10/28/2017 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 51:54-52:34; Titus 3:1-15; Psalms 100:1-5; Proverbs 26:18-19

Today is the 28th day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you around the global campfire that we come out of the cold and warm ourselves and light ourselves each and every day. And it’s great to be with you at the end of another week. And as we end this week we will be ending books in the Old and New Testament, setting us up well before the beginning of a new week where we will begin to new books - one new book one new letter. So, we’ll complete the book of Jeremiah and the letter to Titus today. We’re reading from the Names of God Bible this week. Jeremiah chapter 51 verse 54 through 52 verse 34.


Okay. So, we can’t pass up this proverb without paying attention to it because it’s so stark. And it was pretty stark yesterday too. So, the Proverbs, obviously, are full of wisdom and it is the wisdom of ages that has been collected and passed down. And, so, it advises on a number of levels - a lot of the time, just practical advice for the posture of life that works, like, one that builds wisdom block upon block until you become wise and know how to operate in this world, kind of, know how to look for the story behind the story. But then sometimes it’s very, very stark about behavior. So, I mean, like we were talking about yesterday, do you know somebody in your life that it’s is a really abrasive and cutting person, like, really critical, but it’s always veiled, it’s sort of like you don’t know whether they mean it or not but you know that they do, but they’ve left themselves an out so that they can jab that you are nick you or cut you and then, kind of, wait a little while, and then do it again and like they have this critical thing going on, toward you? But then when they’re called out on it, they’re like, ‘what, I was joking, I was just joking’. ‘You know, I didn’t mean that’, when you know that they did. And it, like, baits you because on the one hand you know what’s going on. Right? Like, you’re being torn down and yet, maybe you’re related to this person or is a family event, or is a coworker that is above you and you can’t you know you can just walk out…like you… you’re kind of trapped taking this and then hearing that it’s only a joke but you know it’s not. And, so, you’re isolated and there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it because you know that, like, defending yourself and striking back, that’s not going to go well, that’s only going to amp this up and only going to make more problems. And then, you know, if you if you go other directions and have conversations etc., etc. trying to find a solution, then they’ve got the out. Like, this person, ‘you just can’t take a joke, you just can’t take a joke, I was just kidding’. It just, like, makes it worse on you. Right? So, it’s like this horrible situation. That is what the proverb is talking about. Now, listen to the starkness of the language though, ‘Like a madman who shoots flaming arrows, arrows, and death, so is the person who tricks his neighbor and says I was only joking’. So, if you have someone in your life that does that to you then now you have a bit of context, you can step away, refer back to this proverb and go like, man, this is crazy behavior. Like, the person who does this is so insecure inside that they’re acting like a madman, who are shooting these arrows of death and not even understanding and then stepping away, like, disassociating from their own behavior that they are being abusive and spin it like it was just a big joke. Very, very, very unhealthy. And, so, you can observe that as it is happening to you and just go, this is unhealthy. So, yeah, I need to be aware and find ways to step away from this, but I’m also naming it – its crazy, it’s unhealthy, its destructive. And if I engage in the same way, like, if I can if I try to turn this around and do the same thing back, then I’m acting like a madman too. If you are this kind of person, where the critical things are coming out of your mouth before you can catch them, and you are nicking and cutting and swiping at people, especially those that you love and you continue to do it and are just like, ‘what…it was just a joke…can’t you take a joke’. The best thing we can say here is that that’s not healthy and that’s not going anywhere. And if we want to take this behavior biblically, then it’s mad, it’s like a madman who shoots flaming arrows, arrows, and death. And don’t think for a minute that our words don’t have that kind of power because our relationships and interrelationships are formed by our words. And, so, as we close this week down, we have we have this to consider.


Holy Spirit, we invite You into this, the use of our language and our words, especially as it impacts our brothers and sisters around us, the people around us. How are we stewarding our words? Because we don’t usually think of it in those terms. We just communicate and sometimes we’re thoughtful and sometimes we’re not and it’s just talk, just words. And yet, Your word continues to show us that words are pretty powerful things and they’re not as benign, they do things, they create things, and they need to be stewarded. There are times that we shouldn’t wag our tongues. There are times that we should bite them and hold back what we are about to say because it’s going to be destructive and it’s not in a healthy way. It’s not like we’re going to tear down a few things so that we can immediately rebuild upon them so that we can enter into an issue together and work through it toward a solution. Rather, it’s just like snipers on the sideline digging, cutting, tearing down and then acting like it was a joke. Help us Holy Spirit to steward what we say and may we speak words of the kingdom this day and every day. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website. It’s home base. It’s where you find out what’s going on around here.

