Adonai. This translation phonetically writes it out, Adonay, because that is actually more proper Hebrew. Adon – Adonay. And we pronounce it Adonai. But this means the Lord, like the highest, like, the top Lord. And of course, we talked about Yahweh yesterday as being, like, a personal name, a personal name ascribed to God. And, so, we can be, like, so, this is God’s name? Like, this is his first name, like, Yahweh is the name? Like haven’t they called…like Jehovah…like what are all these names? Well, in terms of Yahweh, when God speaks through Jeremiah, but it’s not just Jeremiah, but we’re in particular talking about Jeremiah because we’re reading through Jeremiah as we’re reading this translation. This is what God calls himself, Yahweh. So, for God to say, as Adonay Yahweh lives, He’s essentially saying, as the highest God lives. So, like, as the highest Lord of all, who is God, and whose name is Yahweh lives. That’s what where talking about when we’re talking about Adonay Yahweh. And when God refers to himself as Yahweh Elohim, He is a saying, I am the God whose name is Yahweh. Okay, let’s look at another one. As I live, declares they Melek whose name is Yahweh Tsebaoth. Well, we’ve already talked about Yahweh Tsebaoth. What is Melek? Melek is the king. So, as I live declares the king whose name is Yahweh, the Lord of armies. Okay, and then we get to the Psalms and we encounter the word El. Which is just root of Elohim, and it just means God, like the highest, the mightiest God, El. And we also encounter, arise oh Shophet of the earth. So, Shophet is one who governs. So, like, the judge, like, arise oh judge of the earth. Okay, so, there’s our Hebrew for the day.

So, let’s talk about second Timothy. So, in this letter, Paul, as he often does, is making some contrasts but we have to understand the context or at least remember, remind ourselves of the context. This is a personal letter from Paul to Timothy. Timothy has been raised up in the faith since youth and has been a protégé and a son in the faith of Paul. So, Paul has mentored Timothy up in ministry and has placed him as the pastor of the church in Ephesus. So, Paul is writing to somebody that he knows well and he’s writing to somebody that he trusts and who trusts him and he’s writing in the context of a personal letter to a pastor, to someone leading God’s people. And when that context becomes apparent, like, what we are actually talking about here, it really opens up. So, Paul tells Timothy, you’ve got to understand, in the last days there are going to be violent periods of time and people will be selfish and they will love money and they’ll brag and they’ll be arrogant and they’ll be abusive with their language and they’ll curse their parents, show no gratitude, have no respect for what is holy, they’ll lack the normal affection that you find in families, and they won’t be willing to make peace with anyone. Like, these are the people that have to be right, even if they’re wrong. They have to be right. They’ll be slanderous, they won’t have any self-control, they can be brutal, and they can have no love for what is good. They’ll be traders, they’ll be reckless and conceited, and it will be pleasure that they’re after more than seeking God. They’ll look good, like, on paper. They’ll appear to have a godly life but they will not let the Holy Spirit change them by His power. You need to avoid those kinds of people. So, we can read that as instructions just for our daily lives, for those kinds of people who are like black holes, sucking the life out of every room they walk into or, you know, people who are two-faced, who are really just playing a game. So, we can take that and go, alright, I know some of those kind of people. But when you bring into the context of a pastor or priest, you begin to understand that this is a dangerous kind of person within a faith community. All kinds of dissension and division, and any number of things can happen. Paul even goes on to talk about how some of these people, these guys, they go into, you know, “minister” to women and the ministry may be a little bit different than studying scripture. It may be more ministry done in the bedroom. And Paul’s just saying, like, none of this is good and none of this will build up the community and you’ve got to understand what you’re dealing with here and avoid it, shut it down. And you know, like, those of you are pastors, you’ve got this crystal clear. You know exactly what Paul is talking about, which is interesting, that Paul’s talking about this a couple of thousand years ago in the early church. And these kinds of things continue to go on. And these kinds of behaviors are so destructive inside of the community. And these kinds of people, who are not willing, as Paul would say, to allow God’s power to change them. And these are the kinds of people that go from place to place, to place, to place causing harm - the kind of people that have a desire for community but are so broken that they want the whole thing formed around them. Everything centers around their orbit and they can’t be wrong. So, Paul is essentially saying, like, this is not healthy, this behavior is not healthy. And when it’s habitual and a person isn’t pressing in any way, like, isn’t looking for transformation, doesn’t even see that they’re doing anything wrong, and will not be corrected, will fight even when they know they’re wrong, there’s a nonstarter here. There’s no way this to move forward and it’s got to be avoided. And, so, Paul then contrasts that kind of behavior with his own because what he’s telling Timothy is, look, this kind of stuff is going to show up from time to time and you just need to be able to spot it early and understand completely what’s going on here. And so, when you do spot this kind of stuff you also have a couple of reference points for how things should be. You have my example. So, Paul is saying, you have my example, you have walked with me and lived with me and ministered with me. You have what you’ve seen and you have the Scriptures. So, let’s start with a contrast of Paul. Paul’s saying, look, you know my teachings. You know how I live my life. You know what burns inside me as purpose. You have witnessed my faith. You have seen my patients. You have seen my love and you have seen me endure things. And you know about the persecutions and sufferings that happened to me. You were there in Antioch and Iconium and Lystra when things were not going so well and I was getting stoned and thrown out of places. So, you’ve seen what I’ve gone through and I endured those things and you watched God rescue me, which is a direct contrast to the kind of behavior that I’m telling you to avoid in your personal life and in the faith community of Ephesus. So, you know that. And you know that I have lived true. And you have also watched me face persecution. You have watched me face opposition. So, you’ve got to know that this kind of comes with the territory. And, so, he sums this thought up by saying, listen, continue in what you have learned and what you have found to be true. You know who your teachers were. So, stick to that and don’t listen everything that’s going on, all of the discussion that’s going on, stuff that we were talking about yesterday. From infancy, Paul says, Timothy, from your infancy you’ve known the holy scriptures and they have the power to give you wisdom so that you can navigate all this and so that you be saved through faith in Jesus. Which brings us to Paul’s declaration on the value of Scripture, which also happens to be, like, a formative Scripture for what we do here every day, for the Daily Audio Bible for the community that we are. Paul succinctly names why it is that we do what we’re doing together every single day as we journey through the scriptures in a year. Every scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God’s approval. They equip God’s servants so that they are completely prepared to do good things. This is why we’re here. This is why we do what we do, which creates a natural and nice segue into just mentioning, you will have received an additional program in your feed in the app or wherever you’re listening to Daily Audio Bible today. And it’s a little fireside chat about this community, about the global campfire that we share every day, and how we got here, and where were going together. So, it’s sort of like an all community meeting about how we do what we do and how we need to do it going forward. So, by all means, if possible, don’t miss that.


