01/22/2017 DAB Transcript

Genesis 44:1-45:28 ~ Matthew 14:13-36 ~ Psalm 18:37-50 ~ Proverbs 4:11-13

Today is the 22nd day of January.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian.  It’s great to be here with you.  Oh, it’s great to greet a new week and know that every new week is a new start. Every day is a new beginning.  And the Lord’s mercies are new every morning which means now.  So we’ll pick up with the same story that we’ve been following since the beginning of this year.  Right now we’re learning of the story of Joseph.  We’ll read from the Contemporary English Version this week.  Genesis chapter 44, verse 1 through 45, verse 28 today.


Father, we take to heart, not just to mind, to heart what you have said to us in the Proverbs today.  “I have shown you the way that makes sense.  I have guided you along the right path.  Your road won’t be blocked and you won’t stumble when you run.  Hold firmly to my teaching and never let go.  It will mean life for you.”  So we receive that.  Father, that is why we are here every day, to hold firmly to your teaching. So we invite your Holy Spirit, once again, and this won’t be the last time, I’m sure, because we are in constant need of your Holy Spirit’s guidance and counsel.  We need wisdom, wisdom that is beyond what we think we know. Certainly you have given us minds and wills and certainly we have life stories and experiences that have given us a measure of wisdom, but we need more than that.  We need more than whatever we can conjure up through our life stories.  We need you. We need your wisdom to guide our steps along this narrow path so that these things will be absolutely true, that we have followed your guide, that we have walked the right path, that we have walked the way, and that you have cleared the way because we have held firm to your teachings, we have applied them to our lives and operated out of that wisdom as we make decisions and choices that all compile together to make the story of our lives.  So help us, Jesus.  Even the small choices we make, they go somewhere, and if they were made without wisdom, then we kind of know where they go.  But if they were made with wisdom then we also know where that leads.  So help us, Jesus, to not take anything for granted, any choice that we make, any word that we say, any action in this world that we participate in.  Come Jesus, help us slow down, find the balance in the margin by listening to you before we do anything.  Come Holy Spirit, we pray in the mighty name of Jesus, the Risen One, the Victorious One, amen.  


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And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you.  And I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Good morning DAB family.  This is Paula calling from Albuquerque.  Brian, I wept when I read the news on Facebook and then when I heard all of the calls begin to come in.  I understand where you are and I guess all of us that our parents have gone before us or we’ve experienced someone we love going before us, we have that.  I was reminded of the scripture that everyone refers to, that Jesus wept.  It’s the shortest scripture in the Bible.  It is evidence that he too grieved and I think we can all take comfort in that.  I will be praying for you.  I know how hard it is also to lose someone so close to the holidays.  Although she is not really lost, because we know where she is and you know where she is, more importantly, and that is what we take hope in. So I will continue to pray for wisdom, for peace, and for comfort for you all.  And then also for Jacqueline, Salvation is Mine, continuing to pray for you for healing, for peace through your journey.  I’m so grateful that the Lord has allowed us to connect.  Please know that I’m here for you.  For everyone else that is going through something, as we all are, I just lift that up to the Lord and I just ask for you all to continue to pray, which is what we do.  Intercession is one of the most important and valuable things we can do for each other. I love you all.  Have a blessed week.  

Please pray with me.  O Lord, we lift up our sister Patricia, dear, sweet Patricia in New Orleans.  We ask for your provision for her.  We ask for you to put a shield of your protection around her, from those who seek to harm her.  Lord, we just want to, with you, lift her in our arms, hold her.  Lord, please watch over Patricia.  Please fill her with your love.  Protect her and provide for her.  It is in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.  

Hi, this is Candace from Oregon.  Tricia from Nevada, I just want to highly recommend to you that you pray The Daily Prayer.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but The Daily Prayer, apparently you can listen to Brian speak it on the DAB website.  I know you can also get a printout of it from Ransomed Heart Ministries. It’s just called The Daily Prayer. It was so effective over several years breaking the darkness and the strongholds that were over my household. Let’s bring Tricia to God in prayer, please, family.  Come around her with me.  Lord, we bring to you Tricia from Nevada and we thank you that she has cried out to you. All of us join in prayer before you on behalf of her family.  We pray, Lord, for piercing light, the light of your love to miraculously break the strongholds over that household, that your holy presence will soften hard hearts and bring a whole new perspective and new life.  Also want to pray for Jordan.  Thank you, God, for his poems.  Thank you for the power that is there and the beauty of it.  Thank you for his students that he doesn’t get to see anymore. Bless them and continue to bless those seeds that he planted there in Detroit and now in Dearborn.  Bless him, Lord.  May he become truly and deeply blessed by you day by day in this endeavor. In Jesus’ name.  

