03/22/2017 DAB Transcript

Numbers 33:40-35:34 ~ Luke 5:12-28 ~ Psalm 65:1-13 ~ Proverbs 11:23

Today is March 22nd.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian. It’s good to be here with you today and I’m glad that we’re here together.  This is our last full day in the book of Numbers.  Tomorrow we’ll finish it off and begin the next book, so that’s exciting.  Well done! But we’re not there yet, so let’s move into today’s reading.  From the New Living Translation this week, Numbers chapter 33, verse 40 through 35, verse 34.  


Father, we thank you for your word and we take this proverb deep into our hearts.  We want to be godly and not wicked.  The thing is, without God, without you, we can’t be godly.  And so we invite you because this is the invitation you have invited us into, to become more and more like our Savior each and every day, to become more and more godly every day.  So we invite you, Holy Spirit.  Today may we become more godly.  Today. Not as an esoteric theological concept that is out there somewhere when we mature.  Today.  Now. Come, Holy Spirit, and make us godly today.  We ask in your mighty name and by your authority, the only way this prayer is even possible.  Come, Holy Spirit, we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  


Www.DailyAudioBible.com is the website.  It’s home base.  It’s where you find out what is going on around here and I’ve been talking about the More Gathering and I’m going to talk about it a little bit more because tomorrow is the last day for registration.  Two weeks from tomorrow the conference starts so we’re looking very forward to it.  Our intercessory team has been praying, praying and praying for you.  Those of you who are coming, people have been praying for you for a long time now and the team has been interceding, just asking Jesus for the right words.  So it’s going to be amazing.  Tomorrow is the deadline, so you can get all the information that you would want to know at www.DailyAudioBible.com.  Just look for the More Gathering or just go to www.MoreGathering.com and it will take you there as well.  So we’ll look forward to seeing you, but tomorrow is the deadline, is the final day of registration, so hope you can come.  

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And, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment, (877) 942-4253 is the number to dial.  

And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Hi DAB family.  This is Joyce from California.  Today is March 16th and I just heard Candace from Oregon calling in, letting us know about her husband.  Candace, I just wanted to say that I love you and that we’re grieving with you and we’re lifting you up in prayer.  I’m so sorry for your loss.  And I’m just really grateful that your husband brought you to us and I wanted you to know that you are deeply loved.  I always love hearing your voice, just like I love hearing the voices of all of our family members.  I’m praying with you. I just hope you can feel our arms, our hearts surrounding you right now and lifting you up.  We love you so much.  Be comforted, okay?  Alright, love you lots.  Okay, bye-bye.  

This is Soosie and this message is for Candace.  Candace, I pray to the Lord for you.  Your husband is with Jesus, but Lord, I lift Candace up to you and in her pain, Lord, in those moments, Lord, we ask that you give her peace and rest and courage and comfort each and every moment of every day and please continue to bless Candace always.  Thank you, Lord.  Amen. Also I have a prayer for Al who called in on the 14th who is separated from his wife and his daughter because he has a job in one state and she has a job in another state.  And I pray, Lord, that you will reunite them soon, Lord God.  I pray for provision for them.  Thank you, Lord.  You are so good to all of us, Lord.  Thank you. We praise you.  Amen.

Our God, thank you.  __________ thank you, Lord.  Thank you for this beautiful day and for this new day and these new chances, new opportunities we have to praise and worship you and give you glory in everything we do. I pray, Lord, you help us be mindful of that today.  Father God, thank you that you know what we need and thank you, Lord, so much that you provide those needs.  Father God, help us to find time today and in the coming days and the coming weeks we find that time to stop and just be with you and spend time with you and let you speak to us and let you change us.  Be transforming us, Lord, changing our hearts and changing our minds.  Father God, thank you so much for the More Conference. Thank you, Lord, so much for those who are organizing it and those who are preparing for it and all those behind the scenes of that, Lord.  I pray, Lord, that you would be blessing them, giving them ideas and that you’ll be guiding them, Lord, and you’ll be protecting them, Lord.  Father God, thank you for all of those women who have signed on already.  I pray, Lord, that you are preparing them for what they are going to hear and I pray, Lord, that you would get them there safely.  Father God, I pray for all those who haven’t signed on yet but who are going to, Lord.  You know who needs this.  And I pray, Lord, that they would get there.  Father God, we pray for the women, we pray for their families, pray for their friends, their wives, their __________, Lord.  The enemy is trying to absolutely do everything to stop this from going on.  Please be protecting them from that.  Please keep them going.  Please be giving them what they need to get there and get them there safely, Lord, and just be blessing them greatly.  

Good morning Daily Audio Bible.  This is Karrie calling from Baltimore.  I am a new listener and this is my first time calling in.  I just wanted to reach out to the young woman who called in last week with mycosis fungoides.  I am a nurse at an oncology major institution in Baltimore and I just wanted to reach out to you and if you have any questions about your diagnosis or you just need some support, feel free to email me at KZimmer8@jhmi.edu.  Please feel free to reach out to me.  I also wanted to let you know that I’m lifting you up in prayer.  I’m also lifting up the 73-year-old lady who called and was wishing Brian a happy birthday.  Please know I’m praying for your finances and for your family’s situation and strength with your daughters.  And also I’m praying for Maverick and his grandmother called in last week as well. So please know I’m praying for healing for Maverick and that his little body will just be able to withstand what is happening and will fight.  I hope that he is getting better each day.  Thank you so much for this program.  It’s been invaluable to me and I’m so, so glad that it found me.  Thank you all.  Have a great day.

Hey Joyful from Tennessee, I believe that message was for me, probably a few other people, but the key word you said was pressing in and that has kind of been my motto the past week.  I had a really bad year last year and this year __________ getting any better.  I did it big.  Sinned.  I had premarital sex with a woman.  I accidentally got her pregnant and now she wants to terminate the baby and its ripping me apart.  I know Jesus. I repented, by the way.  I was wrong for that, but I know Jesus __________ and I don’t want that kid killed, you know?  I’ve even said, “Hey, have the baby and I’ll take responsibility.  __________.”  It’s killing me, man.  I’ve been sick for days because of this.  I can’t hardly eat and whatnot.  So I’ve got to at least pray for the wellbeing for that child.  I’ll do whatever it takes.  I’ll take responsibility for that.  And also pray for her salvation as well.  I appreciate you all.  I’m a long-time listener.  Screwed up __________.  Thank you.

Hi DAB family.  This is Sidney from Vancouver, WA.  I’m Sam from Vancouver, WA’s wife.  This is my first time calling in in over several years of being a listener to the DAB.  I’m calling because I do really intense  restorative justice work for Portland Public Schools, which is the largest school district in Portland, OR, and I just walked away from a dialogue I had with a family whose kiddo is really negatively impacting kids’ school environment and lots of students that he is hurting and harming.  And he’s also got a lot of harm going on for him.  Next week we’re having a dialogue with his parents and some other parents of impacted kids and I know it’s going to be really intense, so I’m reaching out to the prayer team and I’m just asking for prayer around this process. There is an evilness at work here with this young man.  God has revealed it to me and he has asked me to reach out and ask for prayer support from this wonderful canopy on the DAB line.  So I am.  I need your prayers.  The meeting is next Tuesday morning.  It is going to be pretty intense and so I’m just asking for the Holy Spirit to lead and I really appreciate your prayers in casting out this ugly evil one that is present with this young man and his family.  So I appreciate your prayers.  Thank you guys so much.  I’m always praying for you all and I love listening to this podcast and being a part of this family.  Thanks so much.  Bye.