Father, we thank you for Your word. We thank You for the richness in it and like we were talking about yesterday, just the adventure of discovery. It’s endless - the contexts, the words, the way that they speak to us and go inside of us and transform us as we continue to expand and mature and grow up and You. And, so, we do believe that every scripture passage is inspired by God. And we do believe all of them are useful for teaching and pointing out errors in correcting people and training them for a life that has Your approval. This is what happens to us every day, so, we can bear this out in our own lives, that, yes, Your word has done those things in our lives and You have equipped us so that we’re prepared to do good things. We’re prepared. We may choose otherwise but You have prepared us and continue to transform us through Your word. So, come Holy Spirit. We invite You to continue that work that You have begun in us at the beginning of this year and to see it through all the way to the end of this year as we continue to speak Your word, every single word in the Scriptures this year. Come, Holy Spirit. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Announcements: is the website. It’s home base. It’s where you find out what’s going on around here. And it’s the fireside chat is what’s going on around here, what I just mentioned, so make sure to check that out.

If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible you can do that at There’s a link on the homepage. Thank you for your partnership. If you’re using the Daily Audio Bible app, you can press the more button in the lower right-hand corner or if you prefer, the mailing address is PO Box 1996 Springhill Tennessee 37174.

And of course, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Singing – The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him. The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him. We fear You Lord and we trust in Your unfailing love. The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him. The fear of the Lord is ____ inside. It means friendship with God and eternal life. The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him. We share You O god ___. We find healing within Your forgiving love.

Hello everyone. This is Jay from New Jersey calling, freshly discharged from the hospital as of Tuesday. As a result of just the guilt of everything that I’ve done I had some thoughts of wanting to take my life. So, I went into the hospital there and admitted myself. So, I’m out now and I’m going to catch up on the DAB. I got an email from Mark S. saying that everybody is sending me out love, so, thank you in advance. And let’s just pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the DAB family that just loves me so much and Father I pray that their prayers, as I hear them, will just encourage me and assure me that I’m wanted and I’m needed and I’m loved and that Your will be done in my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. All right. Talk you soon. Love you guys.

Hi family. I haven’t called in a while. This is Kim from California. I do need to ask for your prayers. First, I’d like everyone to pray for everyone that is in California that has had any kind of loss with all the fires. California is on fire right now, as I’m sure everybody knows. Things are getting a little bit better. Some of the fires are contained but a lot of people have lost their homes. They’ve lost loved ones. They’ve lost everything. And a lot of those people are workers in the Napa area and Sonoma area. There’s a lot of workers out there that people…everybody thinks that there’s ten million dollar homes out there…well there are but those people have insurance and the people that don’t have insurance, they’ve lost everything. So, I am going to ask for your prayers. And it is supposed to rain tomorrow…a little bit. ____. We live in the woods. We are surrounded by woods. There’s a lot of forest out here. So, I also ask for my own personal prayers for my husband and my family and all our neighbors in our little town and everyone that is involved in these fires. We are preparing in case we do have to evacuate. But I just want to ask for your prayers for everyone in California. I pray for rain. Thank you so much for your prayers. I do pray for you all the time. Thank you so much Brian and Jill. Thank you so much for this wonderful forum. God bless you all. Kim from California.

Hi Brian. This is Terry from Alabama. I love this community. I’ve been part of this community since your second year of doing this. I met you with John Eldritch and I need some help. I need prayer. I’m in love with a beautiful woman and I have been addicted to pornography for a long time. I’m in counseling for it and I’m working towards with a prayerful life of getting rid of it. But I need more prayer because of that addiction has resulted in lies that have caused pain to my girlfriend and I want her to have some healing and I want our relationship to have healing. So, please pray out for me and pray for my addiction and  pray for my girlfriend and I love you all and I need your prayers. Thank you.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Tuesday October 24, 2017 (NIV)

Jeremiah 44:24-47:7

24 Then Jeremiah said to all the people, including the women, “Listen to the word of Yahweh, all you people of Judah who are in Egypt. 25 This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: You and your wives made promises, and you have kept them. You said, ‘We will certainly do what we vow. We will burn incense to the queen of heaven and pour out wine offerings to her.’

“So go ahead. Keep your vows, and do what you vow. 26 But listen to the word of Yahweh, all you people of Judah who live in Egypt. ‘I swear by my great name,’ says Yahweh, ‘that no one from Judah who lives anywhere in Egypt will ever again call on my name and take the oath, “As Adonay Yahweh lives.” 27 I am going to watch over them. I am going to watch over them to bring disasters, not blessings. In Egypt the people from Judah will die in wars and famines until everyone is gone. 28 Those who escape the wars will return to Judah from Egypt. Then all the people of Judah who went to live in Egypt will know whose words have come true, mine or theirs. 29 I will give you this sign,’ declares Yahweh. ‘I will punish you in this place so that you will know that my threats of disaster will happen to you. 30 This is what Yahweh says: I’m going to hand Pharaoh Hophra, king of Egypt, over to his enemies and to those who want to kill him, just as I handed over King Zedekiah of Judah to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and to those who wanted to kill him.’”

The Lord’s Promise to the Scribe Baruch

45 This is the message that the prophet Jeremiah spoke to Baruch, son of Neriah. Baruch wrote these things on a scroll as Jeremiah dictated them during the fourth year that Jehoiakim, son of Josiah, was king of Judah. Jeremiah said, “This is what Yahweh Elohim of Israel says to you, Baruch: You said, ‘I’m so miserable! Yahweh has added grief to my pain. I’m worn out from groaning. I can’t find any rest.’

“Say this to Baruch, ‘This is what Yahweh says: I will tear down what I have built. I will uproot what I have planted throughout the earth. Are you looking for great things for yourself? Don’t look for them, because I’m going to bring disaster on all people, declares Yahweh. But wherever you go I will let you escape with your life.’”

A Prophecy against Egypt

46 Yahweh spoke this message to the prophet Jeremiah about the nations.

This is the message about Egypt, about the army of Pharaoh Neco, king of Egypt. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon defeated his army at Carchemish along the Euphrates River during the fourth year that Jehoiakim, son of Josiah, was king of Judah.

“Get your large and small shields ready; advance into battle.
Harness your horses. Mount up, you horsemen.
Take your positions, and put on your helmets.
Polish your spears.
Put on your armor.

“What do I see in them?
They are terrified.
They are retreating.
Their warriors are defeated.
They flee without looking back.
Terror is all around them,” declares Yahweh.
“The infantry can’t flee.
The warriors can’t escape.
They stumble and fall in the north by the Euphrates River.
Who is this, rising like the Nile River,
like streams that flow swiftly?
Egypt is like the rising Nile River,
like a river quickly overflowing its banks.
Egypt says, ‘I will rise; I will cover the earth.
I will destroy cities and the people in them.’
Go into battle, you horsemen.
Drive wildly, you chariot drivers.
March into battle, you warriors,
you warriors from Sudan and Put who carry shields,
you warriors from Lydia who use bows and arrows.
10 That day belongs to Adonay Yahweh Tsebaoth.
It is a day of vengeance when he will take revenge on his enemies.
His sword will devour until it has had enough,
and it will drink their blood until it’s full.
Adonay Yahweh Tsebaoth will offer them as sacrifices
in the north by the Euphrates River.
11 Go to Gilead, and get medicine, dear people of Egypt.
You have used many medicines without results; you can’t be cured.
12 The nations have heard of your shame; your cry fills the earth.
One warrior will stumble over another,
and both will fall together.”

