02/18/2017 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 6:1-7:27 ~ Mark 3:7-30 ~ Psalm 37:1-11 ~ Proverbs 10:3-4

Today is February 18th.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today from the rolling hills of Tennessee, and wherever you are, I hope it’s a lovely morning or afternoon or evening and that you’ve come here to just unplug from everything else that is going on and center yourself in the rhythm that we have as a community based on a step a day in the word of God.  

So we’re in the book of Leviticus.  We were talking about the different sacrifices yesterday and how to embrace this, so we move back into the things that God is telling his chosen people that form and create the culture that they live in.  We’re reading from the Holman Christian Standard Bible this week.  We’ve been doing that all this week.  Here we are at the end of another week already and we’ll move on to another translation tomorrow, but for today, Leviticus chapter 6, verse 1 through 7:27.


A couple things.  Jesus, in the book of Mark, appoints his apostles, his disciples, the 12 and then he is healing people and throwing out evil spirits and the religious leaders come and essentially say he is possessed himself, he is possessed by the devil himself. He drives out demons by the ruler of demons.  This is where Jesus says, “look, listen, that doesn’t make any sense.  Right?  How can a kingdom divided against itself go forward forcefully?  That is civil war.  If a house is divided against itself, that house can’t stand.  So if I’m throwing out demons because I’m demon-possessed, how does that make any sense?”

Then Jesus talks about what, as a kid, I was told was the unpardonable sin, blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.  Man, all of my childhood I always was worried that I had somehow done that and I was doomed.  But I didn’t know what it was.  It was just this esoteric thing out there.  What is that?  What is the one thing you can do that you cannot be forgiven for?  Jesus was telling the religious leaders who were making these accusations against him that this is what they were doing.  They were blaspheming against the Holy Spirit by calling the Holy Spirit within Jesus Beelzebul, an unclean spirit.  They were declaring the Holy Spirit an unclean spirit.  That is blasphemy.  Once I realized that, it was like, okay, well I would never call the Holy Spirit an unclean spirit.  But I can tell you something that Jesus said is unforgiveable.  That is when we withhold forgiveness ourselves.  

Jesus said if we won’t forgive, then we won’t be forgiven.  That is a big deal, because this good Holy Spirit of the living God is within us and we have been forgiven much, but when we are withholding forgiveness, then we are bringing that spirit of God and essentially saying ‘you do not have the final authority in my life.’  Friends, the sobering reality is that is blasphemy. Anytime we are operating out of our own strength and will in rebellion to God, we are denying with our very actions the Holy Spirit within.  

May we contemplate that as I re-read a bit of the psalm today, because David lays out the posture of heart we must have:  

Do not be agitated by evil-doers.  Do not envy those who do wrong.  They will wither quickly like grass and wilt like tender green plants. Trust in the Lord and do what is good. Dwell in the land and live securely. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you your heart’s desires.  Commit your way to the Lord.  Trust in him and he will act, making your righteousness shine like the dawn, your justice like the noonday.  Be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for him.  Do not be agitated by one who prospers in his way, by the man who carries out evil plans.  Refrain from anger and give up your rage.  Do not be agitated.  It can only bring harm.  For evildoers will be destroyed, but those who put their hope in the Lord will inherit the land.  A little while and the wicked person will be no more.  Though you look for him, he will not be there.  But the humble will inherit the land and will enjoy abundant prosperity.  


Father, this is sobering.  This is sobering because it really does touch every thought, word, and deed of our lives. It very clearly shows us that this faith journey that we’re taking, it’s not a little stroll.  It’s an all or nothing proposition.  It consumes us entirely.  It binds us to you in ways that there is no way to find where you begin and we end.  We are intertwined and we are on a mission in this world to reclaim what has been lost for thousands of years, to bring your kingdom, to be your kingdom.  We didn’t sign up to get a free pass from hell. You have invited us to offer our lives as a living sacrifice.  We no longer have to offer you sacrifices.  We are the sacrifice, our lives poured out for you, to you, because of you, in hope of you, in faith of you.  And in return you have given us your Holy Spirit that animates the trajectory of our days.  So we give you this day and offer it to you as a living sacrifice.  Come Holy Spirit.  Well up within us, we ask in the powerful and strong name of Jesus. Amen.  


