04/25/2017 DAB Transcript

Judges 4:1-5:31 ~ Luke 22:35-54 ~ Psalm 94:1-23 ~ Proverbs 14:3-4

Today is April 25th.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you for the next step forward in this beautiful week we have and the next step forward in the scriptures and we have been learning about Israel’s judges, those who came after Joshua and kind of rose up to lead Israel; hence, the name of the book that we’re reading in the Old Testament, the book of Judges, and we’re reading from The Voice translation this week.  Judges chapter 4, verse 1 through 5:31.  


Like we said at the beginning, we’re getting to know the judges of Israel which is a period of time of leadership in Israel where most everybody, the tribes, have kind of settled in some land and there is no real central leader other than in Shiloh at the Tabernacle.  The tribes are kind of independent, but over time they just kind of mix in with all the other people and things happen.  Different tribes are oppressed.  Different tribes are conquered or under other leaders and then a judge seems to emerge and God uses that judge to reunite his people and kind of reset things.  

We came to the story of the judge Deborah today which I love because this is a valiant woman now leading Israel and in the Deborah story is another valiant woman named Jael and she has some courage, courage enough to defeat a general of an ally in her case, which is not going to make the king very happy, which is aligning herself with God’s people.  Pretty big stuff.   So if you’re one of the women who was at the More Gathering or if you’re just a woman within the sound of my voice, don’t think that you’re not a valiant person, which is not to say you should drive a tent peg through somebody’s head.  I’m saying you have courage.  You have what it takes.  You are seen.  

Sometimes loving in the face of every bit of drama that comes into our lives, sometimes that is a very valiant thing to do.  Sometimes just telling the truth is a very valiant thing to do. Sometimes being patient in another’s story and walking with them and staying with them when they keep tripping up and keep messing up is a valiant thing to do.  We all have it in us.  We all have that stuff rise up in us, that courage, but a lot of times we’re just aiming it at the wrong place.  Sometimes we’re aiming it in the wrong direction at the wrong person at the wrong time when we have incredible amounts of authority, power, valiant hearts and courage.  If we would understand that we are fighting the forces of evil and darkness first, if we would understand that first before we go in all these weird directions, finding the darkness and coming against that with a valiant heart, with a tent peg as it were, we would do so much more good and bring so much more goodness, if we aimed all of that courage at darkness instead at whoever is closest nearby.

May we take the story of Deborah and her song that she sang and her words that she has become the mother of Israel to heart as we move through the remainder of this week.  May we take that courage and use it against the forces of darkness in this world and in our communities and in our homes and in our families and in our relationships.


Father, we invite you into that because sometimes it just feels like we’re the ones getting beaten down, beaten down, beaten down, just like the children of Israel, but you always brought rescue and that rescue brought a unity. So come Holy Spirit and let us each understand that what we’re really fighting against is darkness in any form, in any place, not a person.  Come Holy Spirit and help us.  We ask in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.    


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And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Yeah, hi.  I’m a 7-year listener, first-time caller.  For this call you can call me the sex addict from Central Washington. All of the consequences of my sin are falling on my wife – hurt, betrayal.  She is all alone.  And now, after a fight, I followed the advice of legal counsel and reported domestic violence, not knowing if these charges go through, that my wife could lose her job. So please, Biola, Blind Tony, Delta Alpha Foxtrot, Asia, James, Drew, Sam, Pastor Gene, Slave of Jesus, and all the rest of you listeners, please pray.  Pray that these domestic violence charges will be reduced or stopped and that God would heal our marriage.  And I will call back with a praise.  Thank you.  

Hello my DAB family.  This is Mark S. from Sydney, Australia.  Today is the 22nd of April.  I’m calling today just to say how much I just love all of you, my community.  The response that I’ve had, the loving response from God through all of you, especially Pastor John who posted on Facebook Friends and all the people there, just too many to mention, you certainly are the hand and extension of God’s love to me.  Steve from New Hampshire I heard today.  And Lisa the Encourager, you certainly encouraged me.  Lee from New Jersey, I wish I had so much more time. There is so much that I would love to say, but two minutes is not enough.  Family, I just want to let you know that I have dusted myself off.  I’m back on the narrow path and, through the mercy of God, I will keep moving forward.  There are so many miraculous things that have happened in my life true to God, and Brian and Jill, I just cannot express my gratitude that you have listened to the Lord and created this amazing body of Christ, this community that extends love to anybody who wants love from God.  How I wish…  There is nothing I can say to show my appreciation.  Thank you, my family.  I love to hear from all of you.  I love listening to everybody.  I love praying along.  I wish I had more time to do more like a lot of you do, but I’ll do what I can at the moment and keep loving all of you as well.  Thank you.  Bye-bye.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family.  This is Nidia from New Jersey.  It is April 22nd and I’m calling for you, Annette.  I love you so much, Annette.  I love your voice.  I love your joy and I love your love and steadfast faith in our Father God. I just want to lift up right now, if we all could pray for Alex.  Father God, we just lift up, Father, Alex.  You created him and you love him so much, Father God.  We just thank you that his only injury was a broken ankle physically, Father God, but we know that his soul, Father God, is sick because he is not having a relationship with you, Father God.  You just love him and you created him for such big plans that you have for him, so Father, now that he’s in prison, Father, please, please Holy Spirit, open his heart, open his eyes.  Give him faith.  Give him the faith so that he can feel the love, Father God, that you have for him, the joy and the sadness that you have because you don’t have that relationship with him.  Annette, can you send him the Reframe audio, DVD, the CD?  I just listened to it three times and I’m just so filled with God’s love. Maybe Alex is in prison so that he is stayed put in one place to receive our Father.  So Father God, I just lift up Alex and Annette and we just stand in your promise because we know that you are going to heal Alex’s heart and soul. In Jesus’ mighty, mighty and precious name we pray and we just thank you for Brian, for Reframe, for the message that he sends to the world and the seed that he is sowing.  In Jesus’ mighty and precious name we pray.  Amen.  

