8/14/2017 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 7:73b-9:21; 1 Corinthians 9:1-18; Psalms 33:12-22; Proverbs 21:11-1

Today is the 14th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is great to be here with you today as we continue forward through the book of Nehemiah and First Corinthians. So, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the Holman Christian Standard bible this week. Nehemiah chapter 7 verse 73 through 9 verse 21.


Father, we thank You for your word. And as we carry on into this week we invite Your word to continue to speak to us each and every day. But even things that You are showing us along the way, may they be sewn into our lives, yielding fruit that is transformative, that continues to recreate us in the image of our savior, Jesus. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray in Your precious name. Amen.


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If you have Sneezing Jesus, if you have the book, Sneezing Jesus, and you’ve been through it and haven’t had a chance to leave a review wherever you got it, and you’re willing to consider that planting of a seed to those who will come into contact with it later, then one more call out for that. Thank you. And if you haven’t had chance to check into that yet, we talked about it for…I mean…I wish I could continue to talk about it as I was when we were going through Acts and Romans because the thing is, it’s all throughout the bible and I want to keep us facing outward. We have to face outward into the world because of the only way to become Christ-like, which is really the essence of this book - what does that mean, what would that look like or that be if it weren’t a metaphor, what did Jesus do with his humanity, and what does that mean to our humanity. If you haven’t had the chance to read or listen to that work yet, certainly, certainly invite you to check into that. I fully believe that it will be transformative for you. So, you can Sneezing Jesus wherever you can get books or audio books.

And if you haven’t had a chance to be in the Sneezing Jesus discussion group, that’s at facebook.com/groups/sneezingjesus. There’s a fantastic group of friends there that have shared some incredible stories, just kind of going through and reading all that is really encouraging. And being a part of discussion is really encouraging.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Hi Daily Audio Bible. I’ve been…this is my first time calling. My name is Valerie and I live in Michigan. And I’ve been listening for such a long time and I am so glassed by everyone that calls in to pray for different people. And I have a prayer request. It’s for my father. He’s in hospice now and his name is Joe. And he just turned 88. And I lost my mother about seven months ago. And it’s really difficult for me to go through this again. So, it’s kind of like the same thing all over again and I’m having a really hard time. And I just want everyone that can hear this message right now to please pray for my father. He was a very strong willed man his whole life and he chose to do things his own way. And now to see him in such a vulnerable state, it’s very difficult. And I know that God in His great, great mercy understands my father and his life. And I know my mom is waiting for him. So, please pray. And Blind Tony…I love, love, love your gift. It blesses so much and there are just so many people that bless me. I can’t even remember their names now. But please pray for the gift of a happy death for my father Joe. Thank you. In Jesus’ name. And thank you for everyone for blessing me so much. Bye.

Hello Daily Audio Bible Family. This is Jay from New Jersey. Just wanted to ask for some prayer for this little cold that I am dealing with right now. Hopefully you can understand what I’m saying. And also, today is day number ten of fasting and praying for those who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Heavenly Father, gracious Lord, our savior, Jesus Christ, we come to You this morning with our own issues and our own problems but we take just a moment to focus on those who are struggling, who are being oppressed and attacked and overwhelmed and held captive by anxiety and depression. God, I pray for godly doctors, I pray for godly psychiatrists, I pray for Spirit filled councilors, I pray for God fearing friends, I pray for Jesus’ loving family members that can surround these people with Your love, with Your wisdom, with Your guidance, with Your strength, with Your encouragement. God, I pray now in the name of Jesus Christ that you will encourage each and every person within the sound of my voice that is dealing with this debilitating depression to open up the word, to tap on that DAB app, to open up that bible app, and search out Your joy, to search out Your peace, to search out Your strength, which can overcome, which has overcome, which it already has the victory over all of these things. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.  

Hi DAB. My name is Mary C. and I’m from Georgia. I’m 16 and on October 5th it will be 2 years since I’ve been sick with a heart condition. I also, a year ago, passed out and badly hit my head and I now have convulsions that lately have been getting more severe. So, I just wanted to call to ask for prayer for my healing in the hope that I will be healed and that I will be able to go back to school. I have, sadly, lost contact with my friends and even if I did have friends I don’t have the energy right now to be able to hang out. Also, we are trying to…me and my mom…are trying to move to Alabama where we have family. And hopefully then I will be getting better. And also, I have another thing to ask for prayers – it’s for us to find a home. I really want a home that I can be happy to move to. So, that would be very nice. I also ask for prayers because my sister Elizabeth is not with the Lord right now. And I ask that you all pray that she will hopefully come back because it’s very saddening and it scares me sometimes and I pray for her a lot. I hope all of you have a fantastic week. Thank you.

Hey DAB family this is Byron out in Florida. I just wanted to give a quick praise report. I was getting ready for work this morning and my son was sitting at the breakfast table eating and I was packing up my bag and stuff and I noticed that this old bible gospel track in my bag. It was old and wrinkled and I’d never handed it out to anybody. And…ah…I just had this thought…just…give it to him. So, I gave it to him and said hey, read this. And, so, I left and I continued to get ready for work in another room and stuff like that and then a few mins later I came out and just said, hey…did you read it. And he’s like, ya, I read it and it helped a lot. I was like, really, it helped a lot. And he was like ya, it helped me feel more comfortable about heaven, whenever I have doubts, he said. You know, and that’s something that my son has struggled with. He knows the Lord but…ya know…his own sins just overwhelm him sometimes. And this bible track that I just handed to him at random was a great encouragement to his Spirit about the love of God and standing with Christ. And that…I had not that intention at all…to give it to him. I just thought to give it to him. So, I just wanted to thank God for His faithfulness and for His grace and for His mercy and for His love and how He Keeps us and how He user all manner of things to guide us and encourage us. I just want to give a shout of praise to my God for His love and for His glory that He dares to share with us. He is so faithful, so righteous, and so loving. He loves us so much…that just…that little token…it just overwhelms my heart…it just really does…and how He cares for us. And these are the smallest things that we just don’t even think about. He does such great things. He’s just so worthy of out praise. I just wanted to give a shout out to my God. I love You God and I’ll talk to you later.