13 Yahweh spoke this message to the prophet Jeremiah about the coming of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who will defeat Egypt.

14 “Tell this in Egypt; announce this in Migdol.
Make it known in Memphis and in Tahpanhes.
Say, ‘Take your positions, and get ready.
Swords will kill those around you.’
15 Why should your soldiers be cut down?
They can’t stand because Yahweh will push them down.
16 They have repeatedly stumbled, and now they have fallen.
They say to each other,
‘Get up! Let’s go back to our people,
to the land where we were born,
and escape our enemy’s sword.’
17 There they will cry, ‘Pharaoh, king of Egypt, is a big windbag.
He has missed his chance.’

18 “As I live,” declares the Melek, whose name is Yahweh Tsebaoth,
“someone who is like Mount Tabor among the mountains will come.
Someone who is like Mount Carmel by the sea will come.
19 Pack your bags, inhabitants of Egypt,
because you will be taken away as captives.
Memphis will become a dreary wasteland,
a pile of rubble where no one lives.

20 “Egypt is like a beautiful cow,
but a horsefly from the north will attack it.
21 Egypt’s hired soldiers are like fattened calves.
They will turn and run away together.
They won’t stand their ground.
The day of destruction is coming.
At that time they will be punished.
22 Egypt will hiss like a snake as it slithers away.
Its enemies will come with full force.
They will attack it with axes like those who chop wood.
23 They will cut down the forest,” declares Yahweh,
“since Egypt can’t be found.
They are more numerous than locusts; they can’t be counted.
24 The people of Egypt will be put to shame.
They will be handed over to the people from the north.”

25 Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says,

“I’m going to punish Amon, who is the god of Thebes.
I will also punish Pharaoh, Egypt, its gods, its kings,
and whoever trusts Pharaoh.
26 I’ll hand them over to those who want to kill them,
to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and his officers.
Afterward, they will live in peace as they did long ago,”
declares Yahweh.

27 “Don’t be afraid, my servant Jacob.
Don’t be terrified, Israel.
I’m going to rescue you and your descendants from a faraway land,
from the land where you are captives.
Then Jacob’s descendants will again have undisturbed peace,
and no one will make them afraid.
28 Don’t be afraid, my servant Jacob,” declares Yahweh.
“I am with you.
I will completely destroy all the nations where I scattered you,
but I will not completely destroy you.
I will correct you with justice.
I won’t let you go entirely unpunished.”

A Prophecy against Philistia

47 Yahweh spoke this message to the prophet Jeremiah about the Philistines before Pharaoh defeated Gaza. This is what Yahweh says:

Water is rising in the north.
It will become an overflowing river.
It will overflow the land and everything in it,
the cities and those who live in them.
People will cry out and everyone who lives in the land will cry loudly.
They will hear the sound of galloping war horses,
the rattling of enemy chariots,
and the rumbling of their wheels.
Fathers who lack courage abandon their children.
The time has come to destroy all the Philistines,
to cut off from Tyre and Sidon any Philistine
who might have escaped to get help.
Yahweh will destroy the Philistines
and anyone who is left from the island of Crete.
Gaza will shave its head in mourning.
Ashkelon will be destroyed.
How long will you cut yourselves, you people left on the plains?
You cry out, “Sword of Yahweh,
how long will you keep on fighting?
Go back into your scabbard.
Stay there and rest!”
How can the sword of Yahweh rest?
Yahweh has ordered it to attack Ashkelon and the coast.
He has put it there.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

2 Timothy 3

Watch Out for Sinful People

You must understand this: In the last days there will be violent periods of time. People will be selfish and love money. They will brag, be arrogant, and use abusive language. They will curse their parents, show no gratitude, have no respect for what is holy, and lack normal affection for their families. They will refuse to make peace with anyone. They will be slanderous, lack self-control, be brutal, and have no love for what is good. They will be traitors. They will be reckless and conceited. They will love pleasure rather than God. They will appear to have a godly life, but they will not let its power change them. Stay away from such people.

Some of these men go into homes and mislead weak-minded women who are burdened with sins and led by all kinds of desires. These women are always studying but are never able to recognize the truth.

As Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men oppose the truth. Their minds are corrupt, and the faith they teach is counterfeit. Certainly, they won’t get very far. Like the stupidity of Jannes and Jambres, their stupidity will be plain to everyone.

Teach the Truth

10 But you know all about my teachings, my way of life, my purpose, my faith, my patience, my love, and my endurance. 11 You also know about the kind of persecutions and sufferings which happened to me in the cities of Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra. I endured those persecutions, and the Lord rescued me from all of them. 12 Those who try to live a godly life because they believe in Christ Yeshua will be persecuted. 13 But evil people and phony preachers will go from bad to worse as they mislead people and are themselves misled.

14 However, continue in what you have learned and found to be true. You know who your teachers were. 15 From infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures. They have the power to give you wisdom so that you can be saved through faith in Christ Yeshua. 16 Every Scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God’s approval. 17 They equip God’s servants so that they are completely prepared to do good things.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Psalm 94

Psalm 94

O Yahweh, El of vengeance,
O El of vengeance, appear!
Arise, O Shophet of the earth.
Give arrogant people what they deserve.
How long, O Yahweh, will wicked people triumph?
How long?

They ramble.
They speak arrogantly.
All troublemakers brag about themselves.
They crush your people, O Yahweh.
They make those who belong to you suffer.
They kill widows and foreigners, and they murder orphans.
They say, “Yah doesn’t see it.
The Elohim of Jacob doesn’t even pay attention to it.”

Pay attention, you stupid people!
When will you become wise, you fools?
Elohim created ears.
Do you think he can’t hear?
He formed eyes.
Do you think he can’t see?
10 He disciplines nations.
Do you think he can’t punish?
He teaches people.
Do you think he doesn’t know anything?
11 Yahweh knows that people’s thoughts are pointless.

12 O Yah, blessed is the person
whom you discipline and instruct from your teachings.
13 You give him peace and quiet from times of trouble
while a pit is dug to trap wicked people.

14 Yahweh will never desert his people
or abandon those who belong to him.
15 The decisions of judges will again become fair,
and everyone whose motives are decent will pursue justice.[a]

16 Who will stand up for me against evildoers?
Who will stand by my side against troublemakers?
17 If Yahweh had not come to help me,
my soul would have quickly fallen silent in death.

18 When I said, “My feet are slipping,”
your mercy, O Yahweh, continued to hold me up.
19 When I worried about many things,
your assuring words soothed my soul.

20 Are wicked rulers who use the law to do unlawful things
able to be your partners?
21 They join forces to take the lives of righteous people.
They condemn innocent people to death.
22 Yahweh has become my stronghold.
My Elohim has become my rock of refuge.
23 He has turned their own wickedness against them.
He will destroy them because of their sins.
Yahweh our Elohim will destroy them.


  1. Psalm 94:15 English equivalent of this verse difficult.
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Proverbs 26:6-8

Whoever uses a fool to send a message
cuts off his own feet and brings violence upon himself.

Like a lame person’s limp legs,
so is a proverb in the mouths of fools.
Like tying a stone to a sling,
so is giving honor to a fool.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

10/23/2017 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 42:1-44:23; 2 Timothy 2:1-26; Psalms 92:1-93:5; Proverbs 26:3-5

Today is the 23rd day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you. Back in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Little tired from travel, but we had a great time in Utah yesterday, a great time in Sandy with our new friends at the Fellowship church. So, thanks for having us out and thanks for all of you came in. And was good to be with you. And it’s good to be with you all today as we take the next step forward through the adventure that were on together, through the Bible. So, we’re reading from the names of God Bible this week and by the time we reach the end of this week we will have completed the book of Jeremiah and moved forward and we will also have completed the letter, Paul’s second letter to Timothy, that were reading and moved forward into the letter to Titus. So, that’s kind of the lay of the land for the week. But let’s dive in. Jeremiah chapter 42 verse 1 through 44 verse 23 today.


Okay, so let’s look at some context today, mostly in Paul’s second letter to Timothy. But a brief little bit in Jeremiah. And what I’m going to say about Jeremiah has less to do with context and more to do with words. So, we’re reading from the Names of God Bible this week, which retains the original language reference when God is spoken of. So, a number of times today we read Yahweh, Tsebaoth, Elohim of Israel and we kind of piece it together enough to follow along with the story. But what are these words? So, Yahweh is a name of God. Like, if I were to say, I am Brian, well, we read in the Bible, I am Yahweh. So, in other words, God is referring to himself as God but Yahweh is the name being used, as in like a personal name. Tsebaoth is a word that refers to, like, a military commander. And Elohim, that refers to the Divine, that refers to God as the All-Powerful, as we would understand God to be. So, Yahweh, Tsebaoth, Elohim of Israel is usually translated something like, the Lord of Heaven’s armies, the God of Israel, or when the personal reference, Yahweh, is preserved, I am Yahweh, the Commander of Heavenly Forces, your God, the God of Israel. And, of course, in the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as Yeshua, which is how his name would’ve been pronounced by his mother and his family and everyone who knew him when he was walking upon the earth.

And, so, now that were in the New Testament let’s talk about second Timothy for second because we see something really fascinating in today’s reading that’s kind of mind blowing because we never think about it. So, this New Testament, that begins with the gospel of Matthew and ends with the book of Revelation, these writings weren’t just dropped out of the sky in a bound, gilded book that said New Testament on the front of it. And, you know, the apostles didn’t just find this left in the upper room in a corner somewhere and realize…oh…well…here’s what we need to believe and here’s what we need to do. Right? So, Timothy, for example, he couldn’t have gotten the first letter that Paul sent him, known as first Timothy, and read and thought, you know I need to cross reference that with second Timothy to see if it corresponds because he hadn’t gotten the second letter from Paul yet, the one that were reading now. So, he didn’t have it to base any doctrine or have any encouragement or any reminders of things that he needed to pay attention. Right? Paul didn’t sit down and write all of his letters, all at one time, all from one place and then distribute them around so that they all landed at the same time. And even if he had done that, you know, like, if he wrote a letter at the same time to the Galatians as he did to the Ephesians and he sent them out, well the church at Galatia doesn’t know what the letter to the Ephesians says, and vice a versa. So, it’s not all part of the New Testament at this point. In the 27 books of the New Testament that we have, as the New Testament, although that had kind of been settled and these were the books that had been used, this wasn’t, like, affirmed by the church at large until like the late fourth century. And there were other things being written and other things being said along the way. And, you know, that’s where this term Gnosticism comes in but not everything was Gnostic. Some things were just newer. Some things just had in incongruences. And that most scholars would agree. In, like, the books and letters that we have in the New Testament these are the oldest writings. So, there’s this period that is centuries. So, like, if Jesus died in the 30s - and I don’t mean like the 1830s or 1730s, I mean, like the 0030…like the 30s - then there is this period of development where God begins to reveal the New Testament through his people. And like in the case of Paul’s letters they are written one at a time to different people in different places for different reasons but even Paul suggests, you know, to share these things, pass them around. And, so, that’s what began to happen, the letters began to be copied and passed around. So, if you are in Ephesus and you have letters from Paul that were written to the Ephesians to the church at Ephesus, well, then you may eventually get a copy of letters written to the Galatians and you may share copies. And then copies of letters from Philippi come in. And these letters begin to be shared around and they begin to be read in the churches and be used for instruction and doctrine in the churches and they become very, very valuable, irreplaceable, to the common life of faith that these churches share. But there was a point in this story were nothing was written yet. So, if we were to consider the book of Acts, which was penned by Luke, by the author of the Gospel of Luke. So, Luke and Acts are this two-volume set. And Acts begins to show us all of the things that happened in the development of the church. And these things all had to happen before they could be written down, before an accounting of those happenings could be written down. So, there is a period where a lot of stuff is going on and theology and understanding and doctrine is being formed and then becoming commonly understood and accepted before it can ever be written down. So, we see that through the power of the Holy Spirit, first, the message, the good news, the gospel of Jesus, was spoken aloud and over time doctrinal statements or creeds were formed - things that people would recite and memorize and say together as a statement of faith as an agreed-upon thing, like, this is what we believe. And sometimes these things would be sung with a melody, sung together. Kind of like how we have songs that we sing in church and we sing them but they are making statements about what we believe, even as we give our hearts in worship. They are also making statements about what we believe to be true or they could just be statements that were spoken, recited together, like ancient liturgy. And, so, people would say certain confessions of faith and declarations before they were baptized, knowing that their declaration, along with their immersion in water, could be a death sentence for them. And, so, these statements were important and weighty and valued. And they weren’t just for baptism, they were for common life. They were statements that held people together in common that they would memorize and recite and understand and ponder the mystery. And we encounter these at different points in the New Testament. And their older than the letter or whatever is being written. The statements embedded or the creeds that are preserved, they are older than the writing. So, they give us a glimpse back into that formation period.