Hi, this is Alicia from Kansas.  I am listening to the weekly prayer line and I got to the third or fourth call.  I’ve listened to it probably four or five times trying to get it all.  I think it is Patricia from Indiana, and I am so sorry if I’m incorrect, but it is obviously very hard to understand what you’re saying.  I know that you’re struggling and you’re trying to speak so that we can understand you. I do not know what the physical anomaly is, but anyways, my heart was so touched by your call out, to your begging for prayer.  Please know that you are being prayed for. I’ve heard you call before and I’ve continued to pray.  You’re so desperate for prayers and you’re asking for the Lord’s love.  You’re asking for prayer.  You’re asking for being protected, for wisdom, understanding for your current situation and whatever horrible things are happening. Just know, precious one, that I am lifting you up.  I am praying for the angels to protect you.  I am praying for Father God to wrap his loving arms around you so that you feel them, so that you feel the power of the prayers going out from your brothers and sisters all over the world.  Please do not give up.  Please feel only his peace.  I will continue to pray for you on a daily basis and my heart is just so broken over what some of us go through and that some of us don’t recognize the blessings that we have.  Thank you for your call.  Thank you for having the power to call in and ask.  I love you so very much.  God bless you.  Everybody take care.  

Hey Daily Audio Bible family.  This is Becky in Orlando.  Hey Brian, I am so sorry to hear about your mom.  My heart goes out to you and your family.  I’m praying that the Holy Spirit comforts all of you and I know that your mom is with Jesus along with your father and the rest of your family that has already gone before you.  So I’m praying for your hearts all to be comforted.  Salvation is Mine, I’m praying for your mammogram.  And also for the other woman’s abnormal mammogram.  That is actually how I became a Christian, because I was not a Christian until about seven years ago.  That is a different story for another call and I’ll call back and tell you guys that later.  Becky from Pennsylvania, I am sending you a great big hug, one Becky to another.  I wish I had known that you were in Orlando for your birthday.  I love you so much.  Yeah, I was so sad to hear that you were so sad on your birthday.  Next time you’re in Orlando, call me.  And Becky from Des Moines, I love you and I’m praying for you. And Kristy from Kentucky, I’m praying for your family.  You’re always so sweet and so peppy.  And Jacqueline from Atlanta, thank you so much for your shout-out to me and I’m praying for you and your family also.  So I love you guys lots.  I will talk to you soon.  Alright, bye-bye.

Hi family.  This is Salvation is Mine in San Leandro, CA.  First, let me say thank you to all of you who have reached out to me by text message, the DAB Friends page and my Facebook page.  I am especially humbled by my dear new friend, Jordan from Michigan, that posted such a wonderful prayer request to the DAB on my behalf.  I also wanted to send a thank you and an I love you to my Canadian friends, Francis and Drew, for checking on me and being there for me even during their times of trouble as many of you from the DAB have done.  I want to thank you so very much because it has been a long time in my life where I have felt that anyone has actually genuinely cared for me, that there has been a pure love for me with no expectations of anything, just to be loved.  It is wonderful.  So thank you so very much.  Today wasn’t a good day for a lot of reasons.  A lot of tears.  A lot of crying.  A lot of headaches.  But on the upside, as Jordan says, my praise for the day, my good thing for the day is I’m still above ground.  I want to thank every part of the DAB family, friends, the staff, Brian, Jill, anyone who has anything to do with this podcast for being true messengers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  So thank you for being an anchor in quicksand.  Talk to you later family.  Bye-bye.  

Hi, this is Bill B.  I am in the Veteran’s emergency room right now, being transferred to the hospital.  I have breathing problems.  I’ll probably be there a couple days or so, so please put me on your prayer list.  I love you all and I do pray for you.  Bye-bye.