Dear Lord Jesus, this week we commit our marriages into your able hands. Thank you for our marriages. Thank you because when the enemy comes as a flood, you will raise up a sword against him.  Thank you because you are now starting to work in our marriages, O Lord. Thank you because the hearts of husbands are turning back to their wives and the wives’ hearts are turning back to their husbands too.  Thank you because you’re pulling down the stronghold of the enemy of our marriages. Thank you because you’re setting captives free.  Thank you because wives are now going to submit to their husbands as husbands submit to you, O Lord.  Thank you because husbands will love their wives and be very considerate and treat them with tenderness.  Thank you because you will rebuke Satan to get his dirty hands off our marriages. Thank you because your blood is setting captives free right now.  Lord, please ignite the fire of love, deep love between husbands and wives.  Lord, let your Holy Spirit move in our marriages. __ has been the cause of strife in our marriages, Lord, please hold __, Lord.  Please let husbands desire their wives only and wives not __ their husbands. Same thing, let husbands be very, very gracious to their wives.  Lord, help us to use our finances wisely.  Help us to always encourage each other and not pull each other down.  We speak life over our marriages.  We ask, Lord, that you remove unnatural behavior that may be destroying our marriages.  We ask, Lord, for a mighty hedge of protection over marriages. Please bring back those spouses that may have left marriages, O God, if it be your will for them to come back. Lord, we ask for total renewal in DAB marriages and yes, we thank you in advance because we know you hear our cries. Thank you, Lord.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.  This is Sheila from Texas.  

Hey, good morning.  This is Stephen from Cullman, AL.  It’s Sunday, April 23rd and I just wanted to call.  I’ve been listening for I guess about six years.  Haven’t called too many times, but I was reminded today about why this has been such a life-changing habit.  I used to try to figure out what I was going to read.  I was challenged to spend time in the morning with God and I would go back and forth and didn’t have a good plan. Following this rhythm of the scriptures every day, going through the One Year Bible has just been amazing.  There are so many times where God has given me the answer right when I needed it and today I was reminded in Psalm 91 a couple years ago my youngest daughter, she was having nightmares and she was very afraid and she was convinced somebody was going to come in our house at night and shoot her.  Her room is closest to our front door and despite everything I could do to try to convince her that I would protect her and tell her I have guns and I’ll do whatever I could to protect her, it wasn’t really enough.  Until one morning about this same time a couple years ago this chapter came up and I immediately went, printed it out, I read it to her, prayed about it.  We started praying about it at night.  Taped it on her mirror in her bathroom and ever since we’ve had it taped on our garage door and it is a constant prayer I pray for my family and children.  So God used that to help me be a better father when I didn’t have the answers.  So fathers out there, I hope this encourages you.  I listen to the prayers.  

Hello everyone.  Good morning. It’s Jay calling from New Jersey. I’m calling for Steve whose been listening to the Daily Audio Bible with his wife for the past 8 years and he said he is in Franklin County.  Steve, I’m going to pray for you and I’m going to pray for your daughter-in-law and your son and new baby.  Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we come to you now adoring who you are, standing and praying in awe, uniting our hearts around the love that you have given us.  God, your word tells us that we love you because you first loved us.  Father, we confess of any sins that we have committed now that we can think of, that come to our minds, into our hearts.  We ask for forgiveness, Father.  Receiving that forgiveness, we thank you.  We thank you.  We thank you for life, for health, and for strength.  We thank you for the ability to come to you as your children with these prayers.  Father, we lift up Steve and his family.  We lift up Anna.  We lift up Baby Josanna, Father.  God, this baby that is so beautiful and so precious that was born on April 1st, we thank you for her.  Father, we thank you for the union that you put between her parents.  And God, we bring forth Anna as she is going through the healing process, Father, and we prat that you will invigorate her cells to begin to heal like never before, that it could only be described as something that God has his hand on.  So we thank you, Father, for what you’re doing, what you’ve already done, and what you’re going to do.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen.