07/17/2017 DAB Transcript

1 Chronicles 24:1-26:11 ~ Romans 4:1-12 ~ Psalm 13:1-6 ~ Proverbs 19:15-16

Today is the 17th day of July. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it’s great to be here with you today as we dive headfirst into this week and, of course, at first into the scriptures for today and we’re reading from the Holman Christian Standard Bible this week. So, back into the book of 1 Chronicles we go, Chapter 24 Verse 1 through 26 Verse 11 today.


Alright so, we’re in the letter to the Romans, obviously, and we talked a lot about the apostle Paul as we were going through the book of Acts, trying to fill in the back story, why he’s such a lightning rod, why people want to assassinate him, why there are mobs forming around him, and this is largely due to the fact that they believe this devout Pharisee has become a heretic and left his faith and is trying to entice others by dismantling everything they’ve believed all along, when the reality is that Paul’s argument is: None of that is true. I’m not trying to leave anything behind. I have found how it works. I have found how Jesus fits into this story. It’s the same story and God is continuing it and completing it through Jesus.

And so this letter to the Romans is to the Roman Church, people who were following Jesus, but it’s a mixed church, it’s an integrated church with some Jewish believers and some Gentile believers. And Paul is speaking, in particular, about circumcision today, which is one of the outward representations of devotion to God in the Jewish faith. So, for them, you can’t be in the Jewish faith if you’re a man and you are uncircumcised. So, sorry for all the penis talk today, but I think I can safely blame it on the Apostle Paul. Circumcision was a very big deal within Judaism and some of the things Paul is trying to explain were getting him on the hot seat as if he were saying it is no big deal.  We’ll see this crop up. We’ll see this very issue crop up as we continue forward in the New Testament.  But underneath It all, Paul is saying, if you have this symbolic thing that you’ve done ritualistically and you have no idea what’s underneath that, like you have no idea why, the why of that, then you have built a dogma around a tradition you don’t even understand, which is no less true in the Christian faith, and Paul is equating this to like action, work that will by default justify you and make you righteous before God.

So what we are talking about today in the Book of Romans is kind of controversial at this time because Paul is zooming out and going back to their ancestral father, Abraham, like the guy that started the whole thing, that has made them to people that they are, and saying, hang on a second. Abraham believed God and God then took that belief, that faith, and looked at him as righteous because of it, but (and it’s a big but) we have to remember that Abraham, when this happened, wasn’t circumcised. It was only after this that circumcision was given to him as a symbol that was in his flesh - like he couldn’t ever take a bath, get naked, go to the bathroom, whatever, without being reminded of his righteousness and covenant with God.  It was a symbol of this state of being that he had entered into, because God bestowed it on him, differentiating the idea of working your way into this or receiving it as a gift. Works versus Grace. So, in effect he’s saying, look, you can jump through the hoops and you can follow all the rituals that you want, you can follow whatever recipe you want that you think is going to make you righteous before God but that’s not how it works. Those rituals, those symbols, those works are as a result of what has been given to you, bestowed upon you by grace.  The symbols, the recipe, the rituals, they don’t mean much unless they are attached to something far deeper within you. You’re just kind of going through the motions, thinking that if you can follow that recipe it’s all good when the only way it’s going to be all good is if you, like our ancestor Abraham, believe God and receive this gift that you cannot possibly earn your way into.  And for them, the earning their way into it was by following the law to a tee, which no one could do, which is a pretty big deal. A really big deal for us now as we understand our faith in Jesus, but an even bigger deal for the Jewish people who had been practicing a faith all along of trying to obey the law perfectly, trying to work their way to God.  This was part of the tapestry of their entire worldview and being in the world. Everything was oriented to doing, to obeying this law.

And so Paul coming along and saying all this is sort of reframing things. It’s very disruptive because it’s a new way of looking at the same thing that reveals that the story is much bigger then maybe previously thought.  And so Paul is this lightning rod in the middle of all of this. Paul is preaching a message that is inclusive and expansive in that he’s saying the Gentiles can be grafted into this story and are supposed to be grafted into this story, which is in part where the circumcision talk comes from because he’s saying Abraham wasn’t circumcised when he believed and then God gave him circumcision as a symbol of what had already taken place. So why are we thinking that can’t still happen?  But he’s also saying none of us have been able to achieve perfection in the law. The law is what shows us sin. The law, actually because we can’t keep it, shows us our powerlessness to achieve that perfection before God and yet God came to be here and give us righteousness and give us what we cannot possibly do ourselves.

And so it is the heart of the Christian faith, but it’s such a beautiful thing when you have some context and see how disorienting and disruptive what he’s saying is that what we take for granted wasn’t something we could always take for granted and watching this unfold, which brings us to consider what are the things that we’re wrestling with right now? I mean, how is it that we have tried to close the whole thing down and own it in some sort of recipe that must be followed, when the reality is we cannot possibly achieve perfection before God without God.  We can’t possibly earn our way forward into this by just being that good. We cannot receive the divine nature of God that Jesus offers us on our own, in our own strength. We can’t earn our way into it. It can’t happen. We’re not capable of doing it without God. That’s the story of the human race.  That’s the story of the Bible since Adam and Eve, trying to figure out how to make it work without God when we were never made to do anything without God.


God, Father, without You we can do nothing. You’ve been pretty clear about that in the scriptures, not only explicitly but within every story and every person that we meet. And Your word shows us our flailing struggle to try to wrap our minds around our own helplessness but also our struggle to try to make this work on our own terms, to try to take the knowledge of good and evil and find our way back on our own to perfection.  And it can’t happen on our own because the state of Shalom, of perfection, that we see at the very beginning and in Jesus was deeply and utterly and hopelessly intertwined with you. So come Holy Spirit, show us the recipes that we’ve been trying to follow to make it work. Not that  they’re bad things or choices or activities or postures, but because when we try to achieve them without Your indwelling we will never get there.  Come, Holy Spirit we pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Dailyaudiobible.com is the website. It’s home base. It’s where you find out what’s going on around here and a few things.  Obviously, last week we gave birth as a community to this work Sneezing Jesus, and I can safely, I think, announce that the audio edition of that work is now available. I know it was becoming available even as we released. Here’s the thing. Last time, my last work, Reframe, had a bit of a delay with the audio release, several months, largely because there was a CD edition of it in the world before there was a digital audio downloadable edition and so that was staggered.  So we had been working toward the downloadable audio edition for a while trying get them as close as possible, but when you are trying to roll something out all over the world in all kinds of formats and places, you don’t just push a button and it happens. It’s a bit of a tedious process. I’m pretty sure, pretty much everywhere that does downloadable audio editions has it now. For example, here in the United States, probably the two primary outlets for audio books would be Audible and iTunes and it’s available. I even saw that Audible had it on sale, I think $4.95 is what I saw.  I don’t know if that is still the way it is, but I think so. Anyway, so those of you who ordered Sneezing Jesus and working through the book, who are also like, I’d love to have it read to me, I read the audio edition of the book and so that’s available. And wherever you are in the world, wherever it is that you go to get your audio books, it should be there now. So Sneezing Jesus, audio edition is available.

The other thing is we have a great discussion group going around Sneezing Jesus. We are discussing and talking about it. Come jump into that and this Thursday, just a couple of days from now, we’ll do our first little live broadcast about Sneezing Jesus and we’ll talk about it, but it’ll be in the Sneezing Jesus group discussion page. So, you have to be in that group to be able to see it, so it’s at facebook.com/groups/sneezingjesus and that will be at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time which is where I am in the Rolling Hills of Tennessee. So you have to maybe Google it depending on your time zone.  If you’re in the United States that would be 8 p.m. on the east coast and 5 p.m. on the West Coast and I’ll just come down here in the studio and turn it on and share some thoughts and take some questions and we’ll just see where all of that leads us, but make some plans for this Thursday and I will look forward to seeing you there.  

And then the other thing is the Sneezing Jesus tour. So this fall and into next year we’ll be doing some traveling and bringing this message and we are looking forward to that. I have done some pretty grueling travel and speaking schedules and tours in my life. This is not going to be quite Iike that. I’m not going to do quite as many cities as I’ve done before, just keep a little margin in my life this year; however, if you would like to see Sneezing Jesus come to your city, your church, here’s how to get some of the ball rolling. Go to sneezingjesus.com and so that’s like the portal for Sneezing Jesus, and scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see that there’s a little form down there.  Fill that out and we’ll respond and see if we can make that happen.

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And that is it for today. I’m Brian.  I love you, and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Good morning Dabbers, this is Walta, the burning bush that will not be devoured for the glory of our God and King.  Today is Friday, July 14th and I just heard Paula, the child advocate, and I heard your prayer and I am so touched in my heart because when you were speaking about other people calling and praying versus you praying, I just saw that woman, no, not the woman, the scripture where Jesus talks about this man going into the church, going into the temple and praying these loud prayers and telling God all these things and the man was just quiet in the back and just crying and saying Lord forgive me.  And what I saw was the sincerity of the prayer.  The Bible says the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much.  Your prayer was so effective and it hit the nail and you talked about loneliness, those who feel alone and honestly I’ve been struggling with that last week and I praise God for you and thank Him that you were able to step out and just let the Holy Spirit speak through you. I strongly believe that God listens to the prayers of your heart and your prayer is just you verbalizing what’s in there. And so, to you, and all the other Dabbers out there who don’t pray audibly for fear of not being able to meet a certain standard, take her challenge and call in and pray and let God bless others through you. I love you all and I’ll talk to you later.  Bye.

Hi beautiful family. This is Pastor Gene all the from Bradenton, FL. I love you guys. Praying for each one of you. Please join me in prayer. Lord, You are so good, we love You, we praise You, we give You thanks for Jill, we give You thanks for Brian and the inspiration and anointing You have given him. Father, thank You for helping him pen Sneezing Jesus. Father, we pray for each one that has been able to purchase from one book to several of them, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that each one of us is going to read the book, put it in the hands of somebody else, and most importantly, practice the principles of looking at Jesus as God Man inspiring us to spread love, hope, and light wherever we are. Father, I pray that every person that we will place a book in their hands will be blessed, will be strengthened, will be encouraged to become Your followers and Your witnesses. Father, I want to pray for my sister Judy from the Midwest. Father, you know that she’s working in a very hostile environment where she feels she was about to be assaulted the other day.  She is intent in being the light and the salt in her work environment and I, who can completely relate to what she is trying to do, pray that You will grant the desires of her heart, that You will affirm her and establish her and make her a beautiful testimony and that You will cover her and protect her. Father, if it’s Your will to deliver her from that place, please do so in the mighty name of Jesus, but if it’s Your will for my sister to stand in the midst of the fire and overcome and be the church that many of those people attend just by looking at her life, then let it be so. And in the name of Jesus, Father, I bless my brother John, who called very sad because his wife is moving away and they are thinking about a separation. Father, in the name of Jesus, You make all things new.  Make my brother John’s marriage brand new.  I pray for all you guys in Jesus mighty name. Pastor Gene. Bye.

Greetings to my beautiful DAB family. This is Candace from Oregon. I owe a debt of gratitude. Wow, big time. I owe thanks to Brian and Jill and everyone who’s a part of this family. I am so upheld by this daily experience that I’ve gotten to be in now for about three and a half years now and I just can’t tell you how the kind of growth and strengthening its been and spiritual growth and it’s getting real, getting more real, and getting more into relationship with Jesus. Jen from SoCal, thank you for your prayers for me. I feel them and I know many people are praying for me. And really I feel it and I need it.  Boy, I need it. This is probably one of the toughest years of my life, no doubt, but only God knows that. And he can carry us through anything. I’m on the Eucharist chapter of Sneezing Jesus. Wow, there you go. There’s your proof. He can get us through anything. He called Lazarus out of the grave.  He walked to His own grave for us. There’s nothing too difficult for him. There’s nothing too big for him to handle. Thank you Jesus. Thank you so much. We love you. We love you back.

Hi DAB family, this is ___________ from Phoenix. I am actually calling with a praise report. Quick back story.  I found out a year ago, last June, that my husband was having an affair and we’ve gotten a little closer over the last year.  The praise report today is that he is going to lunch with my pastor.  He thinks it’s just lunch because he’s not working, but he really likes the guy and he’s actually willing to sit down with a pastor and hasn’t been willing to do that for at least the last four years. Other huge praise report, I know it won’t be heard before it happens, but if you could be praying that that relationship would form.  Second praise report.  His attitude has significantly changed towards me.  He is more attentive.  He’s been living at home pretty much for the last few months, but the last week since we got back – we’d been gone for a week on vacation - he’s been very attentive, wants to know what I’m doing, who I’m talking to, just things that never happened before that he didn’t care about, so that’s a great attitude change and I’m very excited about that.  Third thing which is also a big prayer request, we have our mediation hearing for a week of separation this upcoming Wednesday.  Prayers that all that can be worked out so that we do not have to go to court for, that we will work to reconcile and call the whole thing off. Either way, that God’s will be done for the best and that we will keep moving forward towards him coming back to God and back to his family.  Thank you so much for your prayers.

Hi family and friends. The is Deb in ____.  Today is the 14th of July and I’m calling because of Grady’s call and ____ call and just really and truly calling because the Holy Spirit moved me to call and to pray for Grady and to remind you how much you’re loved and that even though some others, like myself, don’t call often, we are listening and we are praying and I love what’s been happening a lot lately of just praying while we’re here so because Grady called and asked for help with reaching his friends for Christ and I know many of us have cried out for the Father to send laborers into the Harvest, I think Grady is an answer, in part to that prayer, so join me as we pray for Grady. Lord, we know that you love all of your children. We know that you love all of the population of the earth and would love to see all those that would receive You be saved to come into a closer relationship with You and that’s where Grady’s heart is.  Give him wisdom. Give him guidance. Give him the right words at the right time and the courage to speak them. Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, well up in him with the ministry that each one needs and give him strength to say his course, to not be tempted, to not fall away, and to not fail in Your assignment but Lord, help him to remember that it’s not his strength and that the failure isn’t the way we see things but you’re with him to help him to obey and that we are here praying for him in the background. You all have a wonderful day. Know how much your Father loves you and know that you are important and that if you are sneezing, God bless you.