And it’s what’s going on around here right now is the Global Campfire Initiative. So, a few days ago, on Tuesday, I released this talk about the Global Campfire Initiative, something that’s actually been going on behind the scenes for quite a while, but is now reaching its apex, kind of reaching the light of day in a way that will impact this community. And, so, I brought into the story and invited you in to participate in what we’re doing here, in building this platform, and launching this new app for the Daily Audio Bible, and turning outward, and making it free as we go forward for everyone on an Android or an iOS device. And I’ve talked about the classic Nashville that we’re bringing into this mix with the Hatch Show Prints that we had made. And they are beautiful and frameable and commemorative, not only of this initiative, but of the Global Campfire, of our community. It represents who we are together and what we’re doing together. And, so, that you can hang it somewhere that you can see it and remember that you’re never alone and also remember to pray, so that we always are praying for each other. And, so, for those of you who are able and willing to contribute $200 or more toward this initiative. And I unpack it all in that talk. I made that talk someone have to like re-state the story all day every day. So, go back and listen to that if you haven’t. So, for those of you who can contribute at that level, we will send you one of these signed and numbered Hatch Prints, although they are about to be gone. So, jump in on that if you can in and check it out. Thank you for your partnership. Truly, literally, this is a move of facing outward. We’ve invested so many resources and so much time over the last three years in development that for the Lord to tell us ‘give it all away’ and for us to step into that is a big risk and clearly doing what God is saying to do. And, so, what that leaves us doing is saying, okay, like usual, what we do we have to do together or we can’t do it all. And, so you’re invited. This is something that were doing together for a specific reason and that specific reason is the sea of people who are drowning that need to find their way into this community where the rhythm of the spoken word of God can wash over them daily and begin to restore and repair and then transform and sanctify. We were all on that road at one point. We all found our way here at one point. We either found our way here to Daily Audio Bible or we found the Scriptures. At one point or another we were drowning and the word of God came and began to tell us who are and began to be the rescue and then began to actually change things inside and then all of the sudden we are thinking different. And it’s like I say at the beginning of every year that we start the Daily Audio Bible, look at yourself in the mirror because you’re not going look the same at the end of this year. Some profound shifting will happen. And it won’t be something that you can see in your face it will be something that you can see in your eyes, you’re changing from the inside out. We’ve experienced this, but there are there are many out there who need to find this and they need to be able to get free and there’s always been ways to do that but not with the app and now we’re are stepping into that together. So, you can find out about the Global Campfire Initiative by listening to that program, but also if you’re looking to contribute and see the Hatch Print that I’m talking about, that’s at dailyaudiobible.com. Scroll down to the initiatives, you’ll find it. Or there’s a banner for in the Daily Audio Bible shop. So, it’s easy enough to find. And, I thank you for helping us finish this initiative well, strong, ready. And off we go into the wild frontier. That has always been the story of the Daily Audio Bible community. So, check that out a dailyaudiobible.com.

If you have a prayer request or comment 877-942 4253 is the number to call.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family. This is Lee from New Jersey. Today is October 24th and I’m calling with a very heavy heart. I got into a big fight with my wife yesterday and it’s in correlation with the anger issues that are just getting out of control - the yelling, the screaming on my end. And, basically, she’s telling me that she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. My daughter hates me, my 14-year-old. So, basically, they both want to have nothing to do with me anymore. My son, who’s 6, I guess he’s too young to even think about these things, very innocent. So, honestly, I don’t blame them and I don’t believe in divorce, but if they want to go through with it I can’t stop them. So, family, it’s a weird prayer because I feel like I deserve this. I mean…if I haven’t been so good to my family…I don’t see why I should deserve the best from them. So, I’m going to ask that you all pray for wisdom, that God give me the wisdom on how to deal with this situation. But if it be God’s will to keep us together, maybe to keep us together so I can become a better man, a better father, a better husband, and above all a better servant of Christ. So, family I know you guys are on it. I mean…I am not even going to ask…but I will. So, again, this is Lee from New Jersey. Very heavy heart today, very sad. I’m on the brink of losing my family. I don’t want to lose them but by that the same token I haven’t been the best husband or father that I’m supposed to be. And this is all related to my anger issues. God bless you all.