Okay, are you with me? Because it can be tedious. So, the apostle Paul doesn’t have the writings of the apostle Paul as he’s planting these churches. He writes the letters later to the churches to remind them of the statements, right, the creeds and stuff that he has taught them that the things that they can have tangible and hold in common and recite together when they come together for worship, so that they can retell the story of what they believe. And these are earlier things than these letters. So, why am I telling you all this? Because we encounter such statements in Paul’s letter to Timothy, to second Timothy that were going through today. And we remember that this is a personal letter, a personal letter from Paul to Timothy, who is a son in the faith and is also the pastor at Ephesus. And, essentially, Paul is encouraging Timothy to be strong, be true, be faithful, be loyal, and to not get distracted by you every nuanced argument out there. So, he’s referring to the fact that people are saying different things, maybe even writing down different things, and that it’s not a good use of his time to try to argue out every new thought. And in addressing that, he’s like, this is a statement that can be trusted. Right? So, this this is one of these early statements that people have the memorizing and reciting - if we have died with Him we will live with Him, if we endure we will rule with Him, if we disown Him He will disown us, if we are unfaithful He remains faithful because he cannot be untrue to Himself. Right? So, Paul is reminding Timothy of this declaration. And he’s also reminding Timothy to remind others to continue to teach this forward. And, so, Paul is saying, remember these things that you were taught. Remember these things that you have memorized. Don’t let anyone else in the church forget these are the core essentials, these declarations, this is essential. And he’s saying and reminding Timothy to do that because of all this other thought swirling around. Because Paul’s discussion here with Timothy is to not get distracted in every kind of argument that can be thought up. I mean, Paul even names, Hymenaeus and Philetus, like people who are doing this. So, like people who are in and around the church who are, you know, having these esoteric conversations because they heard somebody who heard somebody say something who heard somebody say something. And it’s a distraction, Paul’s saying. And he’s going back and saying, you have these core statements, right, because Timothy couldn’t get up and say, let’s turn to the book of first Timothy. He could certainly say, I got a letter from our father in the faith, Paul who’s in prison and this is what he has to say, this is kind what he told me. But the framework of the way that we interact with the New Testament, they didn’t have that framework. So, these statements we find in Paul’s letters or letters from other apostles or from gospel writers, things that kind of look like poems in the middle of a story, which is kind of how the statement that were talking about today is second Timothy looks, this is where we get clues to what was going on in the formation of the church before there was a New Testament that sought to solidify the theological understanding of the good news. These statements are some of the earliest statements, earliest understandings of what God was doing in the world that we have. And we should recognize and treasure them because they are probably some of the oldest statements of faith in Jesus that we have. And, so there’s a couple more statements like this in today’s reading that we have. So, Paul names Hymenaeus and Philetus as people that are kind of stirring up all this weird stuff, these useless arguments and misleading debates. And, so, he calls them out and he says they’ve abandoned the truth and then he explains what they’re doing -  their destroying the faith of others by saying that people who have died have already come back to life. So, they either reason this out themselves or they heard this somewhere and Paul’s saying that’s the kind of stuff were avoiding. So, Paul says, like, in spite of what they’re doing, in spite of all that, God’s people have a solid foundation. These words are engraved on it. And then we have a couple of these statements - the Lord knows those who belong to him, and, whoever worships the Lord must give up doing wrong. So, although we can find these themes in lots of places in the Scriptures, we get a little glimpse at how these things came to be. And when we begin, over time, to understand the context of things the Bible really, really opens up to us.


Father, once again, we thank You for Your word and the treasure that it is and our ability to dive deep and swim and drink deeply and understand what a treasure hunt this is, to engage with Your word, and invite Your Holy Spirit to speak through it. What a guide it is. What an adventure it is. And we thank You for that. And, so, with Saints of old, we say what has been said for so long - if we have died with You we will live with You, if we endure we will rule with You, if we disown You if we walk away You let us You will disown us, if we are unfaithful You are faithful because You can’t be unfaithful to yourself. And we invite Your Holy Spirit to plant this ancient declaration deep in our hearts. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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And here is what’s going on around here. Tomorrow, along with the Daily Audio Bible, there will be an additional program, a fireside chat, a little community discussion around the global campfire that, for those of you who haven’t been around all that long, gives a little bit of a glimpse into the story of how the Daily Audio Bible came to be and how we’ve grown up together and where were headed together. So, it’s like a little all community meeting and I hope you will listen to that. I think it’s important for us to be on the same page as we go forward. So, watch for that tomorrow

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

God bless you Daily Audio Bible. Hey this is Scott calling from Houston and I wanted to call in and offer some encouragement to Darrell from___. Darrell, I heard your call about the prayer for your business so that you can pay your employees. I want you to know that I’ve heard you many times Darrell and I’ve appreciated your encouragement. So, Lord, I pray for Darrel right now, that You will help things to come together for him. Please break down strongholds that would prevent him from being able to move forward for his business. I pray for you Darrell and I’ll keep praying for you. And Jay from New Jersey, I wanted to call and tell you that I’ve really appreciated your calls over the years and don’t let the enemy accuse you of being false because we all feel that time to time. And the best thing you can do is to offer your sincerity back to the Lord Jesus that He will…He will defend your heart for you. And also I wanted to remind you that sometimes when we fall and we give in to temptations and addictions. We have to realize that the enemy is not just trying to annoy us and make our life difficult and a struggle, although he wants to do that. He wants to ultimately just take our faith and completely destroy it. So, he doesn’t care what he has to do. If he can get us to doubt our connection to the Holy Spirit he’ll will do whatever he’s got to do. He’s just using us. But God’s grace will never fail you. He is always there. Within our own doubt He is stronger than the evil one, who is just trying to destroy us and he’s getting…he’s trying to get us to destroy ourselves. So, God bless you my friend. I will keep praying for you. Love you all. Bye now.

Hey guys. This is Sharron calling. I’ve called in a couple of times before and I just wanted to reach out to everyone who’s kind of having a lot of trouble with depression and mood and anxiety and such. Mostly, specifically to Sharron in California. I just want to say that I know exactly what is going on. I was there just only a few months ago and the only two words that ever came were I can’t. I just felt heavy. I felt alone. I was constantly crying out, why God, why? But then I got a verse. And I don’t know if this will help you. It really helped me. It’s Song of Solomon, Chapter 2 verse 6. And it simply states that, His left hand cradles my head and His right arm encircles my waste. And I know that we all feel very alone at times but also know that He is right there. He is holding us. And it took me so long to get help. And I just hope that you can take a step out and ask for that helper. Find someone that can help you get that help, whether it be a doctor or a counselor or what have you. But please, reach out just a little bit further than asking for prayer because it just might be that God’s answering your prayer by putting someone in front of you. So, I just hope that that will help. And I would…

Hello Daily Audio Bible family. This is Ron from upstate New York. I’m calling with a prayer request for my granddaughter Shay. She’s going through some depression and anxieties and stuff like that. And she’s also searching for God. And if you would pray for her to find God, I believe once she does that much of her anxieties will subside. Love you family. Amen.

Wow. What a DAB day. It’s Thursday, October 19th and this is Blessed Beyond Measure from New Jersey. Now. Could all of these spirit led moments be captured in a single podcast? Well, the answer is yes when we will let God be in control. Today’s highlight started with our reading of Jeremiah 33 and then Brian’s reiteration of the Lord’s redemption plan, then and today. Next, Blind Tony, one of everyone’s favorite DAB family members, speaks words of truth that makes you want to will love the Lord more and more. Then we move to precious Gigi, who reminds us how we are going to be endure our days on earth as believers in Christ as we are waiting to enter God’s perfect place for us. She, in my opinion, is living Luke 18:17 – I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it. In conclusion, Asia from Munich rings it on home by thanking others in our family for their courage to publicly confess their sins and being open to receive love and prayers that will follow. Also, we spoke about those who have lost all hope and are met by those who are prayer warriors, picking up the burden and calling on our heavenly Father to fill those calls with a hope only He can give. Brian and DAB staff, you’ve totally yielded to the Holy Spirit, to weave to today’s readings and calls into a single message for our Lord and Savior. I’m Blessed Beyond Measure from New Jersey.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Monday October 23, 2017 (NIV)

Jeremiah 42:1-44:23

Jeremiah Warns the People of Judah Not to Go to Egypt

42 Then all the army commanders along with Kareah’s son Johanan and Hoshaiah’s son Jezaniah and all the people, from the least important to the most important, came to the prophet Jeremiah. They said to him, “Please listen to our request, and pray to Yahweh your Elohim for all of us who are left here. As you can see, there are only a few of us left. Let Yahweh your Elohim tell us where we should go and what we should do.”

