03/12/2017 DAB Transcript

Numbers 16:41-18:32 ~ Mark 16:1-20 ~ Psalm 55:1-23 ~ Proverbs 11:7

Today is the 12th day of March.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian.  Here we are, stepping together into a brand new week and I love the fresh start of that. As is our tradition around here, we’ll read from a different translation this week than we did the week before. This week we’ll read from the Expanded Bible.  So back out into the wilderness we go where there is some drama going on.  Numbers chapter 16, verse 41 through 18 verse 32 today.


Father, we thank you for this new week.  Every time we cross the threshold of a new day, a new week, a new month, a new year, a new decade, we are reminded that what has gone before us is a result of the choices that we have made, whether or not we have chosen to walk with you.  Every time we cross the threshold, we realize that our future will be made up of similar choices and we’re reminded that there is no life outside of you.  We must walk with you.  This is how we were created.  So we thank you for this new week and we long to be in your presence every moment of it.  We offer it to you for your service and for your glory and may your glory shine down and reflect off of us into this world.  And may we do your work as sons and daughters of the kingdom.  Come Holy Spirit.  We offer this week in advance because we love you and the fact that we’re even going to have this week is a gift from you.  So come Holy Spirit into all of our thoughts, words and deeds, changing us and letting us be your hands and feet to be agents of change in return. Come Holy Spirit, we pray in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.  


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And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Hello, this is Miguel from California.  James, teacher from LA, I am calling to pray with you and to pray for you.  So let’s just jump right in and whoever else is listening, please pray with me.  Father God, thank you for James.  I thank you for where you’ve placed him, that you are leading him, that you are guiding him to the work that you have for him.  Father, I thank you for the softening of the heart of the student that he had mentioned in his prayer request.  And God, we appeal for this soul.  We appeal for this child of God.  We appeal for his salvation.  We come before you and we ask for this seed to take root in this heart.  May this seed find soft soil in his heart and take root and blossom into a beautiful tree of salvation, a tree that yields even more fruit for the glory of God that this gospel will not just stop here with just this one student, but it will spread throughout his classmates, throughout his friends and his family.  He has a story, as we hear, but God, your gospel, your good news is more powerful than any other story that is imaginable.  In Jesus’ name we ask for this boy, this student of James.  God, may you just continue to flourish in James’ work for you.  God, we thank you.  We praise you for what you’re doing.  We ask this in Jesus’ powerful and mighty name.  Amen.  

Hey Dabbers.  This is Derrick in Atlanta, here with my wife and we just want to say thank you for being a community that supports one another through Jesus Christ.  And we just want to support you all with our prayers and hope that you pray for us and our family and our future endeavors. Thanks so much, Brian, for what you do. We love you guys.  Bye.  

Hey DAB family.  Jonathon calling here from Kentucky.  I wanted to update you on my father, Pastor Ted, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  For those who don’t know, he has been a pastor for 43 years, just a deep, deep lover of God who brings so much joy and vitality and Christian life into the church. We just got back from the Cleveland Clinic and the general report is yes, you do have prostate cancer.  The good news is no, it has not spread all throughout your body.  It was like maybe one or two lymph nodes are affected.  It is still pretty serious because it is Gleason scale 9 cancer and it is a large tumor in his prostate.  But I’m calling because I wanted to ask you all to pray about something specific.  On March 16th, so in a few days he is going to be going to Vanderbilt.  They are going to put a couple of gold markers in his prostate and that is to show the radiologist where to direct the radiation. We are praying that as soon as they put those markers in, they have to do two scans, CT scan and an MRI, just to see if the gold markers got put in correctly.  Would you all pray with us?  We just believe God is big.  He can do this.  Would you pray with us that when they go to look at those scans after they have placed those markers in, they’ll just see no trace of cancer and they’ll just come back and say ‘we don’t know what is going on, but we don’t see any cancer anymore in your prostate.  So we put these gold markers in and we don’t see any prostate cancer.’  We believe God can do that.  He is big.  He is able. He is awesome.  I just wanted to reach out to the DAB family and ask would you all join us and raise up a canopy of prayer over this and let’s all together ask if God would be gracious and willing to just remove and eradicate this cancer for his glory?  And we’ll praise his name.  Love you all. Thank you so much and we’re praying for each and every one of you.  God bless you.  

Hi, this is an encouragement for __________.  My name is Charlotte from the UK and this is about your allergies. It says put on all the armor of God, all the armor that God gives you so that you will be able to stand up against the devil’s evil tricks, for we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, __________ and constant perils of this age.  So put on God’s full armor now and when the evil day comes you will be able to resist the enemy’s attack enough to fight him to the end.  You will still hold your ground.  So this is just an encouragement to say put on every single piece of armor that God’s given you and he will give it to you if you ask him.  The theme for this year is margin, so I encourage you that before the trials and tribulations come, that you will put on all the armor so you will be able to stand on the day.  Thank you Audio Bible.  Bye.

Be not dismayed, what’er betide, God will take care of you.  Beneath his wings of love abide, God will take care of you. Through days of toil when heart dost fail, God will take care of you.  When dangers fierce your path assail, God will take care of you.  All you may need he will provide, God will take care of you.  Nothing you ask will be denied, God will take care of you.  No matter what may be the test, God will take care of you.  Lean, weary one, upon his breast,  God will take care of you.  [Singing] God will take care of you through every day, throughout the way, God will take of you.  God will take care of you.  

Greetings Daily Audio Bible.  This is Tillman from Evans, GA and I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I guess the Lord has been __________ that I just don’t feel like being a burden on anyone.  But I call with a heavy heart simply because I love my mother-in-law.  She is physically going through right now.  She had major surgery last Wednesday and she came out of that okay, but she has had a setback and she is in ICU.  She is not having much urine output and she is having issues with her heart.  So I just ask that you all would lift her up, pray for her, that she would be healed and that her body be whole for he is the God that heals thee.  I would also ask that you pray for my wife in this time where she feels confused because her mother does not live in our town, so with all the logistics and everything it gets a little difficult.  Just pray to encourage her, that she would trust in the Lord with all of her heart, all of her soul and with all of her mind.  I thank you very much Daily Audio Bible.  We’re praying for you.  Bye.