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And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you.  I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Hi, this is Kelly from Pennsylvania.  I have not called in over a year and I listen to all the prayers and I pray in quiet in my own car on my long commute to work every single morning, so I just felt like I really needed to call in and pray for a couple people. Patricia in New Orleans, I’ve been praying for you for a very long time and I’m so sorry that the oppression against you has not ceased.  I am so sorry that you are still suffering and I will continue to pray for you, Patricia. I will pray for you against the oppression and I just wish I could give you a hug, Patricia.  I’m also praying for Rebecca in Michigan.  Rebecca, I pray for you a lot.  I think about you a lot and I pray that God will just lead you to where he wants you to be, where you can minister to him and to his people.  I pray that he will give you ways in which you use the gifts that you have and, whatever he does, I pray that he will give you a feeling of being content in whatever job you may get, whatever change may be coming, that you will thrive and that you will be full of joy. Finally, Jacqueline, Salvation is Mine, I hope that you’re recent surgery went well.  I know it has got to be terrifying coming up to your new surgery. I really pray that God will surround you with real physical people who can help you through your next recovery. Again, I love you all.  I pray for you all even though I never call, so if you don’t hear your name, I’m sitting here in my car praying.  

Hi family.  Drew from the Bay Area.  I want to first say thank you for all your prayers, Abba, Father of the Most High, with the Father of the Most High.   Thank you so much for your prayer and I am going through the smoke and I’ve been through this smoke before.  This smoke is, yes, to protect us, but more importantly, it is show us that we have nothing to fear, that beyond the smoke there is no fire.  Having gone through so many things, I should know this, but I don’t.  I still try to go on my own strength and I’m so happy for your prayers, Salvation is Mine.  It brought tears to me.  I’ve got to go into work now and the Lord showed me I’m just to wait.  Wait on him and not wait patiently, but wait as the best wait you’ve ever had in your life is to do the right things.  I just love you guys.  One of my managers told me I have no friends and not to trust anybody where I work.  That hurt. And I think that was directly from the enemy.  I don’t believe that.  But you are my friends, you are my family and I love you and I pray for all of you and I pray without ceasing.  Sometimes I just want to rest and then something comes to my mind and I’m praying for one of you.  I love you. I love you.  You are loved.  

Lord of heaven and earth, I pray for men.  I pray especially for men today.  We struggle with anger, with fear, with self-esteem issues and any other defect or sin that sends them into a tirade, that sends them into tantrums, that sends them into anger, to sin.  Lord of heaven and earth, I pray that you put in them the spirit of humility and meekness and understanding that they, that we men are powerless over our anger and our rage, save you, O God of heaven, for only you can bring us into the peace and the stillness that you want us to be in.  So I pray for men today.  Men out there, seek God first.  Seek God first for wisdom.  Seek God first for peace.  Seek God first for love and all things will be added to that, that you, men, we men will walk this earth with peace and humility, kindness and love for their fellow brothers, men, and towards our sisters and wives and the women of this world. I ask all this in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  

Howdy DAB family.  This is Darin from College Station, TX.  Calling asking for some urgent prayer for myself.  I’m going through a pretty strong bout of depression that leads to insomnia and where I can’t sleep, so I’m in this cycle of can’t sleep, can’t eat and no motivation to improve or get things done.  It’s a cycle that I’ve been in for about four months right now and previously in the past two years I’ve gone through bouts of depression as well.  I just need help.  I need prayer that I hear God’s word and that I follow it, because right now I’m not following anything.  I appreciate you all’s prayers.  Thank you.

Hi, my name is Patrick S. and I’m from San Clemente, CA and I’ve been listening to the Daily Audio Bible for probably seven years now.  And this is only the second time that I’ve called in.  Forgive me if I don’t make it through this.  I’m having a tough day today.  I was injured in a spinal cord injury accident 20 years ago and because of that, I have just really terrible neuropathic pain, to the point that a lot of days it is difficult to get out of bed and because of that, I had to take a lot of pain medication over the years and I’m going off that medication now because it’s messed up my stomach in a pretty bad way.  I’ve lost a lot of weight and I could really use your prayers not only for me, but for my wife and my 9-year-old son.  It’s just been really difficult as we don’t know what the solution is and need some guidance from God to know where to turn next.  I don’t want to run out of time.  I thank you for your prayers and love you guys.  I think you’re an amazing community.

Hi Dabbers.  This is He has Shown Me Mercy in Colorado.  I wanted to reach out and pray on behalf of those who are experiencing despair, depression or just the numbness that Salvation is Mine spoke of recently.  So let’s pray.  Sovereign Lord, you are a loving Father.  You are a good Father and it is not your will for your children to be in despair or to feel disconnected from you in any way.  You want us to experience joy, not just happiness which is temporary, but the joy that only comes from knowing you.  Your word says that when the righteous call out to you for help, that you hear us and deliver us from our troubles.  And that you are near to the broken-hearted and you save the crushed in spirit.  Father, we just pray for all of those who are experiencing this hopelessness and despair and just ask that you just send your Holy Spirit to give them your comfort and hope.  We pray especially for those who are feeling disconnected from you because of sin in their lives, either past or present.  Lord, we just want you to remind them that you forgive and you save. Again, your word tells us that we may draw near to the throne of grace boldly with confidence that we may receive mercy and find grace in times of need.  Lord, help us all to find daily renewed life in you.  We ask this with the precious blood of your son, Jesus. Amen.