The prophet Jeremiah answered them, “I have listened to your request. I will pray to Yahweh your Elohim as you have requested, and I will tell you everything Yahweh says. I won’t keep anything from you.”

They said to Jeremiah, “May Yahweh be a true and faithful witness against us if we don’t do exactly what Yahweh your Elohim tells us to do. We will obey Yahweh our Elohim to whom we are sending you, whether it’s good or bad. Yes, we will obey Yahweh our Elohim so that everything will go well for us.”

After ten days Yahweh spoke his word to Jeremiah. So Jeremiah called Kareah’s son Johanan, all the army commanders who were with him, and all the people from the least important to the most important. Jeremiah said to them, “You sent me to plead your case humbly to Yahweh. This is what Yahweh Elohim of Israel says: 10 Suppose you stay in this land. Then I will build you up and not tear you down. I will plant you and not uproot you. I will change my plans about the disaster I’ve brought on you. 11 Don’t be afraid of the king of Babylon, whom you now fear. Don’t be afraid of him, declares Yahweh. I’m with you. I will save you and rescue you from his power. 12 I will have compassion on you. I will make him have compassion on you and return you to your land.

13 “But suppose you say, ‘We won’t stay in this land,’ and you disobey Yahweh your Elohim. 14 Then you say, ‘We’ll go to Egypt, where we won’t have to see war, hear the sound of a ram’s horn, or be hungry. We’ll stay there.’

15 “Now, listen to the word of Yahweh, you people who are left in Judah. This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: Suppose you’re determined to go to Egypt, and you go and live there. 16 Then the wars you fear will catch up with you in Egypt. The famines you dread will follow you to Egypt, and you will die there. 17 So all the people who decide to go and live in Egypt will die in wars, famines, and plagues. No one will survive or escape the disasters I will bring on them.

18 “This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: As my anger and my fury were poured out on those who live in Jerusalem, so my fury will be poured out on you if you go to Egypt. You will become a curse word. You will become something ridiculed, cursed, and disgraced. You won’t see this place again.

19 Yahweh has told you people who are left in Judah not to go to Egypt. You need to know that I am warning you today. 20 You only deceived yourselves when you sent me to Yahweh your Elohim and said, ‘Pray to Yahweh our Elohim for us, and tell us everything that Yahweh our Elohim says, and we’ll do it.’ 21 I have told you today, but you won’t obey anything Yahweh your Elohim sent me to tell you. 22 But now, you need to know that you will die in wars, famines, or plagues in the place where you want to go and live.”

Jeremiah Is Forced to Go to Egypt

43 So Jeremiah finished telling all the people the message from Yahweh their Elohim. He told them everything Yahweh their Elohim sent him to tell them. Azariah (son of Hoshaiah), Johanan (son of Kareah), and all the arrogant people said to Jeremiah, “You’re lying! Yahweh our Elohim didn’t send you to tell us that we must not go to live in Egypt. But Baruch, son of Neriah, has turned you against us in order to hand us over to the Babylonians. Then they will kill us or take us as captives to Babylon.”

So Johanan (son of Kareah), all the army commanders, and all the people didn’t obey Yahweh. They didn’t stay in Judah. Johanan (son of Kareah) and all the army commanders took all the people who were left in Judah to Egypt. These were all the people who had come back to Judah from the places where they had been scattered. They took men, women, children, and the king’s daughters. They took every person whom Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard, had left with Gedaliah, son of Ahikam and grandson of Shaphan, including the prophet Jeremiah and Baruch, son of Neriah. They didn’t listen to Yahweh, so they went to Egypt. They went as far as Tahpanhes.

Jeremiah Prophesies That Egypt Will Be Invaded by Nebuchadnezzar

Then Yahweh spoke his word to Jeremiah in Tahpanhes. He said, “Take some large stones, and bury them under the brick pavement at the entrance to the Pharaoh’s palace in Tahpanhes. Do this while the people of Judah watch you. 10 Say to them, ‘This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: I’m going to send for my servant King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. I will set his throne over these stones that I buried, and I will spread his royal canopy above them. 11 He will defeat Egypt. He will bring death to those who are supposed to die. He will capture those who are supposed to be captured. He will kill in battle those who are supposed to be killed in battle. 12 He[a] will set fire to the temples of Egypt’s gods. He will burn down the temples and take their gods captive. Nebuchadnezzar will put on Egypt as his coat as a shepherd puts on his coat. He will leave Egypt peacefully. 13 At Beth Shemesh he will break the monuments in Egypt and burn down the temples of Egypt’s gods.’”

The Jews in Egypt Will Be Punished for Their Idolatry

44 Yahweh spoke his word to Jeremiah about all the Jews living in Egypt at Migdol, Tahpanhes, Noph, and Pathros. This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: You have seen all the disasters I brought on Jerusalem and on all the cities of Judah. Today they are deserted ruins. It is because their people did evil, and they made me angry. They went to burn incense and serve other gods that neither you nor your ancestors heard of. I have sent my servants the prophets to you again and again to tell you not to do these detestable things that I hate. But you wouldn’t listen or pay attention. You wouldn’t turn from your wicked ways and wouldn’t stop burning incense as an offering to other gods. That is why my fury and anger were poured out and continued to burn in the cities of Judah and on the streets of Jerusalem. So they became the desolate ruin that they are today.

Now, this is what Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: Why do you bring this terrible disaster on yourselves? Why do you keep destroying men, women, children, and babies from Judah until none are left? Why do you make me angry by burning incense to other gods in Egypt, where you have come to live. You will destroy yourselves and be cursed and ridiculed by all the nations on earth. Have you forgotten the wicked things done by your ancestors, by the kings of Judah and their wives, and by you and your wives in Judah and on the streets of Jerusalem? 10 You have not humbled yourselves even to this day. You haven’t feared me or lived your lives by my teachings or by my decrees that I gave your ancestors.

11 This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth, the Elohim of Israel, says: I’m going to bring disaster on you and destroy all of Judah. 12 I will take away from Judah those who are left, those who were determined to go to live in Egypt. They will die in Egypt. All of them, from the least important to the most important, will die in wars or be brought to an end by famines. They will become something cursed, ridiculed, and disgraced. 13 I will punish those living in Egypt as I punished Jerusalem with wars, famines, and plagues. 14 None of the people of Judah who went to live in Egypt will survive or return to Judah, where they long to return and live. Only a few refugees will return there.