I want to thank God for the Daily Audio Bible. Two years ago I was faced with two devastating diagnosis of major surgery for parathyroid and also for prediabetes. The morning routine of checking blood sugar, my weight, recording all that, and then planning my food for myself and my dog was overwhelming. And I didn’t know how to continue my Bible study. So, I turned to the Daily Audio Bible and have been listening every morning for over two years. And, so, now I’ve learned things about the Bible that I didn’t know before, even though I’ve been reading the Bible since I was able to read, at age 6. So, I want you to continue to pray for my health because I’m 64 and I have to continue this diet and exercise for the rest of my life, like it or not. This is Kathy from Kentucky. Thank you very much for the Daily Audio Bible. It’s been a stress reliever in my life and I thank you very much. Please continue to pray for my health. I live alone…for my finances. Thank you. Kathy from Kentucky. Bye.

Hi this is Natalie from Arizona. Good day Daily Audio Bible family. Just touched…so pleased and honored to be a part of this family. I just listened to the Global Campfire that was posted today, October 24th and I just warn you all before you listen, just don’t listen while driving, because I was so moved just listening to the podcast, I was almost brought to my knees. And I’m in the car and my children are wondering what was going on with mom, what’s wrong, and it was just crazy because the Holy Spirit was just moving and the by the end of the podcast, I was home by then, I’m just listening, and I’m praying for an opportunity to be a part of the giving, just praying, Lord I want to be somehow be a part of this movement, I don’t want to be left out and just praying for the opportunity. And then we heard the story about developing the new app. It was so moving and then discovered that the new app is free. It was just mind blowing because I just told one of my friends about the current app, that it’s $0.99. But I’m so glad to move forward and be able to tell others in the future that the app is free but for those of us who are just desperate to give and to participate in the giving portion of all of this, I’m just so glad for the opportunity to purchase the unique artwork. Thank you, Brian and Jill. I just pray for my entire family. Let’s just, together, watch God move. Praise the Lord.

Hello family. My name is Demetri and I’m a first-time caller. I’ve been listening to the Daily Audio Bible about three years. And I think I’m ready call and ask for you guys prayer. Me and my wife, we are struggling. I’ve been finally caught in something I shouldn’t be doing. It might be the worst we’ve ever been and I know I can’t so this without you guys prayer and Gods mercy. I ask you guys to pray for me and my wife. We really need it. I love you family. Bye.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family. This is Dave in Illinois and I am calling this morning in response to Brian, your message you left us regarding the Global Campfire initiative. I  just really wanted to call and encourage folks. Yeah know this is my first year going through the Daily Audio Bible but it is already been life-giving to me. It is something that I crave in the mornings. It’s part of my rhythm of my morning and my day and I’m grateful. Brian, thank you for being faithful. I can only imagine the sacrifices you have made over the decade plus you’ve been doing this. But you’ve done that and you are impacting folks across the world and now we get the partner in that with you and that is absolutely wonderful and amazing. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do that through the Global Campfire initiative. I just gave this morning and I just want to just issue…just give encouragement and a small challenge to the community. I know it can seem like $200 is a lot, and it definitely is, but we have to think where that investments going. And, so, if that’s something you want to do, I know for me, I’ve wanted to partner with the Daily Audio Bible for a while, and this just was perfect timing. Actually, we had, this morning, we sold something that was just a little more than $200. So, we gave all that to the global campfire initiative. So, my challenge will be that y’all want to want to partner with Brian and the rest of the community in this then just pray that God will provide the resources and that you be faithful to respond and give whatever He provides. So, I’ll just pray for us real quick. Father, thank You for Brian for his faithfulness, for his example that he sets for us. And I pray that we will be faithful too. Lord, open up doors for us and I pray that You will provide the resources because all we have is Yours. I pray that You would bless this next wave that you are bringing with the Daily Audio Bible and all that…