02/03/2017 DAB Transcript

Exodus 17:8-19:15  ~ Matthew 22:33-23:12 ~ Psalm 27:8-14 ~  Proverbs 6:27-35

Today is the 3rd day of February.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian and it is wonderful to be here with you as we’re moving toward the close of another week.  This entire week we’ve been spending reading from the English Standard Version which is what we’ll do till the end of the week.  In the Old Testament we are chasing the path of the children of Israel who have been freshly emancipated from Egypt.  Exodus chapter 17, verse 8 through 19:15 today.  


Father, we pray along with the psalmist that this be the posture of our heart, that you have said ‘seek my face’ and that we can in all honesty say in response ‘your face do I seek,’ and that your will and your ways in this world are what we are chasing.  May they not be hidden from us.  We believe that we will look upon your goodness in the land of the living.  And so we wait and we ask you to make us strong and let our hearts take courage as we wait on you.  Come Holy Spirit, we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.  


Www.DailyAudioBible.com is the website.  It’s home base.  It is certainly where you find out what is going on around here.  Resources are available there.  You can check up on the events.  The More Gathering for Women is coming up this April 6-9 and you can find out all about that at www.DailyAudioBible.com in the Initiatives section.  You won’t miss it.  You don’t have to dig.  You’ll see it.  Scroll and you’ll see it, and check it out, consider coming.  It could be that reset button that you have been looking for, that space in time where you have a few days to just be poured into, loved on and a generous amount of open space to just breathe and have the chance to think a lot of things through.  It is a beautiful thing, so check that out at www.DailyAudioBible.com as well and we’ll look forward to seeing you in April.

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And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you.  I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Hey fellow Dabbers.  This is Joe the Protector from Georgia.  Sorry I haven’t called in a while.  I’ve just been busy with work and everything, but listened to the DAB this morning on the 29th and heard Bernie from Tennessee.  Brother, I just want to lift you up for what you said about your wife and your marriage and everything.  I know exactly how you feel.  I’m in the same situation somewhat with trying to strengthen our marriage as well. However, I’m working out of town and that just adds fuel to the fire, so to speak.  My wife doesn’t care for it and she gets anxiety real bad, so it just causes some issues, but anyhow, lift you up, Brother, and I’m in prayer with you about it and I agree to pray with you about it.  Let’s all men agree to pray together about each other’s marriages and then we’ll get to a better place.  Alright, fellow Dabbers.  That’s all I’ve got for now.  Love you all and talk to you all next time.  Bye.  

Good morning DAB family.  This is Dan in New Hampshire calling in.  It is January 30th at about 8:30 in the morning eastern time.  I just wanted to…  God put it on my heart to pray for families, young and old, just pray for families, that usually the winter with everything going on, financials and all that, it is tough being a young family.  I’m speaking from my example, my perspective, but all-encompassing praying for families.  I think that is coming from the fact that we have a new addition on the way.  My heart just wants to reach out to the families that are struggling and the families that are getting by or the families that are trying to just figure it out.  The only way we can figure it out is by leaning on God.  I think Proverbs said it best.  Lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.  I’m praying for the families out there.  Praying for the families that are looking for healing.  I’m praying for the families that are just struggling to get by.  I pray for the families that maybe you’re at the mountaintop right now.  That is just amazing.  We worship and we rejoice with you.  Praying for the families that are in the valley.  This community here is for all of us.  Love you all.  Hope you’re doing well.  Hoping to put out a word of encouragement.  Love you all.  

Hi Daily Audio Bible.  Hello Daily Audio Bible people.  My name is Kevin.  I’m from South Carolina.  I live in South Carolina.  I just had a prayer request for a couple different things.  One, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder about four or five months ago and I’ve been on medication.  I just don’t feel like myself.  Although I’m sleeping at night, it has been very difficult, the depression and just not feeling like myself.  So I just pray for healing of the bipolar disorder and the ability to get off the medication would be awesome.  Also I need employment.  I’m looking for work.  Right now I’m unemployed and I’m just basically starting all over again at 46.  So it’s really scary and kind of hopeless feeling, and so I’m just hoping that God gives me the opportunity to do that, to have a career and make money and be stable again because I’m in severe debt.  Also a year ago I was living in Las Vegan and I was jumped by six gangbangers walking to my car and broke my shoulder and dislocated my shoulder so last year was probably the worst year of my life.  I’ve been trying to recover from that injury so I ask for prayer for that as well.  I pray for you guys every day.  I listen to the Daily Audio Bible daily and I pray for you guys as well.  God bless all of you and I appreciate it.  Take care.

Hi everybody.  My name is Barb.  I’m from Canada and I have been a Daily Audio Bible listener for six or seven years but I’ve never called in yet and I feel like I know you but you don’t know me. Anyway, I am calling because I have a very huge burden right now.  I was on Facebook the other day and noticed a friend from school, from high school, I’m 53 years old, so from high school is a while ago, and I noticed her on somebody else’s account so I friended her and wanted to see what she had been up to all these years.  So I kind of creeped her Facebook, which is a little weird, I guess, but I saw that she is a witch.  It just has not left my mind ever since.  I just wondered if you would help me fight for her with me because I just feel like God has really put this in my way for a reason.  Her name is Monica.  Please, if you think to pray with me, I would appreciate it so much.  Thank you so much.  And I’m praying for all of you that I listen to and hear.  Yeah, I love you.  Hear you every day.  Bye.  

Yes, I want to reach out to that couple in New Mexico that has lost a child and I have two sisters that my mom lost when I was a little kid.  One died at birth.  Her name is Debbie.  And the other died at 2 of leukemia and her name is Susie.  I was 7 at the time.  I’m the firstborn.  I don’t remember Debbie but Susie I have memories of.  It was hard on my mom.  She carried that burden all the way up to her death 28 years ago last week and unfortunately I can’t talk to her about it and it was hard on her.  Anyway, this is Michael, the Israelite from the tribe of Joseph and it is January 30, 2017.  A couple things.  Number one, in Genesis 1 God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was not formed and so on.  And John 1:1 says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. And further down he says and the word became flesh and dwelt among us.  Well, Jesus, there you go, he was with us, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end and all the stuff in Revelation.  He talked to Moses.  He said I am who I am in Exodus 3:14 and he said the same thing in John 8:58, before Abraham was, I am.  So guess what?  Jesus is God. Jesus is the word of God and we have the Bible to prove it.  Thank God we have that.  Amen.  

Hello DAB community.  My name is Jonathan.  I’m calling from Kentucky.  My father was just diagnosed with fairly aggressive prostate cancer.  He went in for routine blood work.  It came back he had a really, really high PSA.  He’s been a pastor for 43 years, healthy otherwise, really full of energy, brings so much joy and just with this routine blood work it was very surprising to reveal that there is a problem.  He went to the urologist.  They did an exam, said yeah, this doesn’t seem good at all, had him go in for an MRI and sure enough they saw a large mass in his prostate that had spread to three, four, five lymph nodes in that area.  So we get the biopsy back here in a couple of days to find out what type and stage of cancer it is.  It is heavy for our family and our church family as well.  He has pastored the same church 43 years, otherwise so full of life and energy and I’m just asking if you all would be willing to pray with us and we can agree together in spirit that God would just touch his body.  I’m praying for 10 years of life or more for my father. He’s 71.  I’m praying that God would get him to 81 and God would just miraculously touch him and heal him of his prostate cancer.  So would you all pray with us?  Thank you so much and I really appreciate it.  God bless you.