15 Then all the men who knew that their wives were burning incense to other gods, all the women who were standing there, and all the people who lived at Pathros in Egypt answered Jeremiah. They said, 16 “We won’t listen to the message that you have spoken to us in Yahweh’s name. 17 We will do everything we said we would do. We will burn incense to the queen of heaven and pour out wine offerings to her as our ancestors, our kings, and our officials did in the cities of Judah and on the streets of Jerusalem. We had plenty to eat then, and we lived comfortably and saw no disaster. 18 But since we stopped burning incense to the queen of heaven and pouring out wine offerings to her, we have had nothing but wars and famines.”

19 The women added, “When we burned incense to the queen of heaven, poured out wine offerings to her, and made cakes for her with her image on them, do you think our husbands didn’t approve?”

20 Then Jeremiah said to all the people, both men and women, to everyone who answered him, 21 “Doesn’t Yahweh remember that you burned incense in the cities of Judah and on the streets of Jerusalem along with your ancestors, your kings and your officials, and the people in the land? 22 Yahweh could no longer bear the wicked and detestable things you did. That is why your land has become something ruined, destroyed, and cursed. No one lives in that land today. 23 You burned incense as offerings to other gods, sinned against Yahweh, and wouldn’t obey him. You didn’t live by his teachings, decrees, or written instructions. That is why you have met with this disaster as it is today.”


  1. Jeremiah 43:12 Greek; Masoretic Text “I.”
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

2 Timothy 2

Remain Focused on Jesus

My child, find your source of strength in the kindness[a] of Christ Yeshua. You’ve heard my message, and it’s been confirmed by many witnesses. Entrust this message to faithful individuals who will be competent to teach others.

Join me in suffering like a good soldier of Christ Yeshua. Whoever serves in the military doesn’t get mixed up in non-military activities. This pleases his commanding officer. Whoever enters an athletic competition wins the prize only when playing by the rules. A hard-working farmer should have the first share of the crops. Understand what I’m saying. The Lord will help you understand all these things.

Always think about Yeshua Christ. He was brought back to life and is a descendant of David. This is the Good News that I tell others. I’m suffering disgrace for spreading this Good News. I have even been put into prison like a criminal. However, God’s word is not imprisoned. 10 For that reason, I endure everything for the sake of those who have been chosen so that they, too, may receive salvation from Christ Yeshua with glory that lasts forever. 11 This is a statement that can be trusted:

If we have died with him, we will live with him.
12 If we endure, we will rule with him.
If we disown him, he will disown us.
13 If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful
because he cannot be untrue to himself.

14 Remind believers about these things, and warn them in the sight of God not to quarrel over words. Quarreling doesn’t do any good but only destroys those who are listening.

15 Do your best to present yourself to God as a tried-and-true worker who isn’t ashamed to teach the word of truth correctly. 16 Avoid pointless discussions. People who pay attention to these pointless discussions will become more ungodly, 17 and what they say will spread like cancer. Hymenaeus and Philetus are like that. 18 They have abandoned the truth. They are destroying the faith of others by saying that people who have died have already come back to life.

19 In spite of all that, God’s people have a solid foundation. These words are engraved on it: “The Lord knows those who belong to him,” and “Whoever worships the Lord must give up doing wrong.”

20 In a large house there are not only objects made of gold and silver, but also those made of wood and clay. Some objects are honored when they are used; others aren’t. 21 Those who stop associating with dishonorable people will be honored. They will be set apart for the master’s use, prepared to do good things.

22 Stay away from lusts which tempt young people. Pursue what has God’s approval. Pursue faith, love, and peace together with those who worship the Lord with a pure heart. 23 Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments. You know they cause quarrels. 24 A servant of the Lord must not quarrel. Instead, he must be kind to everyone. He must be a good teacher. He must be willing to suffer wrong. 25 He must be gentle in correcting those who oppose the Good News. Maybe God will allow them to change the way they think and act and lead them to know the truth. 26 Then they might come back to their senses and God will free them from the devil’s snare so that they can do his will.


  1. 2 Timothy 2:1 Or “grace.”
Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Psalm 92-93

Psalm 92

A psalm; a song; for the day of worship.

It is good to give thanks to Yahweh,
to make music to praise your name, O Elyon.
It is good to announce your mercy in the morning
and your faithfulness in the evening
on a ten-stringed instrument and a harp
and with a melody on a lyre.

You made me find joy in what you have done, O Yahweh.
I will sing joyfully about the works of your hands.
How spectacular are your works, O Yahweh!
How very deep are your thoughts!

A stupid person cannot know
and a fool cannot understand
that wicked people sprout like grass
and all troublemakers blossom like flowers,
only to be destroyed forever.

But you, O Yahweh, are highly honored forever.
Now look at your enemies, O Yahweh.
Now look at your enemies.
They disappear, and all troublemakers are scattered.

10 But you make me as strong as a wild bull,
and soothing lotion is poured on me.
11 My eyes gloat over those who spy on me.
My ears hear the cries of evildoers attacking me.

12 Righteous people flourish like palm trees
and grow tall like the cedars in Lebanon.
13 They are planted in Yahweh’s house.
They blossom in Elohim’s courtyards.
14 Even when they are old, they still bear fruit.
They are always healthy and fresh.
15 They make it known that Yahweh is decent.
He is my rock.
He is never unfair.

Psalm 93

Yahweh rules as king! He is clothed with majesty.
Yahweh has clothed himself; he has armed himself with power.
The world was set in place; it cannot be moved.

Your throne was set in place a long time ago.
You are eternal.

The ocean rises, O Yahweh.
The ocean rises with a roar.
The ocean rises with its pounding waves.
Yahweh above is mighty—
mightier than the sound of raging water,
mightier than the foaming waves of the sea.

Your written testimonies are completely reliable.
O Yahweh, holiness is what makes your house beautiful for days without end.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

Proverbs 26:3-5

A whip is for the horse,
a bridle is for the donkey,
and a rod is for the backs of fools.

Do not answer a fool with his own stupidity,
or you will be like him.
Answer a fool with his own stupidity,
or he will think he is wise.

Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Names of God Bible (without notes) © 2011 by Baker Publishing Group.

10/22/2017 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 39:1-41:18; 2 Timothy 1:1-18; Psalms 90:1-91:16; Proverbs 26:1-2

Today is the 22nd day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible and greetings from the state of Utah. Excited to be out here and getting ready to share the Sneezing Jesus message. And we can talk about that a little bit later. Here we are at the threshold of a shiny, sparkly new week that we get to walk through and into together. We’ll read from the Names of God Bible this week, which is fun and important for us to encounter once in a while. Basically, what the Names of God Bible translation does is any time God is referred to, its original utterance - so, in its original language that is retained even though this is an English translation and everything else is kept in English, when God is referred to - it is retained in its original language. So, we’ll will take the next step from the book of Jeremiah, of course. But we concluded Paul’s first letter to Timothy, and so will begin Second Timothy today when we get to the New Testament reading. And we’ll talk about that when we get there. But first, Jeremiah chapter 39 verse 1 through 41 verse 18.

Okay, like I mentioned at the beginning, we concluded Paul’s first letter to his protégé, to his son in the faith, Timothy, whom was serving as the pastor at the church of Ephesus, which brings us to Second Timothy, the second letter, Paul wrote to Timothy. And it came in a very short period of time - the first and second letters. This particular letter has kind of a special place in the New Testament and should hold a gravity and a sobriety for us because this is the apostle Paul’s final writing of his life. So, the apostle Paul whom we’ve journeyed with and traveled with and watched do so many things - so much ministry in so many places on so many travels - and who has poured out his life while he was alive, is about to lose his life. Paul is back in prison in chains in a dungeon. Winter is coming and this is probably somewhere in the vicinity of the year 67. And it’s become absolutely against the law to be known as a Christian. And just about everyone has deserted Paul. The only one who has stayed with him in Rome is Luke the physician, who authored the Luke and Acts. Paul knows it’s just a matter of time and he will likely be executed. And he deeply wants to see his son in the faith, Timothy, face-to-face one last time. But the way the narrative reads in this letter, he’s trying to tell Timothy some of the things that he would prefer to tell him in person but he’s writing them down just in case it’s too late. It’s in this letter that he says, ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race’. But before he says this, he gives Timothy’s parting words. And this is a man, the apostle Paul, this is a man who is given his life to the cause of Christ and has suffered at every turn. And now he knows there’s one more bit of suffering and it will be his execution and he will die and his death is imminent. And he tells his son in the faith important words of counsel - keep your head, be vigilant about your faith no matter what happens, no matter what Timothy, stay true. So, Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy is a passionate plea for the faith. And when we can understand that this is being written from a condemned man and one of the most influential people in all of the faith, the impact on us should be and can be the same as it was when it was originally read. And, so, we begin. Second Timothy, Chapter 1.


Father, we thank you for your word. And as we take the journey through Paul’s final writings, we ask that Your Holy Spirit make us see it soberly as a deep encouragement from a saint who is about to die. May we listen with that gravity in honoring that but in also applying it to our lives. And as we move into this this new week we consecrate ourselves to You, offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to You in the tradition of St. Paul. Come, Holy Spirit, and lead us forward. Lead us with assurance. Lead us with stability and hope. Come Jesus. We pray in your name. Amen.

Announcements: is the website. It’s home base. It’s where you find out what’s going on around here.

So, like I mentioned at the beginning. We’re out here in Utah, in sandy Utah, to bring the Sneezing Jesus message today at the Fellowship Church. So, looking forward to seeing you, those of you who are coming.

And then I have also been mentioning the global campfire, the little fireside chat, the little community meeting that is coming up this Tuesday. You don’t have to do anything to attend this meeting, but simply watch your feed. It’ll show up along with the Daily Audio Bible and I’m encouraging everyone to listen to this because it is a bit of, you know, where we’ve come from and where we are going together. So, watch for that to show up in your feed on Tuesday morning. And that will be great.

And then looking a little bit further down the calendar into the month of November. November 19th, we will be in the Shreveport Louisiana area, Bossier City, Louisiana at River Valley Church. And, so, put that on your calendar. If you are in the area we would love to see you.

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And of course, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

My name is Marcus. I’m calling from Cincinnati. I’m reaching out to Sharon who called on October 14th with sincere prayers. My heart goes out to you and I pray for your life to come together for your family to heal. I also pray for the grandfather who prayed for Brett, his grandson suffering from depression. And I reach out to Jay. There is redemption on the other side. Brian, thank you for your ministry. And I continue to pray for everyone. Jesus, in Your name, please grant peace to this entire team.

Good morning guys. This is Jenn in SoCal, AKA Prayer Warrior Princess. I have some prayer requests for you please. Number one, my nephew Dillon is 21 and he was one of the people that was shot in Vegas. He was shot in the shoulder and he has shrapnel that, apparently, they are going to leave it there because it’s safer than trying to remove it all. So, prayers please, for his recovery, not just physically but from the posttraumatic stress that has resulted for my brother’s whole family. Not only was Dillon shot but my sister in laws family is in Puerto Rico and they’re still without electricity and suffering over there. So, there’s that. And this week is the anniversary of my stepmom, Nancy’s death. And, so, my dear family is kind of going through the ringer right now. And, so, not only my dad is grieving his wife but my uncle also passed away in the last six months. So, my dad, my brother, my sister in law and their two kids could really use your prayers. And they don’t yet know the Lord. So…that would…I keep saying so. I’m totally nervous. I’, not sure why. I love you guys. Why be nervous? Anyways…and another side thing. One of my instructors, I asked them last night, when I asked her if there was anything else I could do, she said, I need a miracle. And I’m assuming she meant in order to get everything accomplished last night. Regardless, can you guys pray for a miracle for my teacher for whatever she was looking for however the Lord wants to minister to her. That would be awesome. Thanks you guys. Love you. Bye.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family. This is Amberly calling. I wanted to call and request prayer today. I had emergency surgery and had to be care flighted to Salt Lake City four weeks ago. And, anyway, I go to the doctor tomorrow to see if it’s okay for me to go back to my job as a first-grade teacher this next week. And I’m hoping I will be able to. But the reason for the surgery is because the hysterectomy that I had this summer came completely undone after ten weeks, at ten weeks post op. And I had a significant prolapse of my bowel and other stuff. And, so, it was pretty horrifying, actually. And I struggled a little bit but I was not completely healed on the inside from what the surgeon said that go in and redo everything. And, so, I’ve had a little bit of trepidation. And, so, I covet you guys prayers as far as healing all the way around goes and if I’m not healed completely that they would be able to see that. And if I needed to still stay home and continue to heal rather than go back and hang out with my littlest that that would be abundantly clear. I just ask God’s blessing over my body and complete healing and that my spirits would stay up and my focus would be on the Lord and not, you know, kind of feeling sorry for myself and having a little pity party. So, I’m sure some of you have been there and done that. So, anyway, thank you so much for your prayers. I love all of you. Bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family. It’s Adam calling. Today is the 18th of October. I’m calling in just to say, one thing that’s on my mind is to share this: Proverbs chapter 3:5-6 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Now, I’ve seen this happen over and over and I’ve just seen God. He is faithful. He always clears the way. So, the message for today is just to trust in Him. Trust in Him and see where that takes you because you’ll be surprised. God is faithful and he will deliver you from anything and everything. Now, make it a good day guys. Bye.

Hello every one ____, that’s ____Indonesian for good morning. This is Jubilant Perseverance calling and I just wanted to pray and ask God to go before us in the upcoming days. Heavenly Father, thank You for life and for a beautiful new day that we have to live by Your hand. It is because of Your control and Your authority that our world continues to spin, that our sun continues to give us warmth and heat, and we continue to see the beauty around us in nature. I ask first, on that note, for  ____ all of the believers that are in California and Oregon near the wild fires or with homes in neighborhoods that have been consumed by them, I ask that You will please comfort them and give them wisdom about next steps and enable them to take one step at a time to move forward with their lives. I pray for those who have been victims of all of the natural disasters that have been going on recently – mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, wild fires – all of these things that are signs that we are not in control and signs that there is more going on beyond humanity. I pray that it will open the eyes of the unbelievers who don’t believe that You are powerful who don’t believe that You are in control that they will see that everything that you’ve created is